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  1. It is ok for the gore to be totally ott though. I wouldn't go as far to add porn of course, not sure why you thought that. Plus Kano has his big hairy chest out etc haha!
  2. I just got this, but on Xbox One X. It seems ok so far, but I don't think the graphics are that much of a step up from the last one really after seeing all the reviews raving about them. Fighting seems a bit, hmm, well, not very fluid, but I don't think it ever really was that great. HDR isn't that great either. Of course gore is this games selling point over other fighters, and I would say it does deliver on that front. As for characters, well it has not got anything cool like Jason, Leather Face etc so I would say at the moment, it isn't as good as X. Also, I just find the female characters pretty drab, but I think that comes down to the skins are as boring as hell. Need more sexy!
  3. Looking pretty good so far. Looks improved to me.
  4. The 3D is such an amazing thing. It still blows my mind how it even works without the glasses.
  5. How is It running for you. I was considering picking it up on PC as you can get it for about £30 now. I heard it is pretty buggy/crashes a lot, doesn't run as good as console etc?
  6. The random loot time sink seems to be a thing now. I noticed when DOA6 launched it was totally random what costume parts/points you got at the end of the series of fights. They did change it though, but they still have their crazy priced payable costumes.
  7. I have not bought the game, but from what I have understood rightly or wrongly, you can grind everything pretty much for free, but it sounds like they made that grind purposely long winded so they could add a way of negating it through the use of real money?
  8. I think a good sales man/women can judge how far to go in conversation with a customer. I didn't mind sales staff chatting to me about games and giving me their views as long as though it was polite and they didn't ramble on too much.
  9. There was some cool guest characters in the last game, Jason, Leatherface etc, hopefully they will put them in this game again.
  10. Going to wait for the review on Days Gone, then decide which to pick up. This does look really good. I cannot believe there hasn't been more controvicy about it though as it is pretty sick.
  11. Super. It does look like there is lots to unlock.
  12. Is the single player any good in this game? Plenty to do?
  13. I just had a very quick go on Ninja Gaiden 2 this morning. Popped my disc in and it did the update. Only played a couple of mins in the first area, but it looks and runs glorious so far.
  14. Wow, If Ninja Gaiden 2 is enhanced as well, I am so happy.
  15. Nostalgia is a expensive thing if you want to collect for the AES now. I always think the memories of actually owning one when it was released are far better
  16. Sumire

    Nintendo Switch

    I agree with you on the colours. I just think Nintendo are always a generation behind with resolution.
  17. Sumire

    Nintendo Switch

    I think a lot of the Switch games look "visually" amazing when played in handheld mode, but on a modern 4K TV I can only think what could have been.
  18. Sumire

    Nintendo Switch

    I am guessing it has not been released in Europe yet, and is getting released soon.
  19. Just wondering as I hate it when they just use a cut and paste body style. They all end up looking the same with different heads and different outfits.
  20. Are there different body types, heights weights in this or are do they all just use a default male and female size?
  21. I am not saying the gameplay is better in Wooly World, I just think it looks better. I just love the way they did the graphics in that WiiU game.
  22. I thought the recent games were ok, but much preferred the old Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I know they have to do something "new" but It just seems to have gone really over the top now.
  23. I wish they went with the same wool style as Woolly World on the WiiU, that game looks amazing even now, better than this I think.
  24. Sumire

    Edge #331

    Damn, that Anthem score is bad. I think Bioware need to do a Mass Effect trilogy remaster now just to get some guaranteed money otherwise I cannot imagine them being around much longer at this rate.
  25. I think I will give this a miss. It looks too hard, (but awesome) for me and I doubt I would get my monies worth.
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