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  1. I love the fact that they used Stallone for the voice as oppose to when they used a stand in for the Terminator, which sounded pretty crap.
  2. Now this is a game that would benefit from ray tracing.
  3. I finally got my 3080 from Scan after waiting just over a month from when I originally ordered it on launch day "in stock"
  4. I think it is one of the hardest things with new tech, when to buy as it seems to get bettered by something else pretty quickly on a whole or it becomes a lot cheaper pretty quick. I am not saying that is what will happen here, but you see it all the time with TVs, gadgets etc.
  5. I do not really understand the queue thing at Scan. I was third in the queue for over two weeks, then went down to second last week, and got an email the other day saying i might get mine next Friday, so yeah, I am not holding my breath obviously. As far as I can tell, unless you have a date in that email, you are not getting it anytime soon.
  6. I bet he will love coming back and everyone still calling him CliffyB.
  7. Sumire

    Golden Axed

    I kind of liked the PS2 one, but I think was mainly because of the music.
  8. Sumire

    Golden Axed

    It feels like one of those Sega Ages PS2 remakes.
  9. I've jumped a massive one place to second in the queue at Scan over a two week period, so I might get it next year...
  10. Wow, amazing all the new FREE, yes FREE stuff they just added to this game. Even New Game Plus has a extra headgear, masks, armour, skins etc. That and the new challenge and multiplayer stuff as well. New bloodier combat charm as well! This is how you do DLC, Sucker Punch should be praised for this.
  11. Sumire

    NIOH 2

    Oh damn, that came up quick. I did have a quick blast on Nioh last night, ..it took a fair while to get back into haha.
  12. Sumire

    NIOH 2

    I thought someone would have posted this already, alas no. Finally I will get back into this after enjoying it so much. I got distracted by Ghost of Tsushima.
  13. ffs, even though I am third in the "queue" at Scan for my 3080, it appears after getting a convoluted email trying to explain what is happening, I will not be getting it for a least another 3 weeks! They actually rang me to explain the situation, which was a surprise granted, but the bottom line, I still have not got it, even after my order going through and been charged 5 mins after they became available on launch day.
  14. Yeah I can understand as that can be part of the fun of it all.
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