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  1. 1 hour ago, Siri said:

    Certainly a fair point, we don't know how Cyberpunk 2077 will turn out - and Microsoft Flight Simulator can be discounted, because despite being demanding it's mostly because it's succumbed to completely daft optimisation. And besides, both (should) scale well to 10 Series cards.

    Thankfully, Half-Life Alyx needs all the graphics clout it can get due to VR driving two HMD screens, and there's a couple of games that can be revisited at full whack due to forward-thinking graphics settings - RDR2, Mankind Divided and Metro Exodus.

    Regardless, there's definitely no harm in waiting for a 3060, although sales on previous gen cards will be mighty tempting.

    Speaking of mighty tempting, a tiny gold star to Asus to revealing a 3070 twin fan design that doesn't look fucking stupid. All comes down to the reviews, mind - Including that Founders Edition that freely vents air away/towards the CPU.


    Actually you mentioned something I totally overlooked for some reason..VR. I currently have a 1080GTX, and really do need more horsepower, so that would be a reason to buy one when they are released for me.

  2. 9 hours ago, Riven said:


    Downside with the USA version is they censored some of the win art and removed the mini-card match game with the Janet Marshal striptease. All of this is present in the PAL version, bar the vocals in Rent A Hero's Theme. Which was removed from both PAL and NTSC/U more details here: http://gaminghell.co.uk/FightersMegamixSecrets.html and https://tcrf.net/Fighters_Megamix_(Sega_Saturn)


    Downside with the mini-card game is you can only play it before you complete course I, after that it locks itself out for good and requires you create a fresh save. There were supposedly quite a few bug fixes to the PAL version, one is the slowdown you mentioned, but no one has every documented them. Still never found out what happens when you clear every course with every character or unlocked the palm tree skin, which took 80hrs of gameplay!



    Awesome, thanks for the link. Lots of interesting things on there.

  3. 4 hours ago, Down by Law said:

    Be careful though, because the PAL version is optimized so if you try to run it at full screen 60hz it gets really fucked up.


    So i sold it and bought the Japanese version...


    which has lots of slowdown issues...


    and the US NTSC version goes for a fortune...


    So it's the 'best of the worst' scenario, but to be honest sometimes the slowdown looks really cool so i've learned to live with it :) 


    Ah yeah shame that. Now I remember the PAL console has that black bar at the bottom.

  4. 9 hours ago, Down by Law said:

    The slowdown was removed in the pal version, that's why you don't remember it :)


    Fighters Megamix is awesome though. So many great stages, characters and most importantly... amazing fightin' tunes! 


    Oh damn, really. I specifically bought the Japanese version as I thought it would be the better one to get haha. I think I still have my old PAL machine in the loft. Thanks for the info.

  5. Just been having a blast on my Japanese Saturn, got a copy of Fighters Megamix again. Loving the game, but damn some of those stages with the enclosed walls, cages etc bring the framerate down so much. Strange I do not even remember it been as bad even when I played it on my first PAL Saturn all those years ago. Still a cracking game though, and Durals theme music is as awesome as ever!

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