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  1. I've been playing Alyx via virtual desktop on the Quest 2 and my mind is blown. I had gone from a PSVR headset and the difference is astounding. Room scale VR is about as close as we've come to the holodeck in real life.
  2. I managed to get a 3070 when putting together a new PC from Overclockers as they had build stock in so might be worth keeping an eye there - this doesn't help folk who just want the card itself but I really fancied a new PC after slumming on a cheap gaming laptop for the last couple of years.
  3. Oh good shout, I didn't even think about that. Not used to having actual graphic options on a console.
  4. I'm really let down by the graphics on Series X, I can't deal with how blurry everything is - I think I'm just gonna wait for the next gen patch to get into it properly. Had some proper hilarious glitches including my inventory stopping working completely which required a hard reboot.
  5. Has anyone tried TemTem early access on PS5?
  6. Don't use them up, trade them to the NPCs in the nexus for spells/miracles and some are used for crafting/obtaining certain weapons.
  7. It took me a while - my best advice would be to read through the thread on resetera here https://www.resetera.com/threads/the-299-xbox-series-s-is-an-emulation-beast-mvg.331526/ and watch this youtube video which explains how it works. I can try and help with any other issues you run into if you try it, I pretty much fumbled my way through it all admittingly.
  8. Next gen is here at last! Actually can't believe how well the Saturn is emulated, gonna get Burning Rangers going next.
  9. I'm glad I watched the last episode with a raging hangover so I barely noticed them shitting over TNG.
  10. Having been lucky enough to pick up a Series X and PS5, I think the PS5 wins for me. Between Demon's Souls and Spider-Man there's nothing on the Series X that feels as 'next-gen', older games in better quality doesn't quite have the same ring. The controller is such a wow factor as well.
  11. Hit a wall tonight in 2-2. Keep getting wiped by Flamelurker. It's a total fucking drag getting back to that boss so gonna leave it for the night. edit: Fuck it, went back and gave it one more go. Decide to summon someone to help for the first time and had a really intense battle, felt amazing! Am I right in thinking if I die while I've summoned someone that the enemies will get harder?
  12. Any tips for 4-2 as a magic user? I'm getting my ass kicked over and over again and starting to feeling demotivated. Should I just go grind souls for a while?
  13. Okay I'm quite bad at this game - I'm starting off as the Royalty class and I've managed to fudge my way passed the first boss. What should I be pumping my stats into if I want to make the game easier for someone who sucks at it? Also, is the lock on system kinda rubbish or do I just have to get used to it? I can only seem to lock on and aim at enemies if I'm quite near them.
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