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  1. I think the Royal Fail has let me down on this, kind of expected though i guess. Annoyingly my brother has his copy from Amazon - must keep out of his way..
  2. All these modern TV's seem to only last about 4 years regardless of the tech. Mine looked amazing for a few years, a Samsung 4K LED LCD, but now it has developed a sepia "burn" mark from the back light. I googled it, and it seems tons of people have the same issue. Out of warranty of course now though. I also have an ancient CRT for retro gaming and it still looks amazing to this day.
  3. I do have that game, ibut luckily I do not think I got that far yet.
  4. Have you got a link for where you can get it for £65.00 please?
  5. I was thinking about this last night. As Laine said, they were £69.99 on the official Nintendo store, so that is the price they set, maybe not a RRP, but a price officially set by them. At the end of the day, the price Argos have listed is not marked up from their original price on the Nintendo website, so that is reasonable, but if you saw it cheaper and are willing to wait, obviously you will save some money. They do seem in high demand though as you know.
  6. That is the cheapest I have ever seen it to be honest. I thought that was the going price for it or close to it as it was from Argos., guess not.
  7. I thought the RRP was £69.99 or something close.
  8. Argos on Ebay seem to have them.
  9. The only thing that scares me in games these days is in VR. Anything with giant spiders in VR scares me to death. One comes to mind is the Brookhaven Experiment were you are in that sewer and the spiders are on the roof and spit webs in your face etc. Resident Evil 7? VR was amazing and scary at the same time, loved that.
  10. Sumire

    NIOH 2

    Yes, I used the same technique on that one, felt a bit of a cheat, but so what. When I first came across that boss I was thinking my journey was over. Tonfas are awesome I agree. I noticed most of the graves of dead players I come across do not seem to use the weapon though. Are you doing all the sub missions? I managed to do them all upto now, so my level is pretty good as a result which must be helping a little.
  11. Sumire

    NIOH 2

    Haha...Iooking back at my old post. I've now clocked 110 hours and cannot get enough of this game!
  12. <-------- tight arse. Where is the cheapest place to buy this? I do want it, but almost £50......
  13. The only ones I found I liked after trying lots of stuff was the Sennheiser Game One. It was the only one I found I could wear for long periods without my ears getting too hot or hurting. I combine that with that Sound BlasterX G1 7.1 USB headphone amp (not really needed, but it boosts the loudness) It works really well. I tried the Sony PS headset, but found it too heavy and tight on my head. It is damn hard to find good headphones what work with your own particular tastes though. Everyone has different tastes in sound and what fits the best.
  14. I bought it. Only played the first level, but it seems pretty damn good so far. Graphically and sonically it is a lot better than Streets of Rage 4 in my opinion.
  15. I remember this being really good, although it does get very samey, but it was fun. I loved the colourful graphics at the time.
  16. Had a blast on this, I think it looks and sounds great, but my brain just cannot get around the controls, I always seem to be battling with them. It is a Shame as it really nails the physics side of downhilling I thought.
  17. This is in the Epic mega sale for about £24.00 , then there is a £10 voucher you can add to it if anyone is interested. PC, as obviously, the best way to play it
  18. Yeah, I am pretty sure they announced a "proper" official physical release. Your limited run one will still be "special" though as it has different box art etc.
  19. Haha, that Robocop one is amazing.
  20. Sumire

    NIOH 2

    Yeah, I do need to start using the stance change more as I got lazy and am not using it to its full advantage. Thanks again.
  21. Sumire

    NIOH 2

    Thanks. I think I kind of fluked them early on, but they seem to crop up a lot more in the missions, so I need to practice on them. I hate them when they grab you and do that bite move that knocks pretty much all my energy off and health.
  22. Sumire

    NIOH 2

    Thanks for that. Do you have any tips for fighting the boob snakes? I have a real hard time beating them consistently. I can never seem to get close enough.
  23. I only just noticed my beta version updated to the full version on Xbox One X the other day.
  24. Has to be VR for me. I do not think even any of my nostalgia laced memories of my import gamer days has topped seeing and experiencing it for the first time
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