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  1. I know the app exists outside my Xbox, it’s on my iPad, not my Xbox.
  2. How are they messaging me if I'm not online and I don't know them?
  3. I’ve got a few invitations recently through the Xbox app on my iPad from people I don’t know to join a party. My Xbox isn’t turned on. What’s going on?
  4. I read somewhere earlier that they start shooting season 4 in October. So probably a late 2020/early 2021 release.
  5. They said it’s going to be on after the tennis.
  6. Someone just messaged me and called me a “dumb n****r”. I reported it but by the time I'd filled out the report they'd deleted it. Will the Xbox team be able to see the message?
  7. Dream Hack top 16 starting soon if anyone else is awake.
  8. That's what I use. No idea if there are other options.
  9. I play SNES and MD games on mine.
  10. I see Daigo's using a normal stick.
  11. I saw that Capcom put out a statement about controllers that was really vague.
  12. My mistake. They're both 7.1 but the platinum ones have another type of surround that the gold ones don't.
  13. I believe they're only 7.1 in some games. Otherwise they're 5.1 like the gold ones.
  14. Didn't it used to be you gave it a rating out of 5 stars?
  15. They're twats for removing the rating system.
  16. Anyone else watching Head Stomper? Shit is popping off.
  17. What's the sound quality like on a pair of headphones connected to the pad? Is there any noticeable lag? Also I remember someone say the Dolby Atmos thing is good for surround sound. Will it work well with the headphones plugged into the pad?
  18. Do 360 games play from the disc or can you install them to the HDD?
  19. I hadn't played the Uncharted games until they came out on PS4. I really enjoyed them.
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