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  1. ...you know, you've got a damned good point! It doesn't say what cars are in at all does it! just Porsches are shown... Hmm Worrying NFT vibes from the "your purchases are your own and you can resell your cars" bit too.
  2. https://www.rennsport.gg/
  3. Looks good - but I think UE5 is going to have the same issues with VR - having horrible VR performance because it uses deferred rendering. ACC's successor, Assetto Corsa 2 - is claimed to be ditching UE for this reason...
  4. ...just needs a bit more ultraviolence and we'd have:
  5. For £50 that is an amazing bargain! Good work. Enjoy!
  6. Owned Ps4, Xbone and a WiiU last gen. Not buying any of those this time round. Fully on board the PC train.
  7. https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/motorsport/seats-harnesses/seats/ Loads to choose from...
  8. Ah, its working. The slang is sticking. It's like watching one of your children grow up. So proud!
  9. Amen to that! Who knew attaching four simple bolts could cause such swearing!
  10. By default neither the frame nor the seat come with sliders, so you would just find a spot on the aluminium profile and bolt it down. However, its a simple job to add a set of regular car slider rails into the mix. They bolt to the underside of the seat with 4 bolts, and then the slider rails bolt to the frame. Now I have a handle under the chair that I pull up to slide the seat forwards or backwards.
  11. @mrben09 - you asked how long this was... so from the front edge of the frame's pedal plate to the furthest point back, on the seat top, it is 157cms long. But this is super configurable... the pedal plate can move forwards loads more, and my seat is quite upright, it reclines loads if you want. But for me a 6ft 1 this is perfect By way of an experiment, I whizzed the seat back on its runners to the maximum rear position, and then reclined it one more notch - its now 175cms. Does that help? PM me if you want any more specific info.
  12. Oooh yes! More AMS2 occasional races please! Love this bit: ...that might convince me to buy some of the DLC!
  13. Another little upgrade today... I ordered this 3D printed part to slot inside my TH8A gearshifter. The shifter shaft slides through the slot in the middle so that the internal spring loaded ball bearings provide a positive clunk and some resistance when you push past them as you shift gears. There are adjuster screws to vary the pressure required to click the shifter past the ball bearings on each shift... Will fit it shortly and report back! It's the first time I've held a 3D printed part and I have to say I'm really impressed with the quality. There's a slight pattern from the layers on some sides of it, but it's totally smooth to the touch. Edit: Update - fitted in about 15 minutes. Feels fantastic. It has added a nice solid clunk and some meaty resistance when engaging each shift.
  14. Excellent work @davejm Thanks for doing all the heavy lifting and setting this all up for us. Much appreciated! I've registered!
  15. Wow, that did get bloody, didn't it!
  16. Like I posted above, I went from a Thrustmaster TS-PC (so their top of the range PC only wheel at 6Nm) to a Fanatec CSL DD at 8Nm . And the difference in force strength is startling (alongside the caveat I got a sturdier mount for it at the same time) I would imagine the jump from a T300 (with about 4Nm) would be an even bigger improvement! The detail you feel with a DD wheel is also improved. The belt drives are good and smooth, but they dampen a bit of the effects too. HTH Any specific questions?
  17. I spent a few hours in a variety of games yesterday. Night and day difference from the old wheel and rig, to this new setup. It is more comfortable, easier to get in and out of, and the rigidity of the wheel mounting means I'm getting 100% of the force feedback through my arms, rather than some of it being wasted on "post wobble" that I had in the last rig. I've gone from a 6nm belt wheel (TS-PC) to an 8nm direct drive wheel - but it feels double the strength! Loving it!
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