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  1. I hopped on to try out the wheel and get some sensible button bindings sorted. I have no idea what half the features listed on the options page even are, and then I have no idea what all the buttons on my wheel are named as in the menu. Chaos How have I been playing this game for over 300 hours and I still dont know basic stuff! Did a few laps in the Lambo, which Ive driven before, but it felt so different with the new hardware setup. Hasnt made me any faster yet, but feels great. Maybe I should take this offline to DM's, but has anyone with a CSL DD got any tips on the settings they're using for ACC? I'm running Fanalab at 100% FF and 50% damping, then in game I dropped FF gain to about 85% (it was clipping at 100% over big kerbs) and 1% road feel.
  2. Excellent news - I was looking for an excuse to try out the new wheel and rig!
  3. And I'm done! (for now). I even bolted on a cup holder. This pic is of it now "installed" in the correct place in my games room. The wheel/shifter and pedal cables are all tidied away with velcro or cable ties. The cable tie profile connector clips they supply are brilliant. Makes the job so much easier. I've done a fair bit of positional adjusting and found a comfortable spot for everything - but a few races might be required so I can see if further tweaking is needed. The CSL DD is brilliant. I was shocked by how strong it is - after two laps in ACC I had tired arms using full strength FF! One thing @davejm - that new design pedal tray profile arrangement doesn't fit my T-LCMs in any sensible way. I had to swap round the x4 and x2 profile section and position the pedals in a slightly odd way to get any bolt holes to line up. The way it is set up now works fine, but it looks a little goofy with the heel plate bit jutting backwards into free space. The bit where all the force is applied is over the strong stuff though. It's 100% rock solid.
  4. I had two deliveries from ParcelForce today. My GT Omega Prime and then my Sparco seat from DemonTweeks about ten minutes later. What a lot of bolts, OMG. After spending the best part of 3 hours on it I'm at the point where I can start adjusting positions of the wheel while I'm sat down. A few more hours and I may actually be able to plug the thing in to my PC. General observations. The seat is great quality! Love it. Seems comfy so far too. The GT Omega stuff has so far been amazing. Everything is so study and solid. Brilliantly packaged for transit too. They supply lots of extra bolts in each bag which is a nice touch (i.e. if you need 8 for a given step they give you 9). Their special spring loaded T-nuts are both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand they can be rolled into the aluminium profile rails from outside, so you dont have to worry too much about planning ahead and sliding them onto a rail from an end, before bolting something else in place that would later block it. But on the other hand, they have a habit of then rolling inside the rail before you can get a bolt in to secure them... and they then fall out. GT Omega also provide bolts of the correct size to secure various common wheel bases and pedal sets. Which is handy because the bolts I was going to use for the CSL DD base turned out to be too long, and I thought I was going to have to go and buy shorter ones. The instructions show a few pictures where the pedal tray was a single bit of metal - but now its been upgraded to a new design of two bit of aluminium profile. Happy to have an improved version, but the instruction could do with an update. Fitting the seat slider rails to the seat and then the seat to the frame was a pig. Very happy so far. Stopping for the evening and will carry on tomorrow. More pics when I'm done...
  5. oh you! ...although there is part of me that thinks a 1.5hr race with one stop would be good. And in order for that race to take up the same amount of time on an evening, we could expand the idea of using the rllmuk practice server and have the start positions based off the results from the previous week. ie ditch race night qualifying like we do for the Blue Ribband event...
  6. I'm on board for doing 1hr races and dropping the lowest scoring result for each driver. I like that idea a lot.
  7. Oh Shit! After a beer (or two) I decided - why not, I'm worth it! GT Omega Prime ordered!! Didn't buy an Omega GT seat though - hate the PVC coatings they supply - so followed @davejm's lead and separately ordered a Sparco R100 in black (and a seat slider runner thingy) Also - I did a quick google for GT Omega discount codes (doesn't everyone try that?) and fluked a 10% off code that was actually valid! £57 saved! edit: sharing the love it was "SAVE10" and no, I'm not joking!
  8. For now I am going to bolt it onto my old GameRacer Pro cockpit. But today the wife actually said (unprompted) didn't you want to get a nice new frame for it too? Which is a green light for another big purchase if ever I saw one! So I see a GT Omega Prime in my near future. Anyhow, tonight I've unbolted my Thrustmaster wheel from the rig, only to find that my wheel plate has got bugger all mounting holes in it. There are 2 in the spot for a Logitech wheel, and two I drilled last year for the TS-PC. Typically none of them line up with the 80mm x 60mm 4 hole pattern on the base of the CSL DD. So Ive spent the last 20 minutes drawing up a template and marking up the metal plate for drilling tomorrow. Wish me luck. I hope A&E isnt required! I'll post a pic when it's all bolted down...
  9. Most of the cars I seem to end up driving have wheels with chopped off tops/bottoms these days - all the GT3's in ACC for example and the open wheelers in AMS2. I very rarely do any rallying/drifting where a full round wheel would be required. This wheel has the vibrating grips and magnetic paddle shifters, along with the metal QR1. Adding those things to the McLaren GT3 wheel which I was also considering, makes them about equal price. So I thought "sod it - get the Formula wheel". With F1 22 coming out with VR support soon, I can see me spending a load of time on that, and that needs all sort of dials and buttons and a formula style wheel. I dare say there will be a round wheel appearing in my house at some point down the line too though
  10. ...one week from clicking "buy" it has all arrived! Excited to fit it now...
  11. Now is the time to bring this gem back
  12. Valver

    F1 22

    Some PC VR footage has surfaced: Framerate looks a bit low - but we have no idea of the streamers hardware, so can't really draw much from that. Also, the mirrors dont look like they're in 3D (the view doesn't change with the head's viewpoint position) which is a shame - but it's like that in many other racing games (eg ACC) so not a deal breaker. Other than that - looking pretty damn good!
  13. Valver

    NASCAR Heat 5

    Plays just fine! Its sim-cadey enough that its not a massive disadvantage over a wheel I think
  14. Valver

    NASCAR Heat 5

    I think this sums the game up (having a lot of fun TBH)
  15. 1. Assetto Corsa Competizione 2. Half-Life: Alyx 3. Battlefield 4 4. Beat Saber 5. Doom (2016 video game) 6. Quake (video game) 7. FTL: Faster Than Light 8. Civilisation IV 9. Minecraft 10. Lone Echo 11. Borderlands 2 12. Wipeout HD 13. Guitar Hero II 14. Rock Band 2 15. Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec 16. Cyberpunk 2077 17. Project Gotham Racing 4 18. Portal (video game) 19. Battlefield 1942 20. Super Monkey Ball
  16. Valver

    NASCAR Heat 5

    Because it doesn't support VR, I'm going to have proper aggro getting my wheel/rig into a spot where I can see my monitor properly. So for now I've been playing it on an Xbone pad at my desk. #heresey #notreallyasim I've just made the jump up from the Dirt racers to the NASCAR pickup trucks on proper tarmac ovals. And its suddenly a completely different game. Drafting appears to be a massive factor that wasn't in the Dirt cars - my controller vibrates when I'm picking up the draft from the car in front... interesting. I wonder what the multiplayer is like?!
  17. Valver

    NASCAR Heat 5

    I was surprised after doing about 10 oval dirt races to suddenly end up at a proper race track with corners! It made me chuckle that the only tarmac bit is the long straight, and that's because it's actually a 1/4 mile drag strip.
  18. I know a few of us PC racers are looking for a different game to play during our ACC off weeks. @Meers suggested this game. I've installed it and played a few hours of the championship. Lots of fun. Very, very, very American. Lets hear your thoughts! @davejm , @SneakyNinja and co...
  19. I've installed it and done a few of the first dirt oval races... Glad this doesn't have a safety rating!
  20. I may also need to upgrade my sim rig. I've currently got my Thrustmaster gear bolted to a "GameRacer Pro" which is essentially a copy of a Playseat Evolution. The wheel is mounted on a post between my legs and has a fair bit of lateral wobble. What do folks recommend for mounting a CSL DD? @davejm - what was it you said you have again Dave? I'm window shopping and considering the TR-80 from TrakRacer and the Sim Lab GT1 Evo at the moment...
  21. There are a few horrific crashes there. The T-bone secondary accident at 7.35 made me wince! Sad to see ACC didnt simulate the kangaroo invasions on track!
  22. The highlight files tonight are all but empty. Bit crap. Sorry. Congrats to @winky and @SneakyNinja on the race victories!
  23. Me, this evening: Race 1 - 3rd place Race2 - 3rd place End of season standings - 3rd place
  24. No, PC support only. Also, Im keeping my pedals (TLCMs) so its just the wheel and base I'll be selling...
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