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  1. When they started the taxi item i thought it might be a racr between a London cab and the sat navs in a a couple of cars. That would have potential but the track racing which becomes another stock car event is as predicable as the chip pan fire.

  2. Long shot but I'm only asking this as I know it's possible on another MMORPG...

    Can I transfer the profession from one character to another? I have tailoring in the 200's on one of my older characters and would like it on a different one. before I delete it and the skill is lost, have a missed something that can store that skill?


  3. Thats me! Thanks for all the answers everyone, knowing that Agility and Stamina are the two stats to watch is a great help. As is the advice about the weapons.

    For the alchemy, I haven't sold any of the herbs I've collected however I don't have enough of the lower end ones to grind through using minor healing potions to get to the next band so to speak.

    At the moment I've spent very little: one glyph, my mount, some profession training and some repairs so I'll jump onto the AH today for the Glyph of Deadly Momentum.

  4. Just a quick mid week update -

    So I've rose the the dizzy heights of level 34. Dungeons are really helping (thanks to whoever suggested that) and I've started to be less of the deer in headlights and actually keeping up. I still end up alone and lost at some point in each.

    Gear wise I think I'm on top of things. I'm replacing stuff with loot hence the questions in guild chat when I'm not sure which is better between two items. I know agility is good for my rogue but at what cost to the other stuff.

    Right now I have:

    Strength: 50

    Agility: 126

    Stamina: 114

    Intellect: 37

    Spirit: 32

    My herbalism and first aid are coming along (96 / 203) however I think I need to grind the former as the areas I'm in now have things I can't collect - Wild Steel (?) 115

    My other professions; alchemy, archaeology, cooking and fishing are pretty much being ignored at this point. My plan of making my own healing potions as I went not quite working out since I don't have enough of the lower end herbs to make keep up. This has left me with bandages and my healing critical as the only was to stay alive.

    I did look at my level 60 hunter yesterday when the server was full. Do I still need ammo for a gun as I have loads but it's grey and I couldn't see any alternatives?

  5. The rent a server I felt didn't add to the game, yes I enjoyed the longer matches (not too long though) but the official server matches were buried deep. Also people being able to kick you when you use a weapon they aren't happy about really put me off playing.

    The rent server / weapon banning wouldn't have been that bad if the admin could have actually prevented the weapons from being selected. I found it was more frustrating when you joined a "No M320" server and then spend most of the game being blasted by one. The same for taking enemy spawned vehicles or using RPGs on infantry. If they go down the rented server option again then having these as defined selections.

    Personally I don't care what people used but the current ruleset meant getting kicked on a whim rather than for a valid reason.

  6. Well 25-30 just flew by! So much so that I have quests which have greyed out. Completed five or six dungeons in total during this time; just random ones. I have noticed that my professions are in need of some love; herb, alc and cooking. I think some time on the Barrons resource collecting maybe in order to resolve this.

  7. So I'm back and in the guild. Thanks to whoever invited me in and a huge thanks to whoever sorted me out with some gold and bags; especially the bags!

    So I've just logged out at around level 27 or 26. I've completed a couple of dungeons and they are intense. As a rogue I presume I should be at the front of it but I just can't keep up either with the tank or the pace of the rest of the group and more than once found myself alone because I looked in the wrong direction.

    I've also completed one of the battlegrounds and had my arse handed to me well and truly. 0-7 kills - deaths. Like the dungeons while I was thinking out what I should use they were bouncing around casting and beating the crap out of me. Most of the time I felt I had one maybe two attacks available while they had a whole menu of attack options.

    Question - As a rogue I'm dependant on Energy - How do I increase this, both the cap and regen rate?

    For those who suffered my questions yesterday - I got the trike then logged in my hunter and collected a couple of wolves on my level 60 which I can also use. Good times!

  8. None. I'm going to purchase a value / steam PC and just use that as my gaming machine. Consoles used to be the easy way to game. Standard machine which was relatively cheap and games which were sensibly priced. When you're now looking at the £600-700 bracket for the hardware, maybe an additional controller, a headset and couple of games then going down the PC route doesn't become the huge financial leap it once was.

  9. I thought it was likely to get another season? Mainly because every other comedy NBC tried to launch this year bombed horribly, and the low, but consistent, numbers of Community are needed?

    I hope so.

    I loved this show but gave up after the third episode of the latest. Has it got much better? My ususal shows are finishing for the season so I might as well catch up.

    I'm up to date on the still awful HIMYM just because they are promising the mother will turn up this month so I might as well watch this too.

    It hasn't got season one better but isn't the worst show to watch.

  10. As the penultimate, maybe ever, last nights show was good enough for me to watch twice just to make sure I didn't miss anything. I know it's not the same quality as earlier seasons but it still remains to be better than most of the crap on TV and I'm going to miss it whan it finishes next week.

    And don't forget that season two starts tonight on the Sony entertainment channel in the UK at 23:00. (Sky 157 - Virgin 193)

  11. Series four isnt brilliant but it's all watchable and not the worst thing available. I'm liking the two ongoing plot hints at the moment and havent yet worked out how those will pan out.

    Kevin and City Colleage / The dark timeline

  12. Since watching the episode 16 I've thought about why I think this is failing compared to what it should be and it's the writers lack of doomsday forethought.

    1. The Prison - I've never been inside a prison but from the ones I've seen they are pretty secure places and even that group could use the master keys they've found to create a safe area slightly bigger than they have. Locking the internal doors would be a start.

    Prisons also have nicer secure areas; the medical wing, visitors areas, admin and staff blocks etc. All of these are still secure places and much nicer than the random cells they have settled on.

    2. Food - They had none at the start of the season then they took all of the prisoners cache and towards the end they're running low again. Hershel has mentioned growing things many times but not once has he tried to find and start some seedlings. They don't have to have any story actually dedicated to gardening or smoking jerky but some background evidence would at least be better than watching survivors just standing around.

    3. Time - What do these people do each day?? You have at least twelve workable hours to do stuff and thier base looks like they've put in about 10 minutes. Where is the firewood or stuff salvaged from the rest of the prison or nearby houses. From what I've see they invest more time cleaning and polishing their cars than trying to the actual business of survival.

    4. Construction - Given that they've found baby formula, military grade weapons, clothes, and a never ending supply of chamois leather, sponges and windscreen wash; stuff like tools and a gas welder should be easy. If one guy could create all of the traps he did defending his home then surely they can do better than they have. I could learn to tack two bits of metal together well enough to create a barricade in the time they've had.

    5. Planning - They still pick from shelves rather than doing what someone is a survival state would do which is take it all. Even in the last episode they...

    brought back people but didn't use the trucks abandoned at the side of the road to loot Woodbury dry of everything would could be useful. Food, bedding, provisions, weapons etc.

    It's like the whole program is focused on the group destined to fail.

  13. for some reason when they brought the people back in the bus, the audio cut out and started playing the audio from the bit where they found the girl again, i just shrugged and switched it off, didnt even bother downloading another one.. A season finale shouldnt elicit that kind of response..

    I had the same thing and went to find a clean version in case something important or climatic happen.

    it didn't

    for some reason when they brought the people back in the bus, the audio cut out and started playing the audio from the bit where they found the girl again, i just shrugged and switched it off, didnt even bother downloading another one.. A season finale shouldnt elicit that kind of response..

    I had the same thing and went to find a clean version in case something important or climatic happen.

    it didn't

  14. Which won't matter when Vettel passes him on that track.

    Red Bull had already let them race by the last stop and Mark was ahead hence allowed to race. He doesn't need to overtake Vettel to pay him back either, just move from the racing line to let a rival past when they need the points.

  15. I suspect that Vettel has been told that the move has just pissed off his team mate, something that he doesn't really care about, but has made the team principles look stupid and even worse, pissed of fans who are key to keeping his sponsors happy. If your the racing driving being boo'ed on the podium and slated in the media then the money being spent on you starts to disappear.

    The main worry will now be Marks threat that he's going to take his medicine and see what happens. If he's had enough and quits that leaves Red Bull without a second driver and probably using one of their test guys for the rest of the season. Great, but then Red Bull will focus on getting the new driver to the points rather than doing things on Vettels car since they need the constructors points from both drivers not just the one. If he stays then Vettel will never know if Mark will yield when he is desperate for those final points himself.

    The ironic thing is that if the Red Bulls has finished Webber / Vettel they would have P1 / P2 in the driver standing and the team would look so much better as a result.

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