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  1. I was watching Netflix and brought up the PS button menu to put the machine in stand by. Only half thinking I actually went to Close Application instead. It asked me if I wanted to close Netflix or... Assasins Creed which to my surprise was still open in the background :o I figured either I'd closed it or Netflix would have closed it for me, I had no idea it would run both at the same time.

  2. So the Killzone camera bundle comes with a camera which the game doesn't use as well as a second controller which the game also doesn't use. It's clearly amazing value but what a strange combination of items.

    The camera makes some degree of sense seeing as all consoles come with a compatible piece of software, plus can be used with several functions of the OS.

    Second pad because why the hell not. The idea is you buy the pack because you want all the things anyway, not to sell them off for profit (which is up to the owner)

  3. Compare it to the Wii U + Gamepads one-frame (16 ms) lag.

    According to that DF verdict, Remote Play is currently working with a lag between 90 ms at best, and 160 ms at worst (Killzone Shadow Fall).

    Nintendo based their new console around this feature (http://iwataasks.nintendo.com/interviews/#/wiiu/gamepad/0/1), and spent resources patenting their own software for it - and as usual, Sony is out patching their features and software up to what their competitors are inventing. It took them 3 years +/- to get their PSN network features up to par with Microsofts LIVE; equally so with motion gaming, something they seem to have abandoned altogether now.

    It will probably be a long time before Remote Play is usable to the same degree that Nintendos gamepad is.

    That'll be the motion gaming that started with Eyetoy then? Sony didn't need to buy in tech to get going (Microsoft), they were doing research and making actual products before Nintendo and Microsoft did. It's a shame that Nintendo didn't spend some of that Gamepad research money on something like the actual console specs really. Because they certainly aren't selling Wii U's by any significant amount on the strength of the Gamepad features or tech specs. Of course the comparison is clouded by the Gamepad being the primary way to control the console, and Vita not being so.

    Two different approaches in resulting in two different results shocker. Maybe it will improve, maybe it won't. Either way, even DF say your mileage will vary. Something like KZ is going to be affected more than say, Lego marvel or an RPG.

  4. I actually think there are quite a lot of flaws with the OS at the moment, will list them later but it's typical Sony to leave out features at launch. It's likely due to rushing the thing out but going from the XMB to this feels like a downgrade in everything except speed/responsiveness.

    Personally I'll take the speed and responsiveness now and get the features later knowing Sony always improve things as they go along. PS3 has more features in some areas but can be an utter dog performance wise.

  5. Last night I played 4 hours of multiplayer sat in bed. I only went on quickly to try it but I took the length of time to be a good sign. I've played about 5-6 hours of it tonight and I've only turned it off because I want to go to bed a bit earlier today.

    I'm not that great truth be told but some games are better than others depending on the other guys playing. Sneaking behind someone and brutal melee-ing them is always fun, and doing it to onrushing cloaked guys is even better.

  6. I need some help testing KZ's custom war zone for some MUK only games (there doesn't seem to be a truly private game option, you are public but can set a pass code), but I don't think it's going to let me progress unless someone else joins the game.

    So if anyone has got some time and can help me, than sign in and let me know.


  7. That DS4 speaker is superb, but by christ the default volume is LOUD. I've got it on 25% now and it's perfect.

    As much as a speaker in the controller is something the Wii did, it being used for more than 5 note tunes makes a lot of difference.

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