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  1. Takizawa

    Prey (2017) - Update and Mooncrash DLC available now!

    Picked this up the other night (only £4.99 on cdkeys at the moment) and really enjoyed the opening, should get some more time on it over the weekend. Mooncrash sounds really great, is it recommended to finish the main game first?
  2. Takizawa


    Matip has always been a good defender, you could argue his partners have held him back.
  3. Takizawa

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    My thoughts after the game: Mane is a fucking baller. I'd HATE to play against Fabinho. Trent had one of his best games.
  4. Takizawa

    The Division 2

    What are people's thoughts on the neutral lighting option? I tried it and the game becomes so much more atmospheric, especially at night (it was already great). It made some of the missions quite difficult as it is harder to track the enemies, but I think it's worth it. Few games get the day/night cycle and weather effects as right as the Division 2, be nice if you could enjoy 2 minutes of it without getting shot at
  5. Takizawa

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    The bit of hold up play and the pass for Hendo's goal... that's the Bobby we need for the remaining games.
  6. Takizawa

    Far Cry New Dawn

    I didn't play 5, @df0, and I thought New Dawn was excellent, a few shitty boss fights aside.
  7. Takizawa

    The Division 2

    Not quite, I left one alive with a message... "When people ask what happened here, tell them the Division remembers."
  8. Takizawa

    Mass Effect Andromeda

    We'll bang, ok?
  9. Overall i'm really enjoying it, the biggest problems for me are: Loading frequency and times Doing missions / strongholds etc with friends is at odds with the Fort Tarsis solo experience The latter presumably won't be an issue once the campaign is finished and people are just grouping up for free roam and strongholds, but on your way to 30 it's a problem, especially if you're helping someone catch up on missions.
  10. Takizawa

    Far Cry New Dawn

    Put about 10 hours in to this (so far) this weekend and i'm loving it. I've not played Far Cry 5, i'd imagine some knowledge of that, familiar locales etc really adds to it. It is absolutely wonderful to look at and will be probably be my game of the year just because of Horatio the boar companion, who flips enemies up in to the air before body slamming them to death. It was only £21 on cdkeys when I bought it Friday evening, definitely worth it.
  11. Takizawa

    The Division 2

    Finally got a couple of hours on the beta just now and yep, i'm in. I was hoping for more of the same but with different skills and mission variety and from what I've seen, that's exactly what we've got. I think someone mentioned already... it can look a bit odd during daytime, sort of washed out and weird contrast , it may just be my monitor setting need a tweak. At night time though, holy hell it looks gorgeous and patrolling those streets should match the atmosphere of the original during a snowstorm.
  12. Takizawa

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    If someone forgot and did this palms up they'd be well and truly fucked.
  13. Takizawa

    All time greatest gaming moment

    I dislocated my shoulder playing Wii Bowling, that was pretty great.
  14. Takizawa

    Football Thread 2018/19

    It's probably just your shit ones that get the negs.
  15. Takizawa

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Let me check the Southampton squad...

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