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  1. Thread is in ATF for some reason!
  2. Lots of recommendations in this thread.
  3. Will just leave this for you: https://rhythmgamingworld.com/forums/topic/how-to-playing-customs-on-360/
  4. Made me think of Lost in Blue on the DS, although Googling for the title as I'd forgotten shows that it's part of a series, so may have a home console version somewhere.
  5. It got an N-Gage release didn't it? No wonder it's so popular with the general public.
  6. Just seen this on Reddit, uses the cream from a can of coconut milk which should help it firm up a bit. Not actually tried it though but looks good! https://minimalistbaker.com/vegan-peanut-butter-cup-pie/#wprm-recipe-container-35927
  7. Googling led me to this, from the same developer: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nitrobike
  8. You wanna see not cheap, check the steel sticks above!
  9. Vegan Magnums! Think they're bringing out a salted caramel one too. Ben and Jerry's is good too, and the Swedish Glace stuff always has good reviews, but not actually tried it myself.
  10. Just mind out for the 'Buttery' stuff, used to be vegan but now isn't.
  11. Asda do a frozen one and a fresh one which are nice, but then I liked the Chicago Town one so maybe you don't want to listen to me!
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