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  1. Thunderforce 3, Space Harrier 3D, Outrun 3D, Alien Syndrome. Columns, Turbo Outrun , Girls Garden. I think that was it.
  2. I went for the Zotac as I had the GTX 1080 from them and it has been flawless and they have the 5 years warranty. My order was taken at about 2:10 on launch day.
  3. I managed to snag one during the rush on Scan, and it went through, I got the emails through and have been charged, but on their website it said pending payment authorization. I went on their chat and asked when it would be shipped, and they said the 21st to me, which is fine as I can prepare my PC.
  4. I loved this console, there was some amazing games, and access to the DS titles as well. The 3D on the later model looked fantastic in certain games, I still amazed it even works without glasses. I am pissed we never got all the Sega 3D games here though, and it is not region free.
  5. Yeah, I will see how Scans prices are when they actually put them on their website.
  6. The one I was going to buy was £660, now £698 Edit - I am going to track the price rise on overclockers.
  7. Interesting, I never knew that. I really hope I manage to snag one of these cards, pretty excited now.
  8. Are the 3080 cards pretty much all the same apart from the cooling and asthetics?
  9. Yeah were the hell is the new Ridge Racer. I am going to get the 3080 for my PC then maybe pick up a PS5 next year.
  10. Cool, thanks, I was kind of hoping that was the conclusion.
  11. Do you think it is going to be a massive bottleneck if I have a Intel i7 6700k and went for a 3080?
  12. Looking forward to this then I can decide to either get the PS5 first or the 3080 for the PC.
  13. Thanks for the impressions. I will order them I think.
  14. Ok, yeah so we get screwed as usual, but I suppose you have to pay it if you want it unless someone is selling individually on Ebay in the UK. Anyone who has one any impressions of the 1.1 adaptor, look good? Mega SG still working?
  15. Has anyone any experience of the new 1.1 game adaptors? I only want them for the Game Gear adaptor really, and was wondering how it looks? How much did it end up costing you into the UK in the end? Cheers.
  16. Actually you mentioned something I totally overlooked for some reason..VR. I currently have a 1080GTX, and really do need more horsepower, so that would be a reason to buy one when they are released for me.
  17. I think I will wait for the actual good games to come out before getting a new card. By the time the games come out, there will be a better value card out no doubt.
  18. Awesome, thanks for the link. Lots of interesting things on there.
  19. Ah yeah shame that. Now I remember the PAL console has that black bar at the bottom.
  20. Oh damn, really. I specifically bought the Japanese version as I thought it would be the better one to get haha. I think I still have my old PAL machine in the loft. Thanks for the info.
  21. Just been having a blast on my Japanese Saturn, got a copy of Fighters Megamix again. Loving the game, but damn some of those stages with the enclosed walls, cages etc bring the framerate down so much. Strange I do not even remember it been as bad even when I played it on my first PAL Saturn all those years ago. Still a cracking game though, and Durals theme music is as awesome as ever!
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