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  1. It's not a case of being faulty, they are reverse enginered and use cheaper chips. You pay the extra for an official product because they use more reliable and thus more expensive components
  2. Very likely 3rd party mem cards are notoriously unreliable. License holders aren't joking when they suggest 3rd party peripherals may not work. FF:CC does the same thing with 3rd party cards I have my rpg saves backed up on multiple cards just in case (I have no official cards for ps1), although i'm not worried if they go as I'm not looking to pick the games back up
  3. oh dear god my first sonic fanboy moment in...... actually this may be the first since sonic3+knuckles in '94.... Anyone want to send me a vmu with a save on?
  4. Best track in the first game easily. I've been humming it randomly over the last few weeks. One of those faultless gaming tracks which sounds as good now as it did 15 years ago
  5. about an empty box with a blue light?
  6. I severly dislike 1on1 beat em ups now. I loved SFII and MK2 during the day but theres only so much you can add to the genre and they did that years ago. The genre is just full of generic bullshit that has no charm(apart from bounding boobies...). That goes for your Caliburs, Isuka's and DoA's bring back the side scroller! Streets of Rage
  7. 1)Final Fantasy VII (heck its my all time fave full stop....) 2)Toejam and Earl 3)Sonic 2 4)Streets of Rage 2 5) Super Mario World
  8. You forgot the shitty camera that made SA2 unplayable for many, many people I would comment on the other games but don't want to bring myself down to offending you by insulting your opinion....
  9. But I don't buy it thanks for clearing it up though
  10. Are you requiring an order or just counting up the votes? Also are you classifying games series as one entry?
  11. /looks at price for a super famicom /gets one 2nd hand to order instead
  12. Lumines Mercury (or Is Archer maclean not "real talent") Metal gear Acid 3 games off top of head that arent down sized ps2 games
  13. I was originally interested in this, but then I got the impression from a trusted reliable source with a promo copy that it wasn't that great May be worth a rental I guess /ponders
  14. Cheers. I'll take a look B) edit: it's very heavily biased towards emulators though
  15. Thought it would be a good idea to have some idea about them before my A500+ arrives from ebay. Never used one before, so I'm very much a noob. Does anyone know of any good places for info? Yes, I've tried google with little joy so far, and I'm sure those with more experience can be more helpful then me looking through google all day
  16. Ah well, if anyone is mad enough to want the game there are a million or so carts buried in New Mexico
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