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  1. Definitely, same goes for resident Evil 5 and 6, although i wouldn't say they were a turd, just not that great single player compared with Co op. But apparently this is bad even Co op. Not tried it though.
  2. I completed the Overlord DLC for Mass Effect 2 last night. Wow, what a great bit of DLC it was, I actually forgot all about it as the last time I played through the games was on the 360. Such a good atmosphere.
  3. Urgh, so yeah, It wasn't my TV or the Mega SG, or indeed the rom, or the cable, it was some processing on my amp that was causing it.
  4. oh damn, well thanks for trying. I am not sure what it is then on mine. I will do some testing tonight.
  5. Thanks for that. My TV has everything switched off in terms of motion handling. I am pretty sure it is the Mega SG, but not 100% without trying it on another screen. After playing it on real hardware, it is almost unplayable as sometimes when you die and respawn you cannot see where you are.
  6. Retro bump. I was having a blast on mine the other night. Tried Thunderforce 3, like you do. I noticed my ship disappeared sometimes when I died for a few seconds. I loaded the game up on real hardware and the issue was not there. Anyway, yeah, I thought I would share that. Anyone else with the same issue? Granted I jailbroke mine, so probably a bit behind now.
  7. I stiil play this, easy to pick up and play with my mate. They put out a patch a few days ago now and it was pretty disappointing as it hardly covered any of the main complaints and it had been a while since the last one. It kind of gave me the impression they cannot be bothered with it now, but hopefully I am wrong.
  8. It would be nice if it was perfect, but it is still an awesome little machine. I agree, it could be better, but it is a novelty item really. Obviously there are far better ways to play these games and more for free elsewhere.
  9. I just looked at my playtime, and it says 16 hours, probably knock 2 hours off that to be more accurate. I really enjoyed it, both parts, and will be going back to play it again for sure. It looks pretty amazing on my PC. I think one of the main graphical things that let this Resident Evil Engine down is the water effects though, everything else was nice. I never had one crash either or major issues, which is rare for a PC game these days, definitely very polished , up there with the likes of Doom Eternal. I did have some stutters when fighting some enemies, but it seems to be a bu
  10. I think one of the biggest plusses for this collection is its convenience. I think it was a bit of a nightmare to buy all these separately before or as the trilogy if you wanted all the DLC.
  11. Damn, I remember buying my original HTC Vive when it launched - seems like ages ago now. It is still a great bit of kit, well made, granted I did buy the "deluxe" head strap, but it still holds up even if the resolution is a bit naff by todays standards. The tracking is amazing as well. Well, the new one is listed on their website now https://www.vive.com/uk/
  12. Nice one. I will definitely give it a go. I think I have nearly got over the disappointment last season now lol.
  13. I was a massive GoT fan, and bizarrely never even knew about this game.
  14. Loving this so far. Graphics are superb, and the sound, wow! I love the zany characters in it as well, it just seems so perfect for a Resident Evil game.
  15. I am still playing this on and off, mainly off now, because I get more Unreal Engine crashes the more patches they do. It usually take me about three attempt before it even start, but once I am in playing, cross play with PS5 is seems ok. I do like the game, but it seems like another developer that has not got to grips with the Unreal Engine to me.
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