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  1. The voice acting in this game is better than in most films. In places the graphics have to be the best I have ever seen on a console.
  2. I just this minute got my pre-order code through email from GAME, so if you ordered there, check yah email!
  3. I have to say, GAME have a amazing mail order department. Never order from Zavvi if you want things fast, they took a week to send my Halo Reach out. I am just installing it now.
  4. This is awesome, its been a whilst since I completed the main game. The graphics are stunning in places, the voice acting is amazing as well, well worth the 800 MS points.
  5. I saw some downloadable content, 400 points, something about a area below the city....
  6. Does this have any of the original series music in it? It does just look like another God of War clone, but so was Dantes Inferno, and I actually rather enjoyed that. I bet you could strip the Castlevania title off this, and most people wouldnt even recognize it was a Castlevania game. There are so many great games coming this month, I dont know if this is going to be worth buying at launch.
  7. I suppose they will look at the sales figures from Afterburner on XBOX live arcade and Outrun and see if there was enough interest.
  8. do you have the original post of this one, ..found it pretty funny.. "TC57UK: Hi, Posted earlier about my son's suspension and no help. Then i realised did not put his gamertag on the message. i am BlaaaacK v is his gamertag. Would be helpful if someone could enlighten me as to why he has been suspended until 31/12/9999 without notification. Microsoft: Your son was exposing himself on camera in Uno."
  9. Ah yeah thats right RGB. I checked my UK box, and there is no VGA logo, so yeah, the US version is the one to get for VGA goodness.
  10. For all the extra content you get in the Gamecube version, and the tweak to the random battles, the Gamecube version is the best. I still have my DC version, but I recall it isnt vga compatible.
  11. Well I enjoyed it far more than the other house of the dead games. I still think the voices when in game are too low (fine in cut scenes) I have my sound setup fine, tried everything.
  12. I think the DS version is better apart from the controls, hence it sucks. Actually, the N64 rumble pack version is prolly the best.
  13. Interesting, I have only just played this for the first time tonight, and its awesome. Granted, the graphics are pretty ropey in parts, and that strange stuttering is annoying at first, but apart from that its ace. I love the dialogue in this, all the swearing, but as someone else said, its a shame as during the game, the voices are really hard to here This has got me into lightgun games again
  14. Hopefully its a bit better than the half hearted effort of the last one.
  15. Christ, how long were they in the shed getting wet.
  16. I remember when my Bro first imported a N64 and Super Mario 64 when it was launced in Japan. I remember when he first got it, for some reason the scart was wired up wrong so he had to play it in black and white for a while. I will always remember the day he got it sorted, and flicked it over to colour for the first time...amazing!
  17. God I love Steam. SS is a awesome bargain!
  18. Does anyone know if they have ever reduced the DOOM games?
  19. Well, all said and done, the only game on this that looks remotely interesting is that Star Wars one, and I won't be buyiing this device for one game.
  20. I've been trying to ignore this game since it was announced, as its going to be a painful wait for its release.
  21. To be fair, you do have the option of installing some later games on the memory stick from the UMD, plus some games are available to download via the naff PSN store. I would say the Atari Jaguar for me. I spent ages waiting for it, read all the hype, then like the complete mug I was, bought it at launch. Pretty much 99% of the games were utter toss.
  22. Does it actually say when you buy it you have to be connected to the internet in order to play it?
  23. I am a fan, but I guess he has run out of interesting things to make programs about now. All his best stuff was about those oddball / extreme characters in life.
  24. It was interesting to hear him say he took the piss out of games as he didnt want to be type cast into being a gaming nerd, so he could get other jobs. I honestly didnt think he was a gamer, and it turns out he kind of was/is. I never knew about the McDonalds thing, and props to him for having the balls to do it. The Dexter Fletcher was an interesting insight, although he never really said all that much about him. I thought the comment about Vinnie Jones was funny, I can imagine him being like that, and Mr Motivator...well he was a twat anyway... I would have liked to hear more about Patrick M, if he had any stories about him, and weirdly, they never even asked him about the bandana boy, which is I suppose pretty cool in some respects. Its was an ok interview, but a few missed opportunities to ask him some other questions were missed.
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