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  1. @mrben09 - setting some nice times there and getting a good number of laps in - how you finding the car/track/new game then? Nice to practice with/race against @milko and @Meers tonight. Great fun. This car is like a little go kart - lots of sliding under power on the way out of corners, with lovely throttle adjustability. Not like the GT3s at all. The fuel consumption rates dont seem to tally with what it predicts in the garage at all though. Mine is way higher! Also, following a car at high speed through those first turns, you loose aero grip - I seemed to run wide, where you can normally take that second flat out right easily
  2. I think Wednesday actually works better for me this week too. Happy to swap days!
  3. That pack is being updated daily - it now contains the Mercedes cars too. Wont be long before the whole 2022 grid is included... Looking forward to seeing some more practice times on @davejm's AMS2 server (for the Roco, not the F1 cars) C'mon @Meers and @EuroVapeSim2lets have at it! Dave is there any easy way to delete my erroneous MRX Duratec time from the leaderboard?
  4. The F1 skins for the new Gen 2 cars are starting to arrive Here's a pack with Ferrari, Red Bull and Aston Martin: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2022-skinpack-for-the-f-ultimate-gen-2.50129/ e.g
  5. Slightly delayed - but here are the last two sprint race highlight vids: Sprint 1 - nearly got you on the last lap @winky Sprint 2 - man, I got tapped a lot - but quite impressed with how I saved the full spin after @davejm's nudge
  6. Great fun racing last night. I seemed to be in quite a few incidents in Race 2 - but in each case amazingly managed to keep the car together and not lose too much time. Will be interesting to see what caused each one - I think I may have turned in on @winky in the first one I had - so sorry for that! I've got both replays saved and will render them out to Youtube at some point - but I'm dashing off to Cambridge for the weekend. So you may not see them till Sunday/Monday. Looking forward to AMS2 next week. Get practicing guys, its a great car/track combo! @davejm practice server is logging the times: https://rllmuk-racing.com/sessions/S09/03
  7. Everything about this is lovely. Even the attract screen with all the characters messing about: Which is now my new PC wallpaper
  8. I do and I still have it - want me to share the actual replay file itself? It's 11Mbs. I can chuck it on my NAS and PM you a link?
  9. I actually have a spare anti sag perspex bracket that came with my GPU that I dont use. PM me if you want it and I'll see what I can sort out. Might cost more to post to you than its worth though! edit: The RTX logo can be peeled off if you dont want it on there - its just a sticker edit2: @Meers I went back and changed my previous post with info on sim dash and wifi - and I see you've quoted the post from before I changed it... hate for you to miss out
  10. That build is looking good Meers! The cabling is looking pretty tidy too - always helps airflow and low temps. The phone dash app (simhub?) will work regardless of whether your PC is wired or on wifi. The phone and the PC just need to be on the same LAN. It's likely the phone app's IP/port settings aren't set up to match what the new PC is broadcasting on. I dont have wifi on my PC and I can get it to work fine (although I no longer use it because "VR") As for the GPU sagging - that's pretty common (unfortunately) for cards that dont have a metal backplate attached. I'd try and fix it if possible - it's putting stress on the motherboard GPU slot that isn't ideal. E-bay has a load of anti sag stands and brackets. They range from little towers you prop under the right corner to hold it up, to Perspex brackets that bolt in along the next PCI slot and provide extra stiffness. A free temp fix is to grab some of your kid's Lego and build a little tower. Just try to keep it out of the fan blades
  11. I've just turned in a few practice laps and found I actually really enjoyed the way this car handles. I was scared after having played with it before so chose the Safe setup - seems to work quite nicely. My invalid laps were generally through track limit violations rather than spins/crashes. There's a chance I may not be able to race this week - my sister is coming down to look after my kids and allow the wife and I to head off on a dirty long weekend. I'm going to try and steer my sister into arriving late so I can get a drive in, but we shall see.
  12. Update for AMS2 inbound. It includes the (free!) addition of current spec F1 cars (under a different title - because licensing). Nice. I'm also keeping an eye on the RaceDepartment Skins collection - as I'm sure the 2022 F1 teams will be posted there shortly after the update drops. The previous F-Ultimate skin pack for the 2020 season from there is great too: F1 2020 skinpack
  13. 28 or so years later, I *still* love this track. Do not drive on the M25 to this tune or you will get a ticket edit: and while I'm at it - this track sums up racing games in the 2000's for me: " ...its got leather seats... its got a CD player..."
  14. So the mod files for this have had an update already - now at version 1.01 https://github.com/sultim-t/prboom-plus-rt/releases One of the changes is "reduced bloom" @Dimahoo re: path tracing. There are a few fully path traced games already; Quake II RTX, Minecraft RTX, and Serious Sam: The First Encounter all use path tracing rather than just ray tracing.
  15. Well I'm going to swim upstream here and say I disagree - I think it looks like a big improvement. The dynamic shadows are especially impressive. That Cacodemon coming down the corridor has some real dramatic RT lighting that just isnt there in the prebaked original. Some of the colour/bloom is a bit overdone maybe - but I think its generally really impressive.
  16. My faves: Assetto Corsa Competizione - brilliant PC Sim, that the fellow 'muk racers (and especially @davejm ) have turned into a really special weekly championship. Some of the best gaming I've ever had. Wipeout 2097 on PSX: TOCA on PC: Rally Masters on PC - the multiplayer over LAN was brilliant: 2 player split-screen racing on Pitstop 2 on the C64 - I remember vividly the coloured tyre wear indicators on the top of the tyres - game changing UI:
  17. Really enjoyed tonight too! The first race I did OK, despite a spin - but I suspect @Meers and @SANtoOos PC woes probably artificially bumped up my final position somewhat. But Race 2 was amazing. I have never had such intense battles. Just 25 mins of constant hard, fair, close racing. I was exhausted mentally by the end of that. Brilliant. I was the "cork in the bottle" up in 3rd by the end of the first lap or two. @EuroVapeSim2 then harried and pushed me for lap after lap. Great driving by Cillian, I even managed to retake the position again. That never happens But my defensive lines eventually slowed us both down so that @SANtoOos and @Meers caught me up and joined in the battle. We were two or three cars wide on a number of turns. Kudos to all involved for managing to keep us all on track. Sadly, I was wasn't able to hold the positions and I tumbled down the order to eventually finish 6th. But I dont actually care. Best racing ever. I'm still buzzing an hour later! This game, and you guys! Highlights - Race 1 Race 2
  18. Yes, it can lock the wheels pretty easily... you can see in my vid that I smoke the rears under high speed braking in turn three. I tried to use 'delicate ballet feet' (tm) rather than stomp on the pedal as I'd usually do in ACC and it was generally all good. I haven't yet investigated AMS2's car tuning settings. There's bound to be something in there to tweak it.
  19. I loved the Stanley Parable. I also loved the Stanley Parable demo on Steam (which was different enough to be its own thing) And I'm really exited to try a new release in the series. But... I'm confused as to what this release is. Is this going to be a remake? A remaster? Is it the same game but with a few extra paths? Or are CrowsCrowsCrows trolling us and this is a whole new game? I cant see how a anything other than a full new game takes 4 years of development... What are people expecting this to be?
  20. Looking forward to the carnage race tonight! Can we change the thread title at some point, to reflect the new season?
  21. Oh that's good Dave! also:
  22. It doesn't list any saved replays when I click that? A quick search online seems to indicate it only saves replays at the end of a full race? I was hoping it was possible to pause the game after a good lap and save a replay for example. Shame. The actual driving, FFB feel, graphics and VR support are all top notch - but some of the UI and quality of life stuff round the edges is a bit barebones. The server browser functionality is even less well developed than ACC's - and I thought that was cr@p edit: Fine AMS2, I'll do it myself (Alt+F9, thank you Nvidia). A decent enough lap on @davejm's server. Slid a bit wide on the fast left hander (turn 9?) and I still dont think I have the final hairpin line correct for maximum exit speed on the looong straight. But just great fun blasting round! Excuse a bit of VR wobble and a few head turns as I adjust the Quest2's straps mid lap
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