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  1. Game have the collector edition up for pre order £70 http://www.game.co.uk/en/tales-of-symphonia-chronicles-collectors-edition-265050?pageSize=20&searchTerm=symphonia
  2. I'm pretty sure it was always a 14day trial. It's not poor form we don't have a £10 voucher just because the US got $10, thats just SCEA deciding to do it. Just like how it's not poor form they didn't get any bundles but we did or that Japan gets Knack for free but we don't. Are we really going too criticise regional office for not doing what the other region decides to do? I'm not really sure why you are complaining.
  3. You get 14 days, it's even on the front of the box in that vid.
  4. Looking to buy tom a supermarket? List of Asda stores who will have them, mostly available at midnight (unless stated) and first come first served: http://www.mcvuk.com/news/read/155-asda-stores-offering-ps4s-from-friday-on-a-first-come-first-served-basis/0124916
  5. So the iOS app is officially on the store in the UK now and the friend and trophy displays work about 500% faster than a ps3.
  6. I'm usually the sort of person who gets anxious over things like this but I really don't understand why people are getting so concerned. They've got several thousands of consoles to box up and scan, which is why they started processing them so quickly. The order of completed orders shouldn't really be a reason to get concerned, there are many different ways they could be ordered, but they will be going through them all regardless. I'd be more concerned if it they weren't starting until Wed. It wouldn't surprise me if they were scanning them in as completed by the pallet and each pallet was divided into delivery depot's. It's not like buying a game where they have a big fancy automated machine doing most of the work.
  7. Yep, the small one is the delta update for patching, the bigger recovery one is the full fat version that apparently includes The Playroom.
  8. The problem with whoever gets the Lotus drive is it being all about the money, it certainly isn't down to talent unless Lotus get money in.
  9. I suspect like any other instance, it will depend on your local branch and what time you get there. Essentially it's luck.
  10. £350 for console + £140 for Vita. It's reasonable, but you can get better deals buying the Vita separately for the same price. Admittedly many of those are Wifi opposed to that 3G model, but the 3G is essentially discontinued and the Wifi version is more commonly found in bundles/offers with free games etc.
  11. I think all the upgrades require a code from the ps3 version. It's basically to prevent second hand copies making use of the offer. Yeah but you can't play that on PS4
  12. Only the free to play games seem to have any micro transactions at all.
  13. I'll say one thing for Chilton, he managed to get to the end of every race, which I believe to be a record for a "rookie" driver. He hasn't done anything stupid like bin it on the first lap or smash into someone else on a straight like the supposedly experienced drivers in better cars have.
  14. They were also pushing their 3DTV's back then. AFAIK only one game is offering 3D on PS4 and that is the new edition of Trine 2. Guerrilla have said they aren't currently planning on adding 3D support to Killzone and as I understand it they were responsible for Sony's 3D game code.
  15. Yes, as long as both accounts are on the system it should be fine.
  16. It's exactly how it works on PS3. You can use your existing accounts if you have them.
  17. Red Bull finally fuck up a Vettel pit stop.
  18. Massa trolling, but thats a shame.
  19. C'mon Rosberg! C'mon Hamilton Anyone apart from Vettel!
  20. The original Crash is a complete bastard. Very old school even for it's original release. Crash 2 is far more accessible.
  21. I imagine Atlus's thinking is along the lines of Nippon Ichi's, make a console version for the worlwide market, make a portable version later with more content and any gameplay updates they can use from other titles. (Disgaea 4 Return for example has the original DLC included, new content, plus gameplay and system changes from the most recent console entry). As for your latter point, I think P3 and P4 have both proven their is a method to their decision. This will have been in development since Catherine wrapped up, if not sooner, so the choice of platform makes a lot of sense due to the size of the installed base. Putting the enhanced version on the portables after a initial console version has served both Atlus and NIS well so there isn't any reason for them to change it.
  22. It's £53 http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2013/11/22/ps4-digital-game-sizes-and-prices-confirmed/
  23. Depends how you define retail, the PSN prices are inline with B+M prices (i.e. Game, or rather their website). Killzone is actually £2 cheaper than shopto and some B+M's are going to be asking £60 for all games. I agree with the general point though, digital games are too expensive, but then so are the street prices. Sony's pricing is generally in line with B+M's or cheaper whereas EA/Ubisoft are always a real premium like £10-20 more. It's more of the same to what we already have so it's not exactly a surprise that digital isn't cheaper. As always, vote with your wallet.
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