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  1. I mean, seriously, did they go out their way to make it as obnoxious as possible.
  2. Just do a sold listing search on Ebay to get an idea like most people do.
  3. I think most of the real negativity is with the PC version stuttering, that is were the main "pile-on" seems to be.
  4. Oh dear. I love these types of games as well. Another classic example of why it is not worth it to buy games (on PC) at launch anyway.
  5. The PSP and Vita were two handheld consoles that were really cheap to collect for. I am not sure if that is still the case though. There are some great games on both systems. I especially like the Vita, (although there are no manuals) as the boxes are so small.
  6. Haha yeah. I remember buying it at launch and couldn't get my head round there being no music. I strangely want to play it again though for some odd reason.
  7. Just a heads up, Last of Us Part 1 is on a Black Friday deal on Amazon at the moment, £45 with Prime delivery, which brings it in to the tempting price bracket if you were not sure before
  8. Yeah, thanks. I didn't hear much in the press about it myself and didn't realize until my mate mentioned it. We played a couple of hours the other night and it went pretty well. I've not played any of the game much since it first came out. Had a crash to desktop and sometimes there was some long loading times on respawning after death. Also, inviting friends seemed a bit buggy. I have to say, the game does look nice. I had my doubts as I have been playing Destiny 2 on PC a lot recently. No way as slick as Destiny 2 in terms of the game engine, but pretty good.
  9. I do know what you are saying. I game 90% on PC these days as I always want to be able to run the latest games at the best they can be if they are multiplatform. The simplicity of consoles is definitely one of their strong points. The fact that you can play a game knowing you cannot really make it any better (or worse) from messing with settings can be a good thing, although you may be thinking you could be playing it at higher res, higher framerate and better graphically if you played it on PC (hardware permitting) I suppose with the latest consoles you can tinker a bit now with framerates and graphic options.
  10. I hope they manage to persuade the best gamer in the UK to come back to the show. The Games Animal!
  11. I remember reading about it at the time, 64BIT! - I was totally suckered in. I mean 64BIT! it had to be better than all the previous consoles. I used to go to HMV every lunch when I was at college to see if it was in stock yet. What an utter disappointment it ended up being.
  12. I kept mine when I got my 4k. I love the 3D films.
  13. Hopefully this will get released on a platform that can do the game justice, 60fps+ I love my Switch (I even bought the OLED model), but the hardware is really holding it back in titles like this.
  14. What there was in the S version was good but was very repetitive. There want enough tracks.
  15. Yeah, like the last one it will be heavily discounted down the line I bet, half price, then shoot up to silly money years later.
  16. I've got a 21" Trinitron for my retro stuff, an old 3D Panasonic 1080p plasma which I kept for 3D films and older consoles (and the Switch) plus is has a ton of different connections on the back, which is useful. I also have an oldish 55" Samsung QLED for the 4K stuff and my PC.
  17. How does it run at 8k + maxed out raytracing, because that is what you would be wanting if you are buying that card.
  18. I tried this on Series X (it looks promising) but once I got past the initial moves tutorial and started in the first area it just kept quitting to the dashboard without even moving a couple of feet.
  19. It says a lot about me as I loved it back then and I still do to this day. As you know, it was always best played with a group of mates really. Of the console versions, I always preferred the Xbox version as it had voice coms. I used to load it up when I got back from work and just chill with a group of mates with the soul aim of finding those ultra-rare drops. I can understand what you are saying if you were to play solo, especially now, but hell I even kind of enjoy that, but you do seem the shortcoming of the game in solo play. I also really liked the atmosphere, caves and ruins especially, I think it was the music. The bosses were pretty good at the time as well.
  20. Well, something to play over Christmas at least. I'm not really in a rush now....
  21. I know it is a different style of game, but that Disney Infinity was pretty great if you are a Star Wars fan.
  22. Tempting, but I personally have played this game (well, other iterations) twice already. I can wait...I think.
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