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  1. I'm glad they're implementing the same cross-save system they added to Cyberpunk, being able to switch between PC and PS5 is really nice
  2. I think the nemesis system is great but too overblown in the 2nd game. There are too many enemies to keep track of, too many orcs that you supposedly had a run in with but a lot of the time I just couldn't remember my first encounter with them. I'd rather have had 10 actual nemesis enemies than 50+ with dialogue that I can't recall.
  3. Saw it last night, absolutely blown away, it was magical from start to finish. I love how much humour they managed to add, too. I had a massive grin, was laughing or crying throughout.
  4. Who the fuck says 'wankstain'?
  5. No-one is going to have time for a new Zelda, we've all got about 7 new farms to cultivate.
  6. Cross-progression is a nice unexpected addition, I was hoping to carry on my original PC characters on the PS5 version.
  7. There's certainly some of this in BBT, but it hardly makes up a large part of the humour.
  8. One of my favourites of the last few years and have been meaning to dip back in.
  9. Thee's definitely no microtransactions, but maybe they're hoping to lure some people in to Gwent? I'm on my fourth run, managed to beat the first boss on my third. I like it, but then I'm familiar with Gwent mechanics from the standalone game so there wasn't too much learning curve. It probably won't keep me as interested as Thronebreaker did, the story in that was superb and I enjoyed the exploration asepcts.
  10. Another standalone Gwent game has luanched today - Gwent: Rogue Mage. If you enjoyed Thronebreaker you should enjoy this. It has Slay The Spire-style progression, moving from node to node battling, making decisions in encounters and upgrading your units / deck en-route to the final boss. It's £7.50 on GoG (£15 for the deluxe), also avaible on Steam. Maybe this warrants it's own topic? I'm not sure. I know standalone Gwent wasn't a big hit around here but I know plenty enjoyed Thronebreaker.
  11. I remember being particularly excited about us signing Anthony Le Tallac and Florent Sinama Pongolle, I must have been into Football Manager at the time
  12. It's 5 in game hours, not 5 hours of it on your system.
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