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  1. It took me a few attempts to do Chapter 2 thanks to those guys. Either I was busy trying to deal with them and getting caught from behind by grunts, or I dealt with the grunts and kept getting taken out by the "cloaked dudes". This is just an initial play through on easy, you still have to put some thought into what you are doing unlike many FPS games. It's really hard to not keep stopping to bask in the glorious visuals. Even if it's just your own shadow! I'm not sure I'm ready for playing randoms at MP, but we should get a mukker game going this weekend. I assume we can have private games?
  2. Assassins Creed IV looks amazing. Straight in, none of that modern day bullshit to ruin it. Imagine my disappointment when I finish the first section to find that yes, they still think anyone cares about that secondary story drivel.
  3. Link in the first post.
  4. It should charge from other usb sockets but the system can charge them on standby (Check it's turned on in settings)
  5. I'M IN It did initially drop out during activation, but returned to it's previous step when reconnected.
  6. Handily the Vita-esque suspend means it's easy to switch between gameplay and failed login attempts. The superb motion text entry is proving it's worth as well.
  7. I'm doing a OMG THE SHINIES play on easy and then will replay it properly after. I'm a bit crap at the moment
  8. They should merge with your account when you sign in.
  9. If anything it's probably going to get worse before it gets better as more people get home and get set up. Maybe it'll die down a bit tomorrow. The biggest annoyance is it not saving the information until you sign in first, so you have to keep re-entering details.
  10. PSN being down is a major pain in the arse. I just want to grab my profile from the server. I can play Killzone but I'd rather have everything linked and setup first.
  11. Mine are next to each other horizontally and looking pretty good like that.
  12. Mine is here, new hard drive is in and I'm installing the firmware. Driver had already delivered 25 of them before getting to me and he still had some left to go.
  13. He should have told them to poke it for the sheer cheek of forcing a bundle on him.
  14. Just had a knock at the door. Religious types
  15. "Playstation app" on iOS/Android
  16. Probably dekay's nemesis, Zavvi.
  17. 2-3pm for me, so about the same as most DPD deliveries. My mate Sophan will be here for the third time this week. It's a race between DPD and the guitar body I have on the way from ParcelForce.(if it comes today). In the meantime it's PS3 time.
  18. Isn't it for Health?
  19. Guys it's been an hour, some of you have consoles and yet no one has done a certain something...
  20. You misunderstand. You can buy the games, and the "retail" games were available to buy at the beginning of the week. What you can't do is have them automatically download as soon as you sign in on the PS4 (done by clicking the "download" button on the website). You have to set the PS4 up first. You can download them manually from the download list when you sign in though.
  21. I'm guessing you have to activate the PS4 first, I imagine the system works by some unique identifier like a MAC code or something else.
  22. About the same as rocking up to any other store, depends on the store in question. Asda and Tesco have both published a list of stores with stock and if they are open at midnight. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-11-28-150-tesco-stores-will-have-ps4-stock-tonight http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-11-26-asda-secures-extra-ps4-stock-for-those-without-pre-orders
  23. How far are you? I'm still going back to it occasionally to get the rest of the treasure/weapon trophies and I still find it enjoyable.
  24. I think he's been worried all season.
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