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  1. I bought these on my Wii U a while back. They all play really well on the tablet and on the TV screen.
  2. Well, they do have a point. One of the key effects of the game seems to be the only thing that tanks the framerate every time you use it. I thought the game designers might have noticed that and come up with a alternative really. It looks an awesome game, I might pick it up.
  3. I dug out my PSTV last night and decided to do this mod. Got it all working pretty much along with the sharpscale, which is very nice. I have got a pretty big collection of Vita originals, so the Whitelist was pretty amazing to get as well. I installed Adrenaline, but a lof of the games I wanted to run didn't. I see the game in the menu, run it and it get to the title screen, then run the game and I usually get an error. I tried all the fixes and nothing worked. I managed to get Gradius Collection working though, so not sure what it might be.
  4. This thread made me check out Ocarina of Time again. Wow, I forgot how utterly amazing it looks in 3D. It is surely the best of all the multitude of releases for other platforms over the years.
  5. Think I stopped after 6. Not even heard of Kanna. The devs seemed more interested in selling costumes than the actual fighting.
  6. Granted I have not played it in a while but the only one that looks like a kid i remember is Marie Rose - but yeah the game was always geared towards perverts as the male characters have hardly any costumes compared with the female.
  7. I "hate" random battles in games and I also "hate" time limits.
  8. Doh! I get sick of that sort of bullshit. I presumed Microsoft would have got this one from the start. ok, so PS5 AND PC..im ok with that.
  9. Oh dear, just read your impressions after replying to the other post. So hard to decide on this one, so maybe Gamepass is ideal for this one.
  10. Yeah good point, I wasn't sure if it had much replay value. If not, yeah, Gamepass seems like a good idea. Thanks for the impressions.
  11. I was looking at getting this to play co op with my mate who has a Xbox One X (i am on PC) I see I have to get the MS store version to do that, not sure why. (I do not have gamepass) It does look good, but it seems like most of you guys do not rate it. Has it got any better since your initial impressions? or should i stay well away?
  12. I love this game, and the soundtrack is amazing.
  13. Well, i had a blast on Riders Republic - I am a big downhilll moutain biking fan, so needed to check it out for that alone. It does have a fair amount of downhill racing in it, even has some big bike brands as well, although i have seen no actual real rider names yet. There is a good sense of speed, but the courses are literally just smooth slopes with jumps. It seems like a missed opportunity not to have some form of different terrain that effects your bikes, rocks, roots, mud, braking bumps, ruts etc. It is basically like a snow boarding course. Graphically it needs a lot of work - it does say "Work in Progress" over everything, which is fair enough, but I cannot see them improving it that much as the game engine they are using looks pretty old anyway. It reminds me of The Crews game engine.
  14. Yeah, I watched that last night. Amazing piece of investigation. Seems like a bunch of none gamers just wanting to make a ton of money out of mugs basically.
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