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  1. 41 minutes ago, womble9 said:


    Output audio over optical. 


    Yeah, good point. I have to say the Xbox One X seems really well made, tons of connections and weighs a tonne.

  2. 31 minutes ago, JPL said:

    No, sorry. I said where, not why! I suppose I could mine up for sale on here, but I don't know how much they're even worth these days.

    Sorry, misread. I was just going to put it on Ebay as a bundle with the Kinect, a few games etc. 

  3. 1 hour ago, JPL said:

    If you don’t mind me asking, where are you selling it? I’ve got one sat here doing nothing, but didn’t really know what to do with it.


    I have a Series X now, so I presume, no real need to keep it now other than another  Blue-ray player I guess

  4. I am just parcelling up my Xbox One X now to sell having got a Series X. I just thought I would double check on here, apart from the Kinect stuff, is there anything else the One X can do that the series X cannot?

  5. 5 hours ago, Paulando said:

    Kinect :lol:


    Just horrible. How did this sell so many units again? The best part is it used you as the controller.


    That’s right, YOU are the worst controller.


    I remember seeing the adverts for for Kinect, it always showed it set up in a massive living room, not representative of anything like what a majority of people would actually have in order to even set it up properly and have a chance of it even working - not that it even worked well in the ideal environment.

  6. Late to the party as only just got a PS5 at Christmas. 

    Over all, I did enjoy it. Graphically the indoor sections looked stunning on the PS5, outside looked pretty good, but I always liked Batman Arkham Asylum better. Cut scenes looked great, and I do agree with the comment about him being weak in them.

    Gameplay, well, they nailed the web slinging as it was already great in the first one, more of the same over all, which isn't a bad thing. I thought the main thing that let it down (apart from BLM) was it was not as good as the the first one in terms of the bad guys. Yeah Rhino was ok, but I was not a fan of the rest of it.

  7. This is a game I love, but hate at the same time. I ended up getting it on my Series X in the end and play with my mate on his One X.


    Some of the bugs we have come across so far and crazy. Crashes to dashboard, guns disappearing, unable to fire, repeating sound glitches, interactive element button prompts not appearing, black screens, music not playing, health bars not appearing. For my mate on his One X it takes ages at times to load the textures in on the floors. -  These usually happen at least two to three times a play session.


    Still good fun though.



  8. 44 minutes ago, K said:

    Plus, I would have thought that one person or a small team of people working on a mod is very different to a small team of people working on the same thing as part of an organisation of hundreds of people. My experience of working in big organisations is that one person can do a lot on their own, but on a big project it takes much longer to actually implement anything because there are so many people involved, and so many levels of decision making you’ve got to go through before something can actually be released to the public. Someone could have a go at re-balancing the game and can just release the mod and see whether people like it, but you couldn’t do that with the actual game. So I think mods give a slightly false impression of how easy it is to fix these kinds of issues - it’s not the effort involved in doing it, it’s getting a whole huge organisation to agree that it’s the correct thing to do. 


    I do take your point.


    I suppose you can make excuses like that for a lot of the issues with this game, too many people involved, takes too long to make decisions etc.


    I think the average consumers who paid the £60 at launch were not too interested in the excuses as to why certain things had to be omitted or why there were so many performance issues with the game, bugs etc.


    It is a failing of the company if those problems exist and if they cannot implement changes quickly and efficiently to add features into the game and sort problems out. They seemingly easily made the decision to release a buggy poorly performing game though and take peoples hard earned money.



  9. I managed to bag both a Series X and a PS5 in the last week, both base RRP consoles with no stupid bundles with stuff I didn't want. The Series X was from Argos. I was literally on their website and refreshed the page and it said there was one for pickup from a local store, but none for delivery.


    The PS5 was bought by looking on one of those stock checker websites. That was bought from Amazon of all places, (which I have never seen them come in stock ever) The link was from the stock checker page. I clicked it and it went onto Amazon in order to buy it. The strange thing was, I checked Amazon by going straight through to their site normally and it said it was out of stock still. Anyway, all was good and I got it next day as I have prime. I think you have a better chance if you have a prime subscription. 


    I also managed to get my brother a PS5 through Sony Direct from the email they send out. That was lucky as I only just noticed it in my junk folder, so make sure you check that as well.

  10. 31 minutes ago, phillv85 said:


    A Tate version of the Astro Mini with a bunch of vert games:



    Action Fighter

    Wrestle War

    Desert Breaker




    V-V / Grind Stormer

    Same! Same! Same! / Fire Shark


    Tatsujin / Truxton

    Tatsujin / Truxton II

    Kingdom Grandprix

    Armed Police Batrider

    Battle Bakraid

    Strikers 1945


    Moon Cresta

    Sengoku Ace

    Cosmo Police Galivan

    Sonic Wings


    Sounds good. I love the Astro Mini.

  11. On 14/12/2021 at 19:42, MikeBeaver said:

    Chucked in some USA region titles last night, seems the console doesnt give a shit where they are from !! So I had a little pootle about on Timesplitters 2 and DOA 3, fuck me, DOA looks amazing!!


    Imagine it looking that good even back in the day. Team Ninja did amazing things with the graphics on the original xbox and 360.

  12. 44 minutes ago, djbhammer said:

    I have the last episode to watch today and agree it's a quality series.  Very insightful and great they managed to have so many people interviewed.


    I have watched up to chapter 6. It is strange as I feel like i have been on a journey with this console as a consumer, having bought the original and all previous ones apart from the Series S.


    I am not sure if they mention it in a later episode, but I am surprised how they have not mentioned what a big deal it was to have Team Ninja on board producing what was the best graphics and some of the best games on the original Xbox and the 360. Those games along with Halo was the main reason I had to have an Xbox.

  13. 24 minutes ago, skondo said:

    We're still not as bad as those PC bellends 😉


    I am hoping to be the ultimate bellend/cunt. I've got the RTXed PC and  just got the Series X the other day, just need to PS5 now.

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