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  1. Yeah I saw this the other day, thought it was pretty good. Typical over the top action, but it was entertaining and fun, although I spoiled it for myself a bit by seeing most of the big stunts before I went to see the film. Some of the dialogue was very good, and funny, the bit with the computer nerd guy, some was truly shocking...the quote after ripping the girls hair out, was a WTF moment. The one thing that should have been cut out of the film as it seemed like one of those DVD special edition deleted scenes was the part in the BMW with the call center.
  2. Not buying..main reasons 1. Too expensive. 2. No amazing exclusive must-have launch titles.
  3. Too many "cart only" to make any good amount of cash.
  4. I think the Gamecube is one of the best looking consoles of all time.....although it could have done without the handle It had some great games, and it was cheap (take note SONY) Overall, I was glad I bought one.
  5. I hate the artwork/design of this game now. The original used to be a awesome tournament game with great level design.
  6. I can't understand why Microsoft aint selling more 360's. The machine cleary has the better software and online gaming than all the current crop of "next Gen" machines. Is the Wii just more popular because it cheaper and has Zelda?
  7. The show has become a comedy now. I like it, and I suggest the guy that writes it considers a career in Sketch shows.
  8. I think the conclusion is that all these games are pretty much the same, so pick the one you like the look of or has the better community. All you do is kill stuff, get XP, get reward, level up. Once you have leveld up, you PVP to get better stuff or raid to get better stuff. Later on an expansion comes out and you are required to level up and replace you stuff with better stuff. I like WoW because it doesnt take itself too seriously. It seems massive to me, with the new expansion. Plus I can just hop in PVP when I want or go solo when i want or go in instances when I want. Oh, and Star Wars Galaxies used to be awesome before the NGE ruined it. Myself and many others would still be playing it instead of WoW if they never they messed it up...that game is dead now, its almost laughable to see how deserted the servers are compared to before. BUT after saying all that, my bros who used to play SWG, then WoW, play EQ2 and love it....
  9. She should start playing WoW..problem solved. But yeah, shes going to seed, probably got no interests/hobbies herself and no friends so instead of going out getting pissed everynight he plays WoW instead.
  10. The original UT was awesome wasnt it. The levels where really well designed and not too big. I even used to play in a clan with this and was pretty damn good lol. Used to chill out with all the noobs on Face. Piston jumping with the flag out of the water in the sub level....l33t skilz Damn i miss LOLMAN
  11. Good question, I would like to know this too.
  12. Shaman is an awesome PVP class, but apart from that I wouldnt bother. Priest, is ok if you like healing all the time (not that exciting) but we know healing wins you things
  13. I made a Chuck one as its been overlooked.
  14. I think it would have to be = Geese Howard
  15. Sumire

    Edge 165

    Wow, I remember playing Twin Kingdom Valley on the Acorn Electron, going to have to get a copy of this issue.
  16. All MMORPGS are essentially the same, WOW being a good example of one that does pretty much everything right. From a technical stand-point its solid, easily the best MMORPG out at the moment in my opinion. Like most MMORPGs, its all about the community, and unless you have a good guild when you hit 60, and you participate together to acheive the goals in the game you will get bored eventually unless you want to PVP all the time. I found the game only really started at 60 as thats when you have access to the greater challenges on offer and thats when you need a good guild behind you. Whilst WoW never will have the atmosphere Star Wars Galaxies used to have when I finally unlocked my Jedi (now ruined with the NGE), its still a great game.
  17. Yeah, same thing happens every day at this time, ie becomes available, confirms stock, then when u get to the final hurdle, OUT OF STOCK!
  18. Neo CD - Pro's On a whole, cheaper games than AES. CD quality Soundtracks which are far superior than any AES games music. Some titles have remixed music and additional features. Better out-the-box picture quality than AES. Some exclusive CD only titles. Cons. Later bigger meg-count games have long load times. Missing some of the later Neo Geo titles. Doesnt have that original big cartridge Neo Geo feel to it like the AES.
  19. I've been playing this game for over two years, and have had a Jedi for about one year prior to the NGE. I have now got Elder Jedi status and let me tell you the game sucks now. Servers are pretty much desolate, I had 100 people on my friends list, about 6 still play. Most people gave up after the last Combat upgrade, then they pulled the NGE on people with two weeks notice. Jedi was dummed down and given to people at character creation, something that took at least six months to achieve prior, and was considered the end game, the reward for effort put in to the game. The upshot is Jedi sucks now and is like every other proffession, and is in fact worse being melee. (run and shoot) People who spent time and money building up their characters and items had their prized possessions reduced to crap and in some cases even deleted. Individuality went out the window as every character class is essentially the same now. Crafting, one of the game strong points is pretty much gone too as there is no longer any decay. There was around 32 Proffessions before the NGE, this is now been reduced to around nine. SOE lied to players saying they were revamping certain proffessions and improving them, when in fact they removed them from the game all together. Servers are laggy as hell, quests bugged, everytime they fix something it creates even more bugs. Targetting is aweful and combat in clumsy and awkward. Anyway, I can't be arsed to type six pages on why its ruined. Simply read players reviews and you will see. Hell, the New York times even had an article on it. Lets face it, the game has already had two big overhauls since launch, the NGE was the final straw for most people. Who's to say they wont revamp it again in six months. The original development team left long ago, what you see here is a patch job to try and grab some last $$ before the game dies for good. Do yourself a big favour and stay well clear of this turkey.
  20. I loved Ninja Gaiden, although i'm not sure about Black as it doesnt have any new levels in it.
  21. Unless you need the money I would just put it all in sealed boxes in the attic as you might regret selling it all in the future. Or if money isnt the problem, give it all away to me.
  22. Sumire

    Fighting Games

    Id say Samurai Showdown 2 on Neo Geo CD. - I love weapons based fighting and this has beutiful graphics and the best music (imo) of any fighting game. Next, I would have to go with Last Blade 1 or 2, Again, another weapon based fighter, but this one has a somewhat refined feel to it. Thirdly, Capcom V's SNK Pro on Dreamcast. Got to love all those characters and the amazing presentation and music, superb. Thats my top 3 anyway.
  23. No, its no SOTN, in fact I came away feeling dissapointed by it. I wasn't all that impressed by the touch screen use....seems very gimicky to me. Music is also a let down. All I can say is don't expect anything that different from Aria of Sorrow, which isn't a bad thing anyway. Worth picking up....yes, but this still isnt the castlevania fans have waited for. They need to port SOTN to the PSP, now that would be awesome.
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