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  1. I wouldn't not wear it but I wouldn't see it in the shop and want one... if that makes any sense.
  2. rhubarbs already given up one crumble this year and going to be getting blackberry bush started this weekend. For pots you can do most things. Potatoes are good and if you look about for cherry tomatoes, you can get those into hanging baskets.
  3. Okay.. This is the first attempt at anything which isn't a technical book since I was at school.
  4. Its only for a week but I'm really looking forward to it!
  5. Once you have the falling leave sorted, that should do you for most blue runs.
  6. I only started boarding a year ago so the level was just right! Nice and easy!! I'm hoping to nail turns this year and I'll be one very happy bunny!
  7. Counting down to Les Arcs!! Leave on the snow train this Friday for a week of boarding... Just hoping I can still fit in my pants!!
  8. Just finished this And about to re-read this one
  9. Tefleon


    Anyone know of an online seating plan of the french statdium so I can find where I'm sitting?
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