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  1. Ok, I will take a another look. I think I was just getting overwhelmed having only just come back to playing it again from the PS4 to the Xbox version.
  2. I am just playing Forsaken at the moment. One of the quests steps asked me to complete a "challenge" How do I find one of these to do? I presume it is one of the weekly ones, but I cannot find how you start them.
  3. A bit late to this, but I just played through the Forsaken campaign intro mission, my god that music is phenomenal, much like all the music in this game. I am looking forward to this new moon expansion.
  4. I completed this last night. I really enjoyed it, I just loved the cheery nature of it all, the colours, the characters. I only got really stuck once in one of the dungeons but that was my own dumb fault. I have just got to about 48 seashells now, so will finish them up and then go onto the next game in my vast pile of shame lol.
  5. Yeah it is not really a big deal in a game like this, more of an annoyance. In fast paced games it does make a big difference, like Astral Chain would be a better game if it was on another platform that could handle 60fps at a better resolution.
  6. Yeah, they both have their merits. I found BotW's world kind of empty, but I suppose it was meant to be like that anyway.
  7. Loving this, totally addicted. Up to the Face Shrine now! Yeah the frame rate is rubbish, but it does not stop an already awesome game.
  8. I will try that tonight. It runs pretty poor in docked mode. I am sure they could do something to improve it as there are a lot more graphically intensive games running loads better - Diablo 3, Skyrim etc. Great game though that deserves better!
  9. The frame rate dips are pretty jarring for me. I do notice it seems to do it when you leave a building for a few seconds then it goes stable after that.
  10. Sumire

    Gears 5

    For sure. It is definitely a looker, some of the bits later on in act 2 look amazing. I have noticed some framerate "issues" in places, but considering the X isn't a top end PC spec it does amazingly well. I am playing this through co-op with a mate and it been pretty fun, we just finished act 2 and it does seem to be getting better now. Even the story is mildly interesting. We have only experienced one issue and that is with upgrading the robot, Jack, the menu item slots seem to vanish unless you move over them again for some reason.
  11. Never judge a book/game by its cover. I thought most people knew this.
  12. Sumire

    Gears 5

    Yeah, not bad for the £2 I paid.
  13. I caved and re-subbed just to play classic. Started playing as a Warrior which is arguably the hardest class to level. It is so good how many people are playing, chat channel is alive and I have had plenty of random people helping with missions etc. It is a bit of a wake up call how much harder it is though, but I am loving it all again.
  14. We just finished playing The Division 2 up to the point were we had kind of done everything we wanted to do with the game, which was great co-op. You really do get good value for money with Ubisoft games. Looking forward to this!
  15. This has got gyro motion aiming now. I kind of like it in games for tweaking the final bit of aiming.
  16. Sumire

    Decay of Logos

    Yes it is a shame, as it definitely has/had potential.
  17. Sumire

    Decay of Logos

    They apparently got a newer version and said it was just as bad.
  18. Sumire

    Decay of Logos

    I saw this, it looked like my sort of game, but it seems to have been slated in most reviews. I was wondering if the Xbox One X version was any better.
  19. I found a solution. I just sit further away when playing Switch games.
  20. I always think these Switch games look graphically fantastic when you see them on Youtube, but then when I play them on a 4K TV, yeah, not so much.
  21. I think I will wait a week or two to start playing this, its just not worth the hassle at the moment. No rush anyway.
  22. Sumire

    Dungeon Crawls

    Dreadhalls is pretty good and its cheap!
  23. Has the release date of this shifted as I got an email off Amazon saying it would not be available until the 12th September now.
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