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  1. I have been playing the campaign with a mate and it is a good laugh. I do struggle with the night time modifier as the flash light just seems to make all the colours go crazy bright. It is fine in daytime though. Maybe a HDR issue.
  2. I couldn't really, but I do not think I could go back now, the blacks on it are just so nice!
  3. I bought one anyway, and regardless of the missing rumble etc, it has made my gaming in handheld mode so much better now, I love it. Anyway, the question of fitting in the dock on the new model. Well, it fits for me fine, and will show on the TV screen, and does charge. I am not sure why Hori say to remove them before fitting. -------------------------------------------------- Thank you for contacting HORI Europe. Regarding your enquiry, we can confirm that the Split Pad Pro will not fit the updated Nintendo Switch Dock included with the OLED model. All of the Split Pad Pro’s features will still be completely usable with the system in handheld mode, without any issue. For docked play, we advise removing both Split Pad Pro units from the side rails before docking. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for the understanding. Thank you for your interest in our products. HORI Europe Team ------------------------------------------------------
  4. I need to go back to this, I loved what I played. I think I have a lot more hours clocked than you and have only done two of the areas, but have been trying to do everything which is obviously not necessary, and probably spoils the game in a way. The graphics and just amazing, the colours, wow! I bought the season pass as well as I liked it so much.
  5. Ok, yeah, i remember you saying they fit while attached to the OLED dock before, but then saw the picture. I am not sure why they say you have to remove them. ( i did email them as well) Thanks, to be honest, I will just order some anyway - they are cheap enough.
  6. Whats the deal here then as I was going to buy a set? It is saying you have to remove them before putting in the dock https://hori.co.uk/split-pad-pro-volcanic-red-edition-for-nintendo-switch/
  7. Any reviews in for this? My mate was wanting me to get this for Co-op cross play, PC/PS5, but not read anything about it yet.
  8. I just wish I could buy the games to keep forever rather than a sub even though it is cheaper.
  9. Hmm, good point. I just love the size of them and the D pad, but yeah they do have a fair few negatives as well.
  10. Oh cool. I think I am going to get some then. I am not sure why some people said they wouldn't fit the dock, but that was on Game FAQ so..
  11. I think I read they do work, but obviously you would have to remove them before you put the machine in the dock.
  12. Just downloading my Switch pile of shame now.
  13. Awesome, mine arrived. I cannot wait to play it tonight. We will have to come up with a list of games that will suit the screen more than ever.
  14. Lol yeah I thought I could do this, then I remembered it is Nintendo we are talking about.
  15. I got an email from Nintendo to say mine has been sent!
  16. Mine still says processing from Nintendo. They did say I would have it by release day, but hmm, it is not looking good unless they send it within the next few hours.
  17. Same. Mine says "processing" still, but they took the money so hopefully they send it off tomorrow.
  18. Oh sorry, I forget not everyone on the forum is from the UK Duh! good luck with your search!
  19. I am sure Nintendo Store has them for pre-order.
  20. Damn, life is hard. Do I buy a screen protector or not. Will it spoil that OLED screen image at all.
  21. I think it was because Nintendo said there wouldn't be one? - fake news? As for the port and cable. Maybe it was just easier to get hold of the newer ports and cable hardware. I cannot imagine them being any more expensive than the old ones. Of course there will be more powerful hardware in the future. I personally think they will come up with a whole new console though, but what do I know.
  22. I am pretty sure they took my money as soon as I pre-ordered it last week.
  23. I just got to the expansion on this over the weekend. I am playing a sorcerer, which initially thought was a bad idea as obviously squishy, but am now at a stage were I can fireball and meteor enemies to death for the most part. The first boss was the hardest one to beat for me as the room you are in is so small. I found him harder than Diablo. I love the graphics and music in this. I will definitively be trying the harder levels once I have completed the main game.
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