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  1. How much is a secondhand Switch worth? Cex only give £162.
  2. I think you need a hacked Vita for them to work.
  3. Watched this earlier. Some of it was funny but the bad bits were really bad.
  4. It carried my friends over okay.
  5. Great, another game not suited to touch controls.
  6. I don't know why anyone would want one. The revised pad was much better.
  7. http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/16081675.Swindon_and_new_Honda_Civic_Type_R_take_a_knocking_in_new_series_of_BBC_Top_Gear/
  8. Is it a common problem?
  9. Maybe the challenges dictated only 2 of them could do it. One taking the windy roads and the other the motorway. The drifting in pairs. Etc.
  10. I guffawed like a teenager at the wanko soba joke.
  11. Is the official play and charge kit any good? Roughly how long does it last on a full charge?
  12. https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-live-status
  13. 90th in the world on Vinewood Downhill on the Bone version.
  14. My PS4 is rock solid on WiFi. I have to have my Bone S wired otherwise I have all sorts of problems.
  15. I'm getting really sick of dickheads that barge you out of the way like it's their right to get past you. It's especially bad with supercars.
  16. I've spent nearly 15 days in races on the Bone version, more on the PS4 version.
  17. Got a temp ban from Live the other day for calling someone a pussy. Just went to see if the ban had ended and saw this screen. I'm confused as to whether the ban was temporary or permanent. I can still sign in to Live from the Bone, my phone and iPad which is what is confusing me.
  18. Which does what exactly?
  19. The official headphones have the advantage of pretty good virtual surround. I agree that they're not great quality as normal headphones but I don't think anyone buys them for that.
  20. Which is exactly why Trevor in GTA V is one of the greatest characters in videogame history. A lot of actors like playing bad people because they get to do things they wouldn't do in real life.
  21. Is that a recent screenshot of the app on your Bone? That option definitely isn't there on mine.
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