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  1. I was under the possibly mistaken impression before the weekend that he had been injured.
  2. Injuries and rotation mean our defences is always jumbled up. Players often then have to earn their places back. Agger has been away from the action for a while whereas Skrtel has been uninjured and other players slotting in around him have been changing. We just turned down Napoli's request to loan him and I suspect he will be back in the squad full time sooner rather than later.
  3. Yes. AFAIK only get signed out while connecting two identical platforms (i.e. 2 ps3 .
  4. Races on BBC next year: 30 March: Malaysia 11 May: Spain 8 June: Canada 6 July: Britain 24 August: Belgium 7 September: Italy 5 October: Japan 12 October: Russia 23 November: Abu Dhabi
  5. Still reliant on a lot of teams dropping points like flies though. Consistency is what you need but you are having to sit and wait to see what happens.
  6. After doing some research I believe this is less to do with interest only being in Yoko Kanno's works and more the general publishing around anime music. For the most part full band scores tend to be for general compilations with fairly few exceptions (which tend to be theme song collections), with most anime music scores dealing with piano which makes sense for various reasons, but also the same amount of it not making sense (time and effort in arranging it). The compilations that do exist are more or less identical, almost every book has the same 30-50% of it's contents consisting of the same songs. Piano arrangements are more varied and can exist for seemingly minor shows, something that also happens with commercial music score printing in Japan - a comparatively minor artist can easily get piano arrangements but not a straight replication of the actual material. As far as the original Macross goes, Ai wo omoimasen ka is frequently found in compilations, but isn't close to the most suitable choice to arrange in a band score (the other songs are much more band orientated). I can only put it down to a combination of the age of the material and the lack of commercial music on the soundtrack. I can understand that this stuff typically has a low level of interest anyway (newer stuff is easier to market), but sometimes the stuff missing seems a lot more marketable than the stuff that is actually printed. Although thanks to this I've discovered a proper band score exists for Lupin, and not just the first Jazz album, the trouble is finding a copy for sale. Never mind, it's a tribute album score
  7. The ps3 also allows this fact fans
  8. 1) It will carry on doing it for single player games. For dvd I'm not too sure and never worked out if it did or not. 2) As Napolean and Moz have said. Most ps3 games are 720p, so you'll see it doing that quite often if you have the console set to 1080p. 3)You need at least one of the movie packs, you can delete the 3d movies only if you have downloaded the 2d movies. You also need the multiplayer portion as you load the game from the MP menu (which is bonkers, but there you go). It's not the most sensibly packaged game it must be said.
  9. Great gesture by Suarez to hand the armband over to Agger (who is apparently Vice Captain?) when he came on. I didn't pick up on that during the game so well highlighted by MOTD.
  10. It was only for 48 hours and the offer has now been replaced.
  11. Barton collects another red card (via two yellows).
  12. Absolutely outrageous. I thought that was wide.
  13. Not something you should worry about too much
  14. Well it just turned out that Nintendo made some decent games for 3DS and then got some decent third party exclusives (or rather, Monster hunter). It was pretty bleak for the first year. The system always gets a huge boost when specific games come out (like NSMB2, MH4 and Pokemon), something that isn't happening with Wii U in the long term yet. They can still turn the Wii U around, but it would take a herculean effort now they have two newer machines to compete against.
  15. Despite suggestions to the contrary, Nintendo published games can and do get discounted, regardless of sales performance. The key is that these are usually titles developed outside of Nintendo, where Ninty are only acting as publisher. While the likes of core Mario or Zelda games might not get discounted much, if at all before their budget releases (which take years), anything outside of those core internally developed games is fair game for discounts. So while Nintendo don't reduce the prices of their games like pretty much everyone else, they certainly can and do when the mood suits them. As for them being traded in or not, I think it's a never-ending circle there. Game etc charge a premium for used Nintendo published games, because of the amount of time the new copies stay at their original price. The number of copies won't really affect their pricing because they know the new copies won't yoyo in price every month.
  16. Yes, because you will already own it. Capcom legally can't sell the digital version of game to anyone new after that date but you will still have your usual rights to access it. The retail version will be out of print already anyway (you can still buy UMvC3 from a retailer, but they can't get any more from Capcom) .
  17. Fact time (because I didn't know this myself until a few days ago): DDU was made by Greg Johnson, who was one of the creators of TJ+E and still owns the IP.
  18. I will pay £5 if someone can fine me a midi, tab or sheet music of "Runner" from the original Macross. I can find every other song from the original apart from the bloody end theme! While official sheet music is easy to come across for Macross 7 and Frontier, for some reason it doesn't exist for the original.
  19. You won't mind us kicking you in the stomach/chest with studded boots on then? You could argue it was harsh, you could also argue that it's dangerous, intentional or not. It's one of those that people probably aren't going to agree on.
  20. Superb goal but thankfully everyone else is having a good go as well. Sterling and Henderson are both queuing up as well. Tottenham have resorted to cynical fouls when we break.
  21. Oddly I don't think they mention the resolution increase in the patch notes. So as long as it downloads an update you should be fine.
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