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  1. Joined your server again this evening @davejm. Did you tweak things again? This time I was forced to take the Roco - so thats working now. Got my Roco time down to 1.42.1-something Cant seem to find my lap records or replays anywhere... to google!
  2. OK, I can see and join it now! As you said earlier, the server informed me I could only pick the Roco - but then it actually allowed me to pick any of the P3 cars. Odd. Whatever the first P3 in the list is, it picked by default, so I drove that and it was just as fun as the Roco - but maybe a bit faster? I got a 1.23, with a predicted 1.22 if I could string all my best sectors together. The car was dancing and sliding just subtly all round the track - it was glorious! Even the engine noises, with the revs burbling and rising and falling in the pits were ace. What also helped my enjoyment was the time of day you'd picked. When I started it was a bit foggy and the sun was hidden behind the mountain - and then as I lapped the sun popped over the top of the hills, the track was bathed in sunshine in the last third (from the chicane to the start finish straight) and the whole landscape just felt *beautiful* I am rapidly starting to love this sim!
  3. It really flows doesn't it! It's a bit featureless trackside (from a brake marker POV), but I like the mountains and hills in the distance. Did you say you'd set up a server? edit: just tried the Formula V10. Oh the noise!
  4. Yay! Exciting!! Can you livestream the build via Twitch or something - Im bored Good luck - shout if you need any help. We have a few experienced PC builders in this thread (I'm one of them)
  5. Had another crack at this today - I'm really enjoying the driving feel. My times tumbled as I trusted the car to stick on the flat out first three corners... I could do with a time to compare to though. Here's my best lap, which was the last one before I ran out of fuel Default everything - probably need to start investigating tyre temps/pressures!
  6. I just tried it - that was fun. Fast car - but actually quite stable. I really appreciate the way the mirrors work in VR in this game - proper 3D with head position correct perspective. Makes ACCs look sh*t.
  7. @Meers and I just spent an hour or so razzing the M2s round Oulton. Great fun. But damn that BMW likes to break away at the rear. The left hander at turn 2 spat me off into the left barrier on too many laps. I dont normally crash there in GT3s . I can see the race being fun, but with a lot of accidents...
  8. Just FYI - Automobilista 2 is a newer game than ACC (by about 2 years... ACC released Sept 2018 and Automobilista was March 2020)
  9. this may help? edit: Also found this....
  10. Congrats to our race winner @EuroVapeSim2, and Season champ @SneakyNinja! Looking forward to trying out the new DLC cars in the next set of rllmuk races!
  11. My goodness that new Ferrari is a slippery beast! Really different gearing to the GT3's too. I like the Lambo ST Evo too
  12. Ta! I couldn't find it on the store either - that link did it though. Other than the new cars, the patch also adds a few things - the ones Ive bolded look interesting! GAMEPLAY: - Added UI and gameplay and Multiplayer support for new car groups introduced in the DLC. Grid mixing is now compatible with all car groups. - Next lap invalidation added for a number of tracks when extending the final corner. - Fixed a game crash in full-season 2021 championship when selecting a specific AMG entry. PHYSICS: - Fixed an issue with the automatic setup feature erroneously compensating for water film. - Fixed an erroneous behaviour in bumpstop simulation. - Fixed reversed fast bump damper slider and new fast damping values for all cars. - Improved steering axis and relative FFB forces and tweaks in all cars FFB values. (might need slight adjustments from the user, we also remind that you can change FFB gain while driving with numerical pad keys 8 and 2) - Tweaks in camber gain and toe angle influence on tyre forces. - Tweaks in tyres rolling resistance. - Tweaks in tyre heating generation. Balancing tweaks for the following cars and track categories: - BMW M4 GT3 - all track groups. - McLaren 720S GT3 - all track groups. - Honda NSX GT3 Evo - all track groups. - Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO - all track groups.
  13. I reluctantly have to withdraw from tonight's race. I've been sick as a doing all day.
  14. There are quite a few mods for the Logi pedals to make them *harder* ...and I've set my TLCM's up for 100kg resistance for 100% braking force.
  15. There are free car mods for Automobilista 2 too, which I didn't previously know: https://projectcarsmoddingteam.weebly.com/downloads---automobilista-2.html
  16. So I bought this pack and gifted AC and ACC to my kids as I obviously had them already. I've now tried out some of the others in the bundle - here are my initial thoughts. Drift 21 - graphically OK. The "build your own car" bits are mandatory and I found them to be annoying and just getting in the way of just driving and drifting. I played on pad and found it an amusing handling model. Wild weight transitions and leery angles with every stab of throttle. No VR support. The tutorial doesn't do a great job of telling you what all the clipping point/zones/drift zones actually are - so that kinda means trial and error for the first few challenges in the tutorial. Not really a sim at all. 6.5/10 iRacing - wow this feels like a game from the 1990s! The interface/UI are so convoluted and outdated it's comical. I mean they get the job done - but ergh. I got great frame rates in VR, and my TS-PC wheel worked nicely. Feedback was good, and the driving model felt pretty solid. Graphically it's fine - but a bit basic. There's hardly any content provided with the base game either. I tried the included formula Vee open wheeler round Oulton Park. But nearly all the other cars and tracks are paid for DLC (approx £13 each car or track) which feels shitty in a premium priced paid monthly product. I struggled a LOT with clutch/h-pattern shifting. Lots and lots of shifting into N when attempting to power out of corners. AC doesn't have that issue - so its the game, rather than my hardware. I found it very frustrating and couldn't work out what I was doing wrong. Will try a few online races over the free sub period, but at the moment it certainly doesn't feel worth the subscription monthly price. 7/10 Automobilista 2 - ah, now this is good! Graphically very nice. Runs really well (makes ACC look very poorly optimised!). VR support is great too. My hardware was all detected and worked first time, bar a few key bindings needing tweaking (VR re-centre being the main one). The handling model is great. Its probably not 100% *sim* Theres a bit more playfulness to it - but I found myself grinning and really enjoying hooning about in the test drive sessions I did. I took a Merc AMG GT3 round Oulton Park (so I could compare against iRacings and ACC's versions of the track). Really good - I think I had more *fun* than driving in ACC! I will play this lots I think. The variety of cars and tracks looks good, and I know there's a whole heap of DLC already for this game if I feel the need (although it looks quite pricey on Steam) I'd consider racing online with this in ACC off weeks perhaps? 9/10
  17. Humble Bundle currently has an "Ultimate Sim Racing Bundle" up for grabs. £10 for the top tier gets you Assetto Corsa Ultimate edition Assetto Corsa Competizione RFactor 2 Automobilista Automobilista 2 Nascar Heat 5 Drift21 and a 3 month subscription to iRacing! https://www.humblebundle.com/games/ultimate-racing-sim-bundle?hmb_source=&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_1_layout_type_threes_tile_index_1_c_ultimateracingsimbundle_bundle
  18. I'll have you know that took a long time and a lot of love and skill ...you're worth it
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