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  1. Damn, thanks for that mate. I would not have a had a clue there. I guess the best bet is to order that package set from US Amazon then. Dodged a bullet there lol.
  2. Are these proper 8BitDo recievers? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gam3Gear-8Bitdo-Dualshock-Controller-Bluetooth/dp/B01JU57ES6/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=SNES+SFC+Bluetooth+Wireless+Gaming+Retro+Receiver&qid=1598688736&s=videogames&sr=1-1 I was going to get one and this contoller for my original Super Famicom https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074HBQ78V?psc=1&pf_rd_p=b3104185-aeb8-4926-9b18-10dc930c841c&pf_rd_r=KGHJ677KGA2BKJ7GX6N7&pd_rd_wg=Gie49&pd_rd_i=B074HBQ78V&pd_rd_w=W60Q5&pd_rd_r=c49a0a07-6df5-4084-a847-765333fd5b0f&
  3. Damn I love this game, and that is just the perfect announcement. "with locations and enemies inspired by Japanese folk tales and mythology and an emphasis on cooperative combat and action" - Cannot wait for that!
  4. I love the waves in the sea in this game, not graphically amazing, but they just look really good how they move.
  5. Sumire

    NIOH 2

    Same. It looks predictably fantastic, I cannot wait to get back to it. No doubt lost some of my skillz lol.
  6. I have been playing this on and off and am really loving it. It is so beautiful, and now I am getting stronger I feel such a bad-ass. The combat is fantastic at times. One thing I just love is when you defeat an enemy and they do that pause before falling to the ground, just so good.
  7. I hope they add those versions to the rom at some point.
  8. This will be the first time I only buy one next gen console, and that will be the PS5. I already have a really good PC, so the Xbox seems a bit pointless now, plus I was really underwhelmed by Halo Infinite. The Playstation just seems to have nailed it recently with their exclusives as well.
  9. No doubt, but I would prefer to play it on PC.
  10. Damn, I only just watched the gameplay footage for this, surely what they showed was on the Xbox One X as the visuals look underwhelming for a system seller game. Gameplay looks sweet though.
  11. I put in about 5 hours last night. It looks beautiful most of the time doesn't it, one of the best looking on the PS4 Pro. Then it can look okish at other times, but never jarringly bad or anything. I do love the combat, and am ok without the lock-on feature, but I think there should be an option there regardless. Presentation is really good, English voices are fine as well. It is just another open world type game like Assasins Creed though, same formula, but I find the setting so atmospheric, that is enough for me to play another game of this type.
  12. I never understood why they did not put Haunted Castle on the Castlevania collection.
  13. Well I ordered it. The atmosphere alone kind of did it for me. Even if it ends up being an average game, I just love the setting.
  14. God it looks and sounds amazing. Hopefully it is.
  15. I can see a Limited Run special edition of that game coming out, I will let you use your own imagination as to the contents.
  16. Virtual Reality. I paid £800 for my HTC Vive when it first launched, and nothing has come close to that experience since I first fired up Super Mario 64 on launch day all those years ago.
  17. I was a big Game of Thrones fan, so I kind of like stuff were no matter how popular a character is, there is always tension that they might die at any moment. I was hoping they could have played on that more with other characters. One of the best bits on the game for me was at the end in the house, I thought the tension was the best in the whole game I was expecting Abby to turn up and either kill Ellie or Dina or both. I am not sure if that was even intended, or it was just me.
  18. I would love to do a unbreakable pick axe only run. Damn that weapon is fine.
  19. I just thought that grain was some graphical trick to make it actually run on the PS4 Pro, sort of a downgrading technique, I didn't think it was done on purpose as it doesn't look great to my eyes. I would definitely turn it off if I had a choice.
  20. I think the main thing that elevates this game is the music is so damn good.
  21. Do you think they just do not realize she is just an actress and it is not real life, either that or they are just plain dumb.
  22. Just completed this. I really enjoyed it. I thought I had come to the end at least three times, but it kept on going. I still do not think it works very well when you have a companion with you and you are stealthing around and they are clearly in plain sight of enemies and they never seem to see them. A small gripe in the grand scale of the game though. Over-hyped by some reviewers predictably, but still a great game to play through.
  23. I think that was the atmosphere they were going for, but yeah, I thought it was a little boring at times.
  24. I think the same, the combat in particular is sickeningly realistic when you hear through headphones.
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