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  1. What is the deal with this as I am reading there is a massive bug where you cannot progress. "We have been investigating a PS4/Xbox One issue that is blocking player progress in the game. We apologize for this bug and thank you for your patience while we investigated. The issue occurs when a new game is started before downloading the 1.02 update. After the update, treasure chests will appear in the incorrect open/closed state. Without the items from these chests, progress is blocked. Players affected by this bug will be required to restart the game with a new save in order to properly progress. We investigated a number of options to address this issue and each fix requires a new game to be started. Despite our efforts to provide a fix that preserves pre-1.02 progress, this is the best solution to avoid future issues. Xbox One players will also be affected by this when the update (1.00x on Xbox) is delivered next week. Switch players who will receive a physical copy should download the 1.02 patch before playing."
  2. That's good, I was holding off until this update. Konami have kept their word.
  3. This game is so good isn't it. (late to the party) I am working my way up, but hard is probably realistically going to be my limit, but it is so much fun. It is in my top VR games with stuff like Resident Evil, Skyrim, Astrobot etc
  4. The HDR part seems ...unusual, didn't expect it.
  5. Wow, looking at the box art, it is 4K HDR on Xbox One X. I find that hard to believe.
  6. Sumire

    Path of Exile

    Cool, sounds good. I have been playing Grim Dawn and liked that. I'll try it out this weekend.
  7. Sumire

    Path of Exile

    Tempted to play this, but what is the catch with it being "free" Is it a pay to win game, or is all the paid DLC cosmetic and expansions etc?
  8. Sumire

    Blood and Truth

    Yeah, I just completed it, it was definitely a lot better just sat down. A great VR experience. I think I am going to play through it again!
  9. Sumire

    Blood and Truth

    Duh, ok well I will give it a go tonight. Cheers. Basically, if the character on screen was stood up I was, when he was sat I did in real life.
  10. Sumire

    Blood and Truth

    Fair enough. How are you mean to do it properly though as I was stood up playing the game, then all of a sudden the camera kind of messed my view up. I guess I was meant to press the re-align button on my controller when those sections came up?
  11. Sumire

    Blood and Truth

    I stood up for the action bits then sat down for the dialogue bits as I always seem to get back ache when stood up in VR for too long They should have just got rid of the forced crouching sections as they just don't work at all in my opinion.
  12. Do you think the new characters will get their own stages? They should!
  13. Ok, thanks. I've not been on my original machine in some time and kind of forgot how certain games were displayed. Cheers
  14. I was wondering if anyone knows if it is meant to play with borders top and bottom on original hardware. Japanese Super Famicon, RGB through a CRT. Many thanks.
  15. I love Days Gone, definitely underrated by most of the press.
  16. Sounds good. How long to complete? and is there any replay value?
  17. It would have been a lot nicer if they had done a physical version with a hardback glossy booklet instead. Games are all good, standouts for me are Belmont's Revenge and Bloodlines.
  18. So wish this had a update like they do on the Xbox One X. I didn't realize when I put the disc in again it was not a pro title. Still awesome of course.
  19. Damn, I wish I never saw this. It does seem like a good buy for that price I think.
  20. This game would have been great Co-op. I am under the impression (maybe wrongly) the game isn't as bad as some of these reviews seem to think though.
  21. It hasn't been fixed yet as far as I can tell, but I never got the game at launch, so it may have improved since then. They did give you some money etc so you can unlock more content in the Kryp. That free gift doesn't really go far, but it is better than nothing at this stage. The game is still great. My only complaints outside the "grind" (but some people like stuff like that) is the weak colour swap skins and some pretty bad voice acting by one person. As a fighting game it is pretty impressive content wise from launch in my opinion. The story mode is pretty mad, but totally awesome as well. The graphics in the story mode look amazing, but this unfortunately doesn't seem to transfer to the graphics they use in the openers to fights or fatalities etc.
  22. I have been playing this some more over the weekend, and am enjoying it. I have to say, the sound/music in it is incredible. I have it running with that Dolby Atmos app and some of the bass and surround effects are stunning. The Krypt, although I am not a fan of the unlocking procedure, does look fantastic as well.
  23. Lets just leave it there. Yes you are right. Lets move on now.
  24. Maybe you presume my definition of "sexy" is the same as your"tits out" sexy.
  25. Well, I did just come off playing Spiderman on Ps4 Pro, so it is a big come down I suppose.
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