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  1. Has anyone else encountered the bug where Ellie's companion quest auto fails after accepting? Can't decide whether to wait for a patch or just press on to the end of the game.
  2. Regardless of the winning penalty, Curtis looked composed as hell when he came on. Chuffed for all the youngsters!
  3. Haha, this has been so great!
  4. A harsh penalty. If Mane had control of the ball I'd understand.
  5. Yeah I'm not sure what it is. It looks like Aurier is trying to clear and Mane gets his leg in front.
  6. Am I the only one that thinks that was a harsh penalty?
  7. I thought the Fated Engram from Xur was supposed to give you an exotic you didn't have? 2 weeks running i've had a duplicate. There's certainly some guns I don't have and two bits of warlock armour, one of which may be tied to Forsaken which I don't own.
  8. I think Jiminez putting Otamendi on his arse will be the highlight of my season
  9. I had a great time playing through Heavensward, Stormblood and Shadowbringers but the most fun I had during my return to XIV was the evening I bought an apartment and spent several hours decorating it.
  10. ...and finished. I find it hard to disagree with most of the negatives but I still found it very special, and as with when I finished the Technomancer, I look forward to seeing what they do next. My main problems with it were: Length - SkillUp described it as a 10 hour game stretched over 30 hours, while I think the ratio is off, I see what he is saying. I had 46 hours on the clock at the end, albeit with a lot of slow-paced exploration and gathering of materials and stuff, but I think 30 would have been great. Quest logic seemed to fall apart a bit the further you got in, reactions not making sense based on previous conversations and events. This is probably one of the toughest things to get right in a game with dialogue choices and consequences. Romance - seems you can't get this unless you say exactly the right thing, on three occasions. Too much travelling. I think they've had been better off having fewer, denser areas to help keep quests flowing. I also think this helps with familiarity, I can't remember half the names of the native locations and characters. Overall though I think it's a tremendous achievement for a small studio still learning their craft. The game looks stunning at times, the atmosphere brilliant, the music was great (it always is with Deriviere) and I think it told an interesting story. Well done Spiders, I hope it is a success.
  11. I'm not sure how far you are through now @Cosmic_Guru, but it is pretty late on you can become best buds with Siora. Certainly was for me. It looks as though companion / loyalty missions unlock after certain story events.
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