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  1. I love that Makutu is basically Korg from Thor Ragnarok His voice lines are amazing.
  2. Agree, and I've been crying out for a new controller-friendly MOBA style game since Guardians Of Middle Earth. Loved that damn game. If you want to get together for some games, let me know, I'm also favouring supports but quite enjoy a tank too.
  3. Just had a few games, it's better than I was expecting! Are you on PC, @mechamonkey?
  4. The Bearded Ladies new game, Corruption 2029, is available now. I had a £10 voucher from one of the Epic Game Store deals, couldn't resist for £5.99! https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/corruption-2029/home Played a couple of hours, if you liked Mutant, you'll definitely like this.
  5. It's not particularly difficult and doesn't have anywhere near as much outside of combat activity as XCOM. The only real complexity comes in getting in to good positions before engaging enemy groups, in my opinion it adds a nice extra layer of strategy. One of the best games I played last year!
  6. I've played some janky games, and i'd not consider this janky. But then I am a Dontdod fanboy.
  7. I took a punt on this and i'm so glad I did, I just lost a whole Saturday to it! It has a similar 'one more turn / mission' that XCOM has, along with some wonderful stories and interactions. This is a character I ended up with during my run through the first campaign... She ended up sacrificing herself during the final encounter to save her lover I'm really excited to see how this develops, but apart from some basic UI elements, this does not feel like an early access game. Highly recommended (Steam reviews are overwhelmingly positive).
  8. Has anyone here played Wildermyth? https://store.steampowered.com/app/763890/Wildermyth/
  9. Some goal for Spurs, that.
  10. I've been dipping in and out of Ni No Kuni 2 recently, it's always worth a trip to Hydropolis for this Joe Hisashi beauty.
  11. Takizawa

    Xbox Game Pass

    This is Olivier Deriviere who has composed some of my favourite game sountracks, including, Remember Me, Vampyr and GreedFall.
  12. @Matt Defis, could you please offer some advice to somewhere interested in the Knights of the Fallen Empire stuff? I'm considering subbing to have a look at it, but not sure whether I should start it with an existing level 60 or create a new character to experience it with. Seems to be some info about being cut off from previous content if you take an existing character in, but will I also miss out by not using her? Any help would be great!
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