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    Doom 3

    I thought it was scary, especially the sound.
  2. I bought this, and am kind of dissapointed. The main things for me are the main character models look naff and animation seems really stiff. I just think for a game that is really about loot, the actual models look poor. Voice acting is terrible, and the game world is pretty jerky with some screen tear going on now and then. The hack and slash element has been done so much better in other games, here it just doesnt feel that much fun, kind of disconnected when your fighting. The good points are how big the map is, it will take you ages to explore. The amount of loot is impressive, and the enviromental effects and enviromental sound effects are pretty good. It is the only game of its type on the 360 I think, so thats the only reason to pick it up if you like the playstyle. Missions are just like WoW..ie very boring, go here kill this, go back, get reward x1000000000
  3. Sumire

    Rock Band!

    Whats the best way of getting into this rockband and guitar hero thing. There are so many packs, add ons etc, I dont know where to start. I'm not interested in drums and mics, just the guitar. Whats the best way of hooking up with this as it sounds fun?
  4. I completed this the other day. All was pretty smooth in terms of bugs, I only had two freezes which is pretty good considering what I have been hearing on these forums. As for the content, ..it was ok I suppose. I think the main problem is its way too easy, and no challenge what so ever. Story and setting was pretty neat, I'd give it about 6/10. If your a big fan of the game its worth the download, anyone else, don't bother.
  5. Yeah I cant stand the guy, shame as I would have liked to have watched this. Maybe he should do "Bring back Saturday night project", I think that would suit him pretty well.
  6. Sumire

    The PSP

    Stick custom firmware on and you can transfer all of your original PSX 1 games over and play them, ie FF7, Castlevania SOTN etc etc. Theres also some awesome original PSP games out there as people have mentioned.
  7. I saw this and Watchmen the other day, and although they are totally different films, I enjoyed this much more. I never read reviews much anymore, and try to avoid the hype, and only saw this as 5 star rated by some crappy films mags, the sun etc etc. I loved it, although its nothing new, it was enjoyable. I don't see why some people in this thread said some of the acting was bad, nothing struck me as stand out noticable. I would agree that some of clints grunting was borderline annoying in places though
  8. Wow, thats a lot of games machines. I knew he was into gaming, but didnt realize he had this much. Damn, I remember those X-MEN cabs NASEEN Hamed cape "from one Legend to another"..that guy always was a show off lol
  9. I think it was pretty good overall, and it didnt cost too much money for the amount of time I played it for. £8.00 for about 4 hours of entertainment isnt bad by todays standards when comparing it to other media.
  10. and then fast travel back to GNR. Yeah I did that, I read up on it and it happens a lot it seems. Something to do with leaving the GNR building by the wrong door, so when you come back to hand the quest in the main door is locked for some bizzare reason.
  11. I couldnt get back in the radio building for some reason after getting the dish. I presume this will be fixed with that update expansion thing?
  12. Bah ive only just started playing this and the 2nd quest i do is bugged ..whats the rest of the game like for bugs?
  13. Sumire


    I don't think its rubbish, but I only own two games that I play on it. Mario Galaxy and Smash Bros. The only other two I would have bought are Twilight Princess and Resi 4, but I've already played them on the Cube. The main reason I don't play as much as my 360 is I like online gaming more, that and the choice of games available isnt to my liking. I just wish they would release a new Zelda
  14. The trouble with that is if you tell or imply that something might be remotely scary, people will not be scared by it no matter what, and to be honest, the usual reaction is to take the piss. I found it a superb game and pretty scary, but more from a panic scared point of view.
  15. This game is awesome, i'm upto chapter 10 now and its a dream come true. I love sci-fi horror type films, and this game captures the whole genre perfectly. I play this on a night with the lights off and headphones on, the sound effect are amazing! ..very scary. I read hawkeyes post and wonder if he is even playing the same game. I do agree with the comments about the map, although is does look cool lol. I personally have not used it once as you dont even need it.
  16. I cant understand why people are complaining about the price. For one, you can instant purchase this, and be playing it in under a few minutes. Then theres the fact that you dont have to piss around setting another console up, and mess around with cables etc. After that, you will find it looks better and sounds better than playing it on the N64. Add in the acheivements, and extras on top, 1200 isnt going to break the bank.
  17. Sumire

    Gears Of War 2

    I would just like to say "FUCK" as it seems to get said a great deal by people on this forum.
  18. Anyone got a code for this on 360?
  19. I love video game music more than the usual chart stuff etc. Final Fantasy X, X2, HALO etc. Some of the real old stuff is cool also, Outrun, Revenge of Shinobi, Afterburner. Recent stuff, Castle Crashers etc. Super Smash Bros Brawl has some awesome tunes on it!
  20. Yeah mine has this crack. I've got the DS lite white. Its an obvious design flaw and should be repaired for free if it affects the functionality of the machine. (it doesnt on mine) I was going to get mine repaired, but I will just buy a new one eventually as the white on mine is going yellow on the buttons etc, so I wont be buying another white one anyway.
  21. I got the US region free version, and have been really enjoying it. I took a little while to get used to the combat/controls, but once learned its a blast to play! Having now completed it, and gained more skills etc, I am going through the game again, and finding it a great deal more fun now I am more powerful Graphically I think it looks awesome, the scrap yard level in particular looks stunning . Music is of course a amazing. Voice acting, hmm, yeah its ok, Darth sounds okish, I thought is was a good effort considering it isnt the man himself. There is also a nice story to go with it which ties in with the films, which in itself is pretty neat, and a must for Star Wars Fans in my opinion. Negative points.. I did experience screen tear on occasions (XBOX360 VGA), but nothing that really distracted from the gameplay. The menu loads can be annoying if you want to keep going back and forth (not that you would really come to think of it ) ..but its there, and noticable. Also for purists, I suppose the non James Earl Jones Darth can annoy at times. The length of the game is short I suppose, but its one of those games like Ninja Gaiden 2, that you just want to keep playing and playing until its completed, so it never feels that long. Overall I would give it a high 9 out of ten as I'm a Star Wars fan. Anyone else, I would say, low 8 out of ten. I think the main fun comes from replaying it once you are more powerful....thats the main fun I am having with it right now.
  22. As a complete package, I think Final Fantasy X has the best soundtrack of any game in my opinion. Pretty much all the music is awesome.
  23. Looks good, I just wish they would make it for the 360 and PS3 and PC instead of pissing around with a handheld. I'd much prefer to play games like this on a console. ...Damn them Rappys look cute lol.
  24. Wait! I thought we were talking about a game. ..not girlfriends.
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