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  1. Well, i had a blast on Riders Republic - I am a big downhilll moutain biking fan, so needed to check it out for that alone. It does have a fair amount of downhill racing in it, even has some big bike brands as well, although i have seen no actual real rider names yet. There is a good sense of speed, but the courses are literally just smooth slopes with jumps. It seems like a missed opportunity not to have some form of different terrain that effects your bikes, rocks, roots, mud, braking bumps, ruts etc. It is basically like a snow boarding course. Graphically it needs a lot of work - it does say "Work in Progress" over everything, which is fair enough, but I cannot see them improving it that much as the game engine they are using looks pretty old anyway. It reminds me of The Crews game engine.
  2. Yeah, I watched that last night. Amazing piece of investigation. Seems like a bunch of none gamers just wanting to make a ton of money out of mugs basically.
  3. Thanks. Oh, ok, so two hours if only doing the quests, ten hours if doing all the filler stuff. Hmm, tempting, but, think I will wait for a sale.
  4. I played this on launch on the PS4 Pro, loved it, completed pretty much everything. Does anyone have an idea how long the DLC is in terms of hours roughly as I don't want to pay £15 and its only a couple of hours long.
  5. Voice acting way to good. Must not try harder.
  6. Shantae and other characters has got to be up there. Mind you a lot of the games are not retro, so.
  7. I kept mine for some of the 3D games as I still have my old 3D Plasma
  8. I thought it was pretty rubbish. Really short, boring levels and bosses and forgettable music.
  9. The thing is with this. I only bought the Switch to play Nintendo exclusives, I never had any intention of playing it portably anyway as i find gaming more comfortable on a big screen, so although this device looks interesting, ultimately ill never use it as I have a PC hooked up to my TV anyway.
  10. I have a pretty good gaming PC, 3080 etc, but to be honest, if I can stick at it for about 30mins, 30fps isn't so bad once you get used to it again. Obviously I wouldn't choose to game at 30fps if I do not have to.
  11. I used to play this back when it first launched with my two brothers. I was so hyped after Star Wars Galaxies got closed down for something to take its place. Although it was a lot different, I did enjoy my time with it (played for about a year), but my main gripe with it was the planets seem so cut and paste boring compared with WoW for instance. The stories were great though, amazing they did all the voice acting for conversation - plenty of gameplay for the money. I am surprised they never brought this to consoles, seems like a missed opportunity after all this time. Maybe they are dumbing down all those abilities so they can make it more manageable for a potential console version.
  12. I only use mine docked, so kind of a disappointment.
  13. I replayed Dead Space 1 & 2 again a year or so ago on PC and they are still as good as I remembered. They still look really nice, especially the 2nd one in 4K 60 etc.
  14. I noticed it was a lot better/more noticeable improvement going from what I was running it at before, Nightmare to Ultra Knightmare with raytracing. I've only got a 60Hz HDR TV, so that as good as it gets for me. I do not even have to turn DLSS on on my 3080. This game is so well programmed it is insane.
  15. Yep, runs like a dream this game even with the cherry on the top Raytracing now.
  16. Definitely, same goes for resident Evil 5 and 6, although i wouldn't say they were a turd, just not that great single player compared with Co op. But apparently this is bad even Co op. Not tried it though.
  17. I completed the Overlord DLC for Mass Effect 2 last night. Wow, what a great bit of DLC it was, I actually forgot all about it as the last time I played through the games was on the 360. Such a good atmosphere.
  18. Urgh, so yeah, It wasn't my TV or the Mega SG, or indeed the rom, or the cable, it was some processing on my amp that was causing it.
  19. oh damn, well thanks for trying. I am not sure what it is then on mine. I will do some testing tonight.
  20. Thanks for that. My TV has everything switched off in terms of motion handling. I am pretty sure it is the Mega SG, but not 100% without trying it on another screen. After playing it on real hardware, it is almost unplayable as sometimes when you die and respawn you cannot see where you are.
  21. Retro bump. I was having a blast on mine the other night. Tried Thunderforce 3, like you do. I noticed my ship disappeared sometimes when I died for a few seconds. I loaded the game up on real hardware and the issue was not there. Anyway, yeah, I thought I would share that. Anyone else with the same issue? Granted I jailbroke mine, so probably a bit behind now.
  22. I stiil play this, easy to pick up and play with my mate. They put out a patch a few days ago now and it was pretty disappointing as it hardly covered any of the main complaints and it had been a while since the last one. It kind of gave me the impression they cannot be bothered with it now, but hopefully I am wrong.
  23. It would be nice if it was perfect, but it is still an awesome little machine. I agree, it could be better, but it is a novelty item really. Obviously there are far better ways to play these games and more for free elsewhere.
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