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  1. Sumire

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Yeah, it looks nice, I thought the off road bits controlled so good. I do not think I will be getting it though as they all feel too similar now. Generous demo.
  2. Sumire

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    I got it straight away. Redeemed it on Steam. It just says the game will be playable on release day.
  3. Sumire

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Well, I bought mine from CD Keys, all pre-loaded and ready to go! cannot wait! I loved the other two, actually completed them both which is pretty rare for me these days.
  4. Sumire

    Dead or Alive 6 - Early 2019

    Game £40, DLC costumes, £900.
  5. Sumire

    Samurai Spirits/Shodown - 2019

    Street Fighter graphic style. Looks really good.
  6. Sumire

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Not sure whether to go PC or Xbox One X as I can never get HDR to work on PC.
  7. Sumire

    SNK Heroines

    This looks terrible on a 4K TV. It looks like a PS2 game upscaled. I am not sure how much better the PS4 version fares.
  8. Sumire

    Luigi's Mansion - 3DS version

    Oh, right, I must have missed the bit in the game title were it said 3D.
  9. Sumire

    Luigi's Mansion - 3DS version

    Does anyone know if this will be in 3D?
  10. Sumire

    The Random WoW Thread

    I just re-subbed. The last time I played was WotLK. I have to say, the new areas look so nice graphically. I am currently trying to unlock the Nightborn, but it looks like an horrendous grind.
  11. Sumire

    Gaming things you regret selling...

    All my NeoGeo stuff I bought when it first came out in Japan. Had some awesome memories of actually owning one at launch and playing those games though, something I could never get back through buying again anyway. The worst thing though was my Sony MSX with pretty much all mint condition Konami cartridges (I used to collect them) The parcel I sent got lost in the post but luckily I did insure it back then. Got good money back for it, but obviously most of the stuff now is big money or simply cannot be found in mint condition.
  12. Sumire

    Gaming things you regret buying...

    The Atari Jaguar. I hyped myself up so much about that console, reading up on everything about it, genuinely thinking it was going to be awesome because it was 64bit.
  13. So, how to I actually get these new characters? I tried to buy them and it says something about points needed and I've got something like 1000, which to be honest, I am not sure how I got anyway.
  14. Sumire

    The Random WoW Thread

    Hmm, intriguing.
  15. Sumire

    The Random WoW Thread

    So tempted to start playing this again because this is how I wanted WoW to be, Alliance vs Horde, none of that teaming up business. Not played it in about 8 years though so it might be a bit overwhelming for me now. Oh, and Sylvanas is my fave character.

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