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  1. I feel it's had its up and downs too but I've been a loyal watcher and enjoyed it. It was very well acted and filmed all the way through. I never got he sense the catering van was just off to the side or the camera was on a little railway or anything like that, like you sometimes do. I really missed it for a few days after the end. You become pretty absorbed in a place and a group of people and it's quite tough to think you won't go back there.
  2. The suggestion is that he's carving the 'w' into the walker's foreheads and it's actually an upside down 'M' but I don't know how much traction that's got. Loving this series (and the last) It's such a relief that it's so much better again. I'm loving Talking Dead too.
  3. So sorry, didn't mean to neg you. My screen did a loading jump as I was going to the next page
  4. Why would anyone come into a thread 3 days after transmission and not expect it to be being discussed? What do you think is going on in here?
  5. Very much! That's terrific, dismembo.
  6. I put a small dash of soy sauce in the eggs when I beat them for the omlette. It makes the beaten egg a bit of a grim colour but when you fry it it turns back to normal omlette colour. MSG ftw (if we're taking a vote)
  7. You won, didn't you? Huge congrats. You're being very quiet about it....
  8. Good luck, Chosty. I've been following with interest. Only 3 days to wait now!
  9. I will indeed. I was going to do it straight away but I've been stupidly busy. I shall remind you that you love me when you have JK Rowling's income
  10. I bought your book a couple of days ago, dumpster, and I really enjoyed reading it. I'm looking forward to your next.
  11. I thought it was a perfect ending.
  12. He may certainly have been whilst talking with Saul but he's had 4-6 months in the cabin plus chemo and no coughing in the flash forward so there may be a few months in him yet.
  13. I wonder if Todd will go back and kill Skylar/Waltjr/Holly just to seal his commitment to Lydia. Kinda "yeah, she's trusting me to make 90+% product so I can do that for her" in his nonchalant way.
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