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  1. I really am surprised Uematsu opted for that instead of the Blac Mages version. Especially considering he re-arranged J-E-N-O-V-A again in a rock style, and the fantastic One winged angel rearrangement While I never expected people to be universally approving, it's good to see that the reaction is mostly positive. I also find my self not giving a crap when people say it was shite but don't bother to explain why they thought so. I might not agree with a lot of the comments (such as complaints over the story ), but I can at least respect their abilitiy to form their own opinion and be able to explain it.
  2. Isn't there a button changing option though?
  3. In typical fashion, Nintendo's DS marketing only lasted for a month
  4. you can get boot discs. I still have mine somewhere, but the name escapes me for the moment
  5. I really dont get this On it's own, with no knowledge of the game, then perhaps But people with knowledge of the game from beginning to end is privvy to all the "missing " info. Seeing as the basis of the movie is related to a fairly important series of events in the game, people should be seeing the bigger picture. If you don't fair enough. I just don't understand it.....for me the story was above average. I guess some people would prefer more "set up" to it within the movie though
  6. and your clearly of the school who went into this ready to rip the thing apart for the sake of it..... (sorry if not, thats just how you come off) You first comment is the complete opposite of the majority of comnments here and elsewhere, and while I support your right to free speech, I think your completely wrong I'll leave it at that for my sanity There was one bad music cue in the entire film. Again, other comments have nothing negative to say of the score except the use of the Piano battle theme. (The black mages version would have fitted much better). "very confused mish mash"?. Did we watch the same movie? Gentle piano tracks for slow paced scenes (Tifa's theme, Aeris' theme), rockier stuff for action intensive scenes (new versions of J-E-N-O-V-A, One Winged Angel), with some bits in between depending on the scene.. How is that confusing? ; oh and anyone who nevere finished FFVII is always going to get less from this then those who have. It's a sequal and as such requires prior knowledge. It's not being aimed at non fans, Square know their market and its those that played the game to conclusion. Heck the very first scene is a uber high quality render of the post end credits clip from the game!
  7. I had a spooky saturn buying experience recently. Bought a saturn off ebay, seller turns out to be super_quincy who only lives round the corner
  8. I'm the same. Was uber excited to be watching it pre release, but managed to be as neutral as possible. As you say though some bits were quite overwhelming. Hell yeah!
  9. I had an answer prepared for this after having the same question on another forum The beginning of the film does have a "previously" segment, but it's more a refresher for those who have played the game from start to finish. A lot of it will be lost on non players, but it could still be enjoyable. As expected there are several in-jokes and "hidden stuff"
  10. it certainly benefits from being by the core FFVII team. It's very true to the game. Also, Reno nd Rude should get their own CG comedy show. Some funny stuff from them even in serious scenes
  11. Does it? Can't say it does to me. The "slated for the sake of it" is true of anything, and will incur that response from those who watch the movie despite not being fans of the game (because people WILL). I don't think it's a bad reflection on the movie, more the internet tards. And People will find the anticipation unworthy because it's been hyped up so much. Again, i can't see that just being a reflection on the movie alone. Openmindedness is the best way to approach it simply so you don't let preconceptions affect your enjoyment (or not), because its easy to do. I was careful to not have too many expectations and enjoyed it a lot. as for length it clocks in at 1:40 from opening to end of credits. I haven't seen TSW which probably helps.
  12. Technically, it's very impressive as you would expect. Square know how to make good CG, and this is the best they have done. You've all seen the trailer so you know what to expect. Audiowise, it's what you expect with Uematsu at the helm. One or Two tracks won't grab you, but others are fantastic. A few of the tracks are lifted from the FFVII piano collections, a few are remixes of the original OST tracks, and some are originals. With the exception of the use the Piano collection version of Those who fight further, theres not a bad track here. The track just detracts slightly from the scene it's used in. Theres some nice variation with piano tracks, Black Mages style tracks, and "electronic" tracks As for the movie as a whole, I found it to be worthy of being the FFVII sequal. Some people will slate it for the sake of it and others will just find the anticipation unworthy. but that's hardly unsuaul for anything, never mind a Final Fantasy product. Those who go into it with an open mind will probably enjoy it more. There are a few flaws (mainly the beginning section can seem a little disjointed, and the first indoor fight scene could have more "inbetween" frames), but they are by no means serious or long term as it flows better when the Midgar sequence that make up most of the movie begins. personal rating 8.5/10
  13. Just finished this, and will be posting my impressions soon Good film
  14. but take hem away andpeoplewillbithhere is no game...... Personly I think anyone with this compaint shouldn't be playing RPGS
  15. Not even been announced...... Before anyone says that doesn't mean it's in development, all FF games since FFX have either a)been announced before other FF games were finished (FFXI and FFXII were announced alongside FFX iirc - if not then the first official FFX promos that was 4-5 years ago and FFXII still isnt out) b)been initially announced in famitsu with pics and info before official Square announcements so put me down as sceptical FFXIII is definately in development for ps3. It's prbably just logical assumptions imo (ps1 had 3 FF's, ps2 currently has 3 once XII is out)
  16. Dandy_Sephy


    no accounting for the lack of taste of the british public
  17. The season4 finale offers some hints to who is doing this.
  18. Dandy_Sephy


    Meanwhile the "made up charts" (wtf does airplay have to do with how popular a song is with the public) continue to be more and more....useless
  19. ← WAB made it clear the arrest was nothing to do with the group and was a "personal issue". They also told people to stop spreading unsubstantiated bullshit about them re:Monkey island Not all the game has music, but certainly you should notice it at the start (like during the opening credits)
  20. I think the thing with Rez was that people weren't to sure how it was going to pan out as a game. ← and that it looked like the new tron (thats a compliment)
  21. Sorry to be correcting you but it's not really FFVII on the n64. It's just a tech demo using FFVI characters. Crazy japanese gaming personified
  22. Just a reminder that series 2 is out tommorow \o/
  23. If you have a ps2, copy all your important saves to a ps2 mem card. They usually take up very little space (seeing as ps2 cards store stuff in kb rather then blocks of space. Much less wastage on a card). The only thing is that you need to copy the saves to a ps1 card to use them (even on a ps2) ps1mem cards are £bugger all on ebay though edit:still havent got used to this keyboard...
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