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  1. Public service announcement, these games will be leaving XBLA and PSN soon, presumably the license is expiring. DLC content will leave the stores on the 17th (NA), 19th (EU) on PSN and the 26th for XBL. Announcement doesn't mention the date the games become unavailable. http://www.capcom-unity.com/combofiend/blog/2013/12/13/last-days-for-umvc3-and-mvc2-on-psnxbla-store If you already own the games, this shouldn't affect your ability to redownload them.
  2. So my TE stick didn't work for PS2 BC but did for PS1 :crazy: . Ok, later TE's, Cthuthu's and Hori RAP's do. Ok, I have a MC Cthulhu I never used. Wired it in and everything works perfect. Except I can't work out how to wire in the PS button to the Cthulhu. The 360 version has a obvious point to wire to because the pcb's are different and it has a label for the right pin. There is a membrane contact and while I can get it to work by touching the contact with a wire, I can see no way to wire it in so that the button works functionally the same on the surface. Any ideas? edit:guess I could use the "disable home" feature on the pcb and use start+select for a PS button, but I'd rather try and use the existing button if possible. edit: Did it properly and now it works
  3. He did clearly state twice in the same sentence that he meant games very specifically. Given the testing with ps3 and ps4, it's not actually that far fetched. It's not like SSD is a clear winner on those consoles and in some cases it is slower than Hybrid. Each game works differently and sees different results though.
  4. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Seagate-Laptop-Solid-State-Hybrid/dp/B00BHRWHNI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1387024719&sr=8-1&keywords=seagate+hybrid
  5. Source? Resogun level load times are 9-11seconds on all three drives in two different figures I've seen.
  6. 362, I'm not sure if I haven't played enough or that I've wasted enough time that could have been spent productively...
  7. Until they add support for moving Vita data to and from the PS4, there isn't much point. Vita owners can of course use the Vita to access the store in the meantime. The website is available for anyone else who doesn't have one yet, and I imagine that works on the PS4 browser.
  8. There is having some spare cash and there is being an idiot. I propose that if you buy a 500gb SSD for £250 that you are an idiot. Thats over double the price of a Hybrid that is twice the size, and in many tests almost as fast as the SSD. Resogun is only one game, and the times aren't actually "literally halved" as you say. If anything it's one game that performs pretty much equally across the three drive types. (stock, the most common hybrid drive and the Evo SSD) I don't understand this "definitely don't want a hybrid drive" mentality. You don't want the best value for your money? I can just picture you with your eyes closed and fingers in your ears going "lalala can't hear you" as you try to justify to yourself buying a SSD because they are amazingly fast on a pc. The PS4 isn't a PC, and doesn't get anywhere near the benefit, largely because of the SATA controller holding the PS4 back. Again. It's your money, but there is an old saying about a fool and his money being easily parted.
  9. Dandy_Sephy


    Multiplayer games that have 7-9 hour campaigns. You don't "tack on" so something of that size with the effort involved in building environments, trying to write a script and making cutscenes. If anything the multiplayer in many games is closer to the Doom template than the single player. As for your other example, first person open world games are a completely different genre and not really comparable.
  10. Dandy_Sephy


    I guess I must be alone in thinking Doom shouldn't have mechanics ripped from Duke Nukem 3D. Note:not played it.
  11. Happy with BlazBlue, makes up for my Zavvi exclusive special edition*. Borderlands 2 will be great to play at some point but I've not long started the first one from it's appearance on Plus. *That came with everything except the actual game
  12. Surely Arrietty was well received and that was an adaption of a British book (The Borrowers).
  13. Shame 2K have fucked over their customers since though by patching IN always online requirements.
  14. Dandy_Sephy


    Yep, came with my Creative Labs Voodoo Banshee!
  15. BTW don't worry about doing every treasure etc as not only can you easily come back later, but some new activities will be added after upcoming chapters.
  16. NPD's are out. Sony take the gong for best selling console, Microsoft PR instead choose to claim fastest selling by taking the average sales per day over 9 days. Despite announcing 100k less for that period than Sony did for day 1. So far Sony have not released the exact sales for day 1. Mario 3d World does 215k digitally and physically over 8 days. Wii U sales increased by "340%", which sounds a lot but probably because they were low to begin with. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-12-13-playstation-4-outsells-the-xbox-one-in-us-retail http://www.joystiq.com/2013/12/12/november-npd-ps4-is-top-selling-console-xbox-one-is-fastest/#continued
  17. That's what I would do. Play for three or four hours, just to be sure.
  18. No, I don't think it is. I have helped, and been helped by friends. I haven't got any uplay friends and certainly don't use Facebook. On a related note, being able to access the fleet on a tablet while roaming around the islands on foot is very handy for maximising income.
  19. The problem with the non-Japanese releases is that Ignition was too cheap to pay for the compilations to be any good, or god forbid, just repackage the Japanese versions. So I think the fault lies with Ignition as much, if not more for choosing them and then signing off on the final product. Although it must be said that they were quite late releases, for not much money and relatively niche. Not an excuse but more an explanation. Thankfully the PSN ports of the Neo Geo games were done by M2 and some of the other western releases on ps2 were either taken from the Jp versions or done by another studio who did a decent job. I found this post interesting http://www.racketboy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=27413&start=10
  20. Download, not install. I doubt they will do install of firmware in standby, too much potential for bricking it.
  21. Suarez has been given the deflected show at against West Ham by the dubious goals committee. That makes him 3 goals clear at the top of the golden boot table, and make 15 goals in 10 games. He's only been booked once this season as well as opposed to last season where he was getting booked in half of the games.
  22. Good news Amazon UK has launched it's PSN store http://www.mcvuk.com/news/read/amazon-uk-launches-digital-playstation-store/0125693
  23. Dandy_Sephy


    I played Doom 64 for a bit recently, I got pretty damn lost quite early I suggest anyone playing it spend some time setting up e controls to their liking. I spent 10minutes getting them right but it was much easier to play on that crazy pad after doing so.
  24. Well the full version of the PS3 firmware includes it and that has a 5-600mb difference over the patch version of the firmware.
  25. Dandy_Sephy


    Actually, you've got me there. AWSD FOR LIFE (except when i last played it)
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