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  1. This game sounds like what happens when you let Kojima off his leash and I am here for every shitty second of it.
  2. Maybe I should finally finish Shenmue 2.
  3. This game is incredible and getting to play it early via the New Zealand region trick has made Game Pass my favourite thing.
  4. Amazon just sent me an email saying my LE is delayed until October 4th. I am fucking livid.
  5. This is going to be an absolute train wreck like S1 Discovery isn't it
  6. Hopefully the Traveller flushed him out of an airlock unceremoniously.
  7. It makes me sad as shit that Patrick Stewart is really showing his age now.
  8. Quoting an old post but YES!
  9. The Streets of Rage ports are really interesting and play really differently to the MD versions, the music is still banging though. SoR2 will set you back a fair bit boxed mind. Miracle Warriors is a cheaper alternative to Phantasy Star, slightly more tedious and grindy but with great music as well.
  10. After being completely sour on Far Cry 5 I'm really enjoying this. Perfect game to dip into and fuck about with for an hour or so.
  11. Game Sack put up their videos on Sunday morning which makes for excellent hangover viewing.
  12. Duckula

    Nintendo Switch

    James Pond really is the turd that won't flush.
  13. Also, playing it with the original soundtrack DLC is essential.
  14. The fully upgraded Shotgun is an absolute monster.
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