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  1. It helps to remember that all the gimpos playing this through on singleplayer are having their first experience of Halo 2 IN FRENCH That's amazing to me. I am looking forward to a few films due out soon- would I want to see them 4 weeks earlier in Franch language version ? - er no ta. And I certainly wouldn't be interested in hearing all about this anticipated film second hand from some random fan-boy on the internet "It's great , there's a ship and aliens and new aliens and er the earth is under threat and er..." First experience of Halo 2 being via pirated french copy = first experience of sex being fucked up arse by uncle (french uncle)
  2. ffs, really? I'm not going to page back, because that would entail reading the post and obviously as this is the FUCKING HALO 2 SPOILER AVOIDANCE THREAD this isn't what I (or anyone else) would want to do. I really wonder at how mean spirited some people can be. What possible excuse is there? I am really at a loss on this one
  3. I keep popping back to this thread, but because I read it backwards IE- p11, then 10 etc- I got the impression that there we actualy spoilers in thsi thread too? I'm not going to read it all to find out obv. Is this the case? Has someone "pissed in the font" as it were?
  4. <amityville horror voice> Get out of this thread
  5. You should invite them to pray with you. If they refuse, they are clearly devils and you must destroy them. I wouldn't play any multiplayer before the single player myself - still probably see too much
  6. It looks far too simplistic
  7. I couldn't work this out either In the end, I dropped it by mistake - don't do this, you can't pick it up again Can you see how frustrating this game would be if you didn't have anyone to ask now? God knows how other people manage Have you fought anything yet? Before I gave up, i tried to kill a bee but got my arse kicked and had to run away
  8. Say 4 Hail Master Chiefs and you are forgiven
  9. I also read that - it was pretty unavoidable wasn't it? The world is divided into 2 types of people I think. Those that respect other people's feelings and those that get a buzz out of spoiling things. The latter are the kind of people that tell you the way a film ends, or the football score you didn't want to know. Fucking spoiling little cunts.
  10. Was this before or after you took The Oath?
  11. You did the right thing Brother Come, share a carrot juice with us
  12. Posting Halo 2 spoilers in the spoiler avoiders thread is like going to an AA meeting with 4 cans of stella. Halo 2 downloaders are the gaming communities paedos, and anyone that posts spoilers is a paedo and a snitch. They need a special wing all to themselves. If I think of anymore analogies I will let you know.
  13. Do not underestimate just how bewildering the game will seem if you are new to this kind of thing. I got it, but didn't join the Garuda world - this was a big mistake. The game hinges on the teaming / social aspect imho. After 8 hours of the most surreal confusion I canned it- but I am much more impatient than the average person. I'd get in there- but only on the Garuda world.
  14. In the world of computers, don't let a small detail like that get in your way
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