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  1. The only reason I ever really bothered with consoles was the exclusives, especially Nintendo stuff, otherwise I prefer gaming on my PC. Unless every game becomes multi platform, unfortunately I will have to buy multiple consoles.
  2. I think its is pretty obvious they need to remaster the original 3 games, and by remaster I mean to actually improve them, not just in graphics. They then need to do a Hollywood and continue the original story with all original characters. Yes a Switch port would be a good idea as well.
  3. Well, I personally was disapointed by my X in terms of performance (I bought it at launch), it felt more like another stop gap like the S. Games wise, with it been Microsoft, you are better off investing in a good PC as pretty much all the games can be played on PC at higher res and more importantly 60fps. Wait.
  4. Looks good, but will be crazy money I bet - For gadget freaks only I think.
  5. Thanks. I just picked it up from Game and they gave me a Steel Book as well for £19.99. It also has the Gold gun codes with it - Not that I was bothered.
  6. Luigi Mansion was about a 2 for me when playing that pool boss, but went back up to about a 7 thereafter, so I am fine with that score.
  7. Wow, almost as good as Super Tennis
  8. When you read the description of those DLC missions is sounds like they are in VR.
  9. Yeah, that is what I was thinking. It not like a PC where there is a load of potential things that could make it run poorly in the settings you can tweak, so not sure what is causing it. Maybe because I am running it from a SSD.
  10. I am just playing through these again on X. Halo CE is great still, but it just seems to run pretty poorly in terms of framerate.
  11. Oh cool, will have to try that 360 mode, I presume it isn't available for PS VR lol.
  12. I re-downloaded this on Xbox One X and it just even load up for some reason. Pretty annoying after a massive download for it all as well. ..urgh, got it to work, i still had the reserved 4gig it requires on my old drive so i copied it over and it now works.
  13. Looks good this, PC version is out today, console versions not until 2020
  14. Hopefully this will be in the sales for £20 or less after Christmas
  15. If it was intentionally made to be like the originals, voice acting, game play etc and convey the same feel as those now dated games, they did a good job. I guess some people must have been expecting it to be completely overhauled in all areas and modernised which I am pretty sure was never on the cards anyway, or even possible with the budget and team they had.
  16. Not sure if it was a Black Friday deal, but I got Kingdom Hearts 3 on Xbox One X for £12.50. Loving it so far!
  17. Sumire

    Megadrive Mini

    Looks good, shame about the micro USB B
  18. I too have completed it now. I might go back at a later date and collect all the other ghosts etc - Maybe next Halloween I did enjoy it, there is some great little touches in it, too many to mention. I did get a bit frustrated with some of the bosses though, but over all it was a charming game.
  19. Aye, I think it is one of the best looking Switch games to date.
  20. I literally went from loving this game to hating it now. EdIt - Ok, so I exaggerated, but extreme frustration set in I did it eventually, but my god how bad are those controls!
  21. Sumire

    Gamer or lamer?

    The original post is a gaming forum classic that always comes up without fail and always entertains.
  22. It is, but no humming to the music from Luigi that I have heard yet unfortunately. EDIT - Actually he does
  23. I am loving this so far, a nice break from something like Destiny 2 which I have been playing a lot. I am finding the controls fine so far, ...apart from what I will no doubt find even more frustrating when I get further in the game, which is the plunger aiming which I seem to find to be my only issue so far.
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