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  1. If anyones upgraded one of their cars and found it utterly uncontroleable afterwards (guilty! ) this tuning calculator page might come in handy http://www.croisened.com/default.aspx You put in the basic stats of your car at the top and your preferences for understeer/oversteer etc, and it gives you good values to tune the suspension to. Ends up giving you a good base tune that should make the car dreiveable - its something to then work from for the "ultimate setup"
  2. ...to www.forzamotorsport.net and then grab them from there.
  3. A couple of resized pics from me Me pretending to be Initial-D and one full sized one: I do enjoy going sideways. So BIG kudos to HaHaUK for those pics above - me likey!
  4. Most decent home cinema amps have a delay you can configure to bring the audio back in line with the picture... fine for movies, but still doesnt solve gaming where your inputs dont match whats on screen or what the console expects of you (eg in a rhythm game)
  5. This is NOT TRUE. If the VGA rez doesnt match the native rez of the panel exactly then some scaling has to be done... and that can add lag to the picture if not done with decent hardware. Some HDTVs will add processing lag on HD picture regardless of their input type.
  6. I've both Hitachi and a Panasonic Viera HDTVs, neither of which show any noticeable lag. Calibrating my video timings using the Guitar Hero2 lag screen gives results of 0ms adjustment for both screens. However the same lag screen gives 40ms (!) of adjustment required on my mates 720p Sony HDTV. Thats an even more recent purchase than my two screens too (sorry no model number to hand). Didnt investigate a game mode, just swapped it over from Sky+ and ran the test quickly to see. 40ms its quite a bit of lag! If that got added to my CS ping I'd not be happy at all, its easily noticeable!
  7. Valver

    Left 4 Dead

    New write up on Left 4 Dead This time from the Infected players point of view. I think this looks amazing fun. It's my no.1 anticipated release for this year! http://www.left4dead411.com/left-4-dead-preview-pg10
  8. Valver


    Wow, that reads like the Vista PC version has been utterly messed up. Gfx, aiming, controls all b0rked!
  9. Wow, that looks fast and *silky* smooth. locked 60fps framerates FTMFW!
  10. OK the real deal PAL version is now "out there" too. It, like the Jap ver, is region locked. There are a few FAKE PAL torrents doing the rounds, but a real one is now confirmed (as downloaded and played by multiple commenters) on a Private Tracker I have access to. Can't wait to here what the full version is like from some naughty people who grab it!
  11. No its not. It is however a Japanese release (its being sold in shops there ATM) and IS region locked. (OK, on a further search I can see a fake PAL release... maybe that's what you've seen... but the Jap one's for real)
  12. Master Chiefs a Spartan yes? Surely theres some photoshop joke with the movie tie in to be done here? Anyone want to ammuse us while we wait?
  13. One blokes claiming he left his wife in hospital to head home to get the beta - and during that time he missed the birth of his son!! He's *really* angry its not up yet and is going back to the hospital now in a sulk. Missing the birth of your son to play Halo 3 beta FTW!! Not. Cock!
  14. Frankie - yep, the 360 is transcoding the sound to other formats It takes the Dolby Digital Plus, or TrueHD soundtracks, adds in any system sound effects required (button presses, friends game request noises etc) and then squirts that all out of the optical port in DD, DTS or WMA Pro. As I understand it, the 360 could just squirt out DD+ or TrueHD if the designers had wanted it to, but they regarded the blade/system noises so important to layer over the movie they went the transcoding route (and the 360 couldnt do real time re-encoding back to DD+ or TrueHD) I dont have any amp that can take DD+ or TrueHD anyway, so transcoding suits me just fine for now.
  15. The update made a huge difference to the sound here too! It went from being flat and slightly muffled to absolutely stonking dynamic range with real power. I set the 360 to output in DTS (coz the bit rates much higher than DD) Rekon thats the best bet Choddo?
  16. I found one of the issues with FM2 demo was fixable. My issue with the brake pedal only having 1" travel before locking up the wheels. When I looked in race at the telemetry readings (hold down on the D pad for 2 secs to bring it up) my brake pedal was registering about 15% depressed even when I wasnt touching it. While the race was still running I unplugged the pedal wire, and reconnected it, and it must've auto recalibrated, because it then returned 0% depressed, and I got about 2.5" (65%?) of non lock up pedal movement after that. Much better! Also my lap times got a LOT faster as I wasnt lightly braking constantly Apparently the wheel and its settings inc FF strength are all fully configurable in the full game. A Dev says so in this weeks FM2 blog.
  17. There's a discussion on the official Forza2 forums about the engine sound being messed up. It would appear that for many people running 5.1 in bonnet cam view the engine sound is muted massively in the mix. Other cars sound OK, its just your engine thats muted. For stereo or any other view in 5.1 its supposedly OK tho.
  18. Hmm, no it doesnt feel right at all. What Im saying is that using the wheel and pedals the brake effectively *is* on/off Theres no pedal travel to allow a nice graduated response from the brakes. In that first inch of travel you've got the 0-95% brake power, and then its full 100% lock from then on for the next 4 inches. It's not calibrated right. Having to move the pedal such a small amount make smooth progressive braking difficult to do. I have no problem that the wheels would lock up under hard braking without ABS - but finding that slip point and staying just before it is made harder by an artificially short useable pedal travel. I'm a GTR2 racer on the PC - so Im not just an arcade pedal masher
  19. My Forza2 demo thoughts: The gfx are a real let down. Admittedly theyre nice and smooth (steady 60fps). Also nice and sharp on my 720p set over VGA - but a general lack of detail and 'niceness'. Loads fo jaggies present too. I'd descibe the gfx as "functional" Was expecting more lushness and effects. I think PGR3 is significantly more yummy. The wheel worked very well - the driving itself was great fun - a nice feel to back end slides. Very catcheable and driftable. The force feeback and rumble worked exceedingly well to let me know what the car was doing. However, the strength of the effect is quite weak - was expecting more 'oomph'. It's quite subtle. But it does the job really nicely. The actual experience of "driving" is well done. One gripe tho, the break pedal has about 4 inches of travle but you can only use the top inch (with ABS turned off) as anything more than that results in an instant lock of the wheels. SERIOUSLY hope they have the ability to calibrate the pedal travel in the full version I played briefly with the pad and the brake trigger on that is much less sensitive. The AI seemed OK - they were a bit slow round the corners - I managed to win each of the classes in the demo (C, S and R2) without too much trouble. I actually enjoyed the C class Nissan 350Z the most I think Looking forward to the full game - I'll deff play it. And as a driving game it will be great. But those gfx, hmmm. Shame.
  20. ..and this demo is only showing us the "arcade" driving part of the game. The full version will also have the proper "sim" mode, and damage that acually affects the cars handling etc. Waiting to head home and plug in my wheel - the minutes cant tick by quick enough!!
  21. Have a read of this (from about half way down): http://forzamotorsport.net/news/pitpassreports/pitpass42.htm It talks about what techniques and sounds they've used to create the audio. They certainly havent just done an engine noise and altered its pitch vs revs There are seperately recorded gear whines, road noise, turbo whistles all blended together. They have some examples there too. They even crashed real cars into walls with loads of mics listening to get authentic car crashing noises! The article talks about "placeholder noises" being used throughout development. It's possible that some of those vids arent using the final sounds. I guess the final evaluation will come when the game/demo ships though Fnigers crossed its great!
  22. Deffinately - I've once managed to put so much side spin on the ball that it hit the bumper and bounced up from the table. It jumped over my flippers and ended up on the black section of table at the very bottom. The game sat there for a few seconds then something flashed on the score panel matrix (I forget what) and I got a replacement ball (free) and I was playing again
  23. Just to add to that quickly for anyone who doesnt know - you also need the PC "360 wireless adapter" link the wheel to the PC... and as SSBJ says it works fine - just minus FF ATM.
  24. ...yeah but tactically why would I want to see what the inside of your living room looks like in the midst of a firefight with Mexicans?
  25. Hand motion recognition for flipper controls, or video window for chat during vs games.
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