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  1. Is the Hori d-pad joycon any good? The standard joycon is horrible for Tetris99.
  2. I got the Animal Crossing Switch in the game for buying the real thing.
  3. Are there any basic tips I should know about for this? I've got the 3DS version so I've got a rough idea what I'm doing.
  4. How much space does this take up? Just got the Animal Crossing Switch and I don't have a memory card.
  5. You could get adapters to use SNES pads on the 3DO.
  6. Can you modify the controls in original Doom on Switch?
  7. Does the Pro come with the same HDMI cable as the standard PS4 or does it have a better one?
  8. Are there any decent horror movies on Prime Video? I've got Shudder too.
  9. What’s a gold rush X worth secondhand? Cex will give me £201 for it but that doesn’t seem like much.
  10. I've had the original version and I've got the newer version. The newer ones are better sound quality. They're decent enough for the price.
  11. Does Boozy ever post anything positive in this thread? I thought he was an Xbox fanboy.
  12. Got this working. Must have been something their end. Driving in this version feels slower than the console versions despite this version's frame rate being higher. Steering seems a lot more sensitive too.
  13. Yesterday it kept crashing and today I keep getting a 1000.186 error when I try to log into the R* Social Club. That's after fucking about with recaptcha.
  14. Just watched this. It’s the literal definition of torture porn. Makes stuff like Hostel look like kids’ TV.
  15. Nice! The official one's only stereo though, isn't it? I've got decent wireless stereo headphones I can use already.
  16. I'm surprised they don't do an official surround pair like Sony do for the PS4. I'd buy them if they weren't too expensive.
  17. I've got an X going into a Samsung TV and bluetooth headphones connected to the TV. Is Dolby Atmos gonna work on my headphones?
  18. Can you use wireless headphones on the Bone?
  19. What's a decent size MicroSD card to get and is it worth getting a Switch specific one? I don't plan on buying a huge amount of digital games, just the ones that go on sale at a cheaper price than the physical version.
  20. Just got my first win. Had no idea about Invictus mode, so that was a nice surprise.
  21. Is it possible to quit out of a SNES or NES game to the game selection or do you have to quit out of the whole thing and reload it?
  22. Anyone know of a good guide to hacking Lite? I read that it could brick or get banned by Nintendo.
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