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  1. I just presumed it would come later in the year. Have Channel 5 said they're not showing it?
  2. http://gpda.motorsport.com/ Just curious how many people have seen this and how many bothered to do it.
  3. It's worth noting that the within the refueling part they're also planning on keeping the maximum cap so this won't remove the need to conserve fuel over the race but it will allow for the cars to be under fuelled at the start of the race and therefore able to go faster. I suspect they are looking for more of the action seen on the last 10 ten laps when the cars are quickest during the first 40-50 laps.
  4. Refueling is back! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/32751118 EDIT: DAMN YOU JPR!
  5. What would make Monte Carlo interesting? What about Qualifying in the wet followed by a race on inters and wets?
  6. Build this chicken farm and you'll have a constant source of food.
  7. I only discovered this recently so apologies if it's common knowledge. The Nether is on a ratio of 8:1 block wise to the over world. This means you can connect places using Nether Portals quite easily. What I now have is a Portal at my main storage base. Then if I find something like a village or bi-ome I like, I build a portal there but don't light it. I take a note of the first and last co-ords, divide them both by 8 and return to the portal at my main base. In the Nether I locate these new co-ords and build another portal and light it. If the numbers are right you should have new portals linked. You can then build a hub in the Nether and use the portals to move about the map.
  8. Mainstream gaming was PC driven, whether that was Spectrum, Atari, Amiga. You had consoles but those followed those formats. As for £500, you can build a gaming rig for £500 no problem at all that will run 30fps games.
  9. Because consoles have had their time? Gaming used to mean PC gaming and with that came the problem of hardware. A game would be released and you'd need to upgrade the graphics card or change the processor and then six-twelve months later a new game would come out with a new Graphics card requirement so you always had expenditure. Then came along the PS1 and Xbox. A console you could get good games for which would last for several years; no more hardware problems, not meeting minimum requirements and better yet, they were cheap compared to a PC. Fast forward to now and consoles have slowly increased in price as have the games but more importantly gaming PCs have become cheaper with less dependences on the latest games needing the latest card. Why spend £500 on a console when you can get a PC capable of playing you games and streaming them to Youtube or Twitch? PCs have become a more viable option which takes that gaming user base and it;s cash from the console market.
  10. We'll have mods soon enough: http://gtaforums.com/topic/714694-v-pc-modding-discussion/page-40#entry1067317828
  11. If I have it installed to my normal HHD right now, is there a simple way to move it across to the SSD or would it be uninstall / install? Edit: Worked it out - Copy files from D: to C: - Deleted local content through Steam - Install GTAV from Steam using the C: destination - Steam "Discovered" the GTAV files, verified rather than installed and all good
  12. Since this is the tech talk side of GTAV... Is there much difference installing this on a SSD vs a normal HHD? If so, how much space do you need to free up and what time of differences should I expect?
  13. AMD drivers came out yesterday and while I've only played the first single player mission it looked really nice
  14. They've come close three times that I can recall. 1. at the start of season two when they try to out do each other as to who loves who the most and Abed brings in a wedding party. 2. During Shirley's wedding rehearsal they recite vows only for Shirley to stop them 3. At the end of either season 4 or five when they propose to each other when it looks like Greendale is gone then dismiss it when it's saved.
  15. She's traded places with Annie. In season 1-2 Annie Britta was the strong female role who was on par with Jeff. At the same time Annie was the young girl who had very little life experience and we had an underlying plot line of her growing as a person. At some point the "you've Britta'ed that" was introduced as running joke and her character went from strong role to idiot while Annie was promoted to the lead character. - Britta can organise a full wedding but not make a sandwich? It's a shame because Britta's early character as an equal to Jeff was a great role. But then I preferred Pierce when he was cast as the character helping them all in the background without them knowing...
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