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  1. Glad some new folk are enjoying this, was definitely amongst my favourites of last year. My only issue with it really were the boss fights, a couple in particular.
  2. Don't leave us hanging, what you did decide?
  3. It's liberating the area that removes the fog, for sure.
  4. I'm sure we can all agree nothing has come close to Dragon's Dogma for the joy of exploration.
  5. Which game had the murder mystery on the train? That was so great.
  6. I'm a big fan of ACG / Karak, especially the Walking the Walk series.
  7. The first couple of hours of Skellige in Witcher 3 are probably my fondest in gaming, not just this generation.
  8. Are you also using the additional hotbars from double tab LT / RT, or hold LT and RT? There's also others from LT then RT, and RT then LT, so many options
  9. I'm on PC but use an Xbox pad. Up and down on the dpad is fine for cycling friendlies, for switching enemies, holding down either L2 or R2, then LB or RB works quite well. There are plenty of settings in the character config but I always found this to be the simplest.
  10. One of my favourites, the music is superb.
  11. I finished it yesterday and loved it all the way through. A sequel or DLC please! I actually agree with the complaints of the side missions becoming a bit repetitive and filler by the end, there's perhaps a few too many and they break up the story progression too much. I enjoyed the gameplay so much that I didn't mind doing them, but I wish they had more 'story' other than the little flavour text you get on the mission start screen. The customisation is great both in terms of character skills and cosmetics, although inventory management became a bit of a Mass Effect nghtmare by the end. Juggling gear between characters but locked behind those returning from side missions seemed a bit unecessary. The new XCOM solved a similar problem in Chimera Squad of creeping in to missions for too long with the breach mechanic, this doesn't make you move too far without an encounter, which is really nice.
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