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  1. For the wrong reasons I'm curious to see who is fastest, the mclaren or manor.
  2. "We know who will be on the front row of the grid then" suggests this season is going to be a carbon copy of last years with just third place up for grabs
  3. Why wouldn't you take a HR lawyer to a disciplinary?
  4. I found it more chilling that they didn't say directly what had happened to the trainer who was killed however through the documentary they dropped the odd thing like the scalp and hair recovered from the pool or that they never recovered her arm and presumed it had been eaten by one of the Whales.
  5. I'm crossing everything that Mclaren are just teasing and that they'll pull it out of the bag in Oz.
  6. not quite that simple through work provided broadband
  7. What did they do?? They took a game which was different to any other MMO available which needed a tweak and in the space of fourteen days from announcement to release change the whole combat, skill, game engine and killed the community. Everything you'd worked towards was suddenly useless. All your armour kits, weapons, resources; everything. I still argue that SWG was and had the potential to be one of the richest games ever. The crafting materials had different stats based on where and when they where obtained and these locations changed on a regular basis so resource gathering was as
  8. Having never used Yahoo! to watch TV how will that work for the UKI?
  9. Being a Tory makes now difference. Email him anyway - it's election season soon and with the new focus on 18-21 year old voters, being down with the kids is important to them. Point out how if this was £40 in cash taken from a elderly person or single mother the police would be doing more than just making you fill in a form. Then point out the same about the media in general. You don't have to like him to benefit from any help he can give you to get your money back.
  10. I'm watching it again at the moment S03E8 - Flashes before your eyes and S03E09 - Stranger in a strange land are the two hardest to get through for the same reasons. The finale was only let down for me because I'd watched Ashes to Ashes do a similar thing a couple of days before but they delivered it much better. As a side note, Sky has them all on the box set service at the moment.
  11. Unless you're receiving messages telling you that you've stuffed food and is better eaten than stored in a bag.
  12. It still has zombies. And bears, wolves, naked men with rocks and radiation. Pretty much loads of things wanting to kill you.
  13. Yeah and I can see why people are playing it however the Epoch variant of Dayz is far better for the resource / building / zombie game style.
  14. Worked it out and watching them now!
  15. This is the first time I've played it on the PC and while being very different to control compared to the xbox, it looks amazing. A lot of the time last night was spent trying to learn the map.
  16. What version have you bought / plan on buying and are you getting the premium pack?
  17. So Webber now has a ten place penalty for getting the lift. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/24198278 One of the highlights of the day and the FIA think of a way to ruin it.
  18. I've finally got a PC which can play this however the only player interaction I've had has been while on the end of a player killing me from cover while I try and loose the agro from all the servers zombies. I've seen two player bodies and been swamped with zombies each time.
  19. Skyrim on the xbox is slow and the combat feels disconnected from what I'm actually doing on the controller.
  20. I've already started to receive PC parts though the post as I build my first gaming rig in over a decade instead of replacing my xbox.
  21. As someone who is working from the bottom up with little knowledge of the current playstyles, what he said about 5 man dungeons is 100% correct. The first few that I did I spent mostly lost and trying to keep up with the group who surged through. If I stopped to look at something I was left behind and all the time I would collecting XP and getting to roll for loot.
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