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  1. I so very nearly didn't do it. Obviously Stones and Dias would have been in my starting 11 if I hadn't.
  2. You're not bad at this photo mode thing, @Thor.
  3. I assume they took one look at your outfit and saw this as the only way out? (Cool jeans though)
  4. No idea sadly, they're called Frayed Recycled Jeans if that helps. Quite like my new jacket.
  5. I wondered that, I suppose if you didn't want to be sporting a Tyger Claws tattoo? There may be some with additional perks along with smart targeting, but I haven't seen any.
  6. What else are going to spend your eddies on?
  7. It's only 22k cos every gonk in Night City has one now, the Nazare is way more preem
  8. I just dropped 138k eddies on the ARCH Nazare Racer and I regret nothing.
  9. It could be you accidentally shot at an innocent passerby or a victim of the gangs.
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