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  1. I'd say the view is fairly realistic in that if you were wearing a full face race helmet with a visor, that's the sort of view you get in VR. You can absolutely check over your shoulder for a car next to you at any point - interior roll cage and pillars will be in the way a bit - but it's fine. I didn't do that specifically because the in game spotter said "clear on the right" and I therefore assumed you'd bottled it and gifted me the corner. I should've known the mighty @Meers bows to no man! I never got round to sorting Crew Chief - maybe I should have a play with it.
  2. Was back in VR this week - my first race in the Quest 2 - and it worked perfectly. The first race I ended up dead last after clumsily sideswiping @Meers on the opening run through Eau Rouge. I blame my spotter who said "clear on the right" but was clearly lying! Sorry dude. I raced on regardless, and capitalising on all sorts of incidents in front, somehow finish on the podium Race 2 - I gave @Meers room this time - so a happier start for all concerned. My replay file is pretty much empty of action - here's the vid, but its not very interesting... Anyone tell me what happened up front?!
  3. Its technically very polished on PC. Runs like a greased whippet. But as everyone else has said its a bit soul-less and bland so far...
  4. As @JPR said ( @moosegrinder is incorrect) - yes its available for PC on GamePass - Ive just played it. I do not have Ultimate, either, just PC gamepass. I did have to link my Ubi and Xbox Live account - on a webpage, took all of 15 seconds and the PC Xbox app walks you through it.
  5. Hopefully Oculus will sort you out sharpish. ...but if they dont there are a few solutions you can try. Such as replacement front mounts e.g https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/814729613/oculus-quest-1-and-quest-2-faceplate?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=Faceplate+head+strap+mount+oculus&ref=sr_gallery-1-1&organic_search_click=1&frs=1&col=1&variation0=1394895728&variation1=1864607903 Or a more professional "halo" style strap replacement: https://www.amazon.co.uk/BOBOVR-Replacement-Accessories-Adjustable-Pressure-M2-Strap/dp/B094J91ST9/ref=pd_sbs_1/262-8912861-5212424?pd_rd_w=TNNO0&pf_rd_p=e0d2ff13-9dd4-4da7-83fa-1b78154f9d73&pf_rd_r=N6W1HMT4JJZ2GJ2YWG97&pd_rd_r=42f0509f-ee06-41da-9807-96e21aa9030e&pd_rd_wg=LAnz6&pd_rd_i=B094J91ST9&psc=1 I'm not recommending either of those specific products - just showing possible routes you could investigate
  6. Well that was a great race. I started out tonight in a right panic due to hardware gremlins. I couldn't get my new Quest 2 to connect over Oculus Link. It's worked fine before, but tonight it seems to be stuck in Stationary mode, rather than Roomscale mode (it wont change even after I tell it to), and every time I tried to enable the link it fades out and then right back to the Quest dash. Will investigate tomorrow. So a quick scramble to set up a monitor for the race. Racing in "waffle-o-vison" (tm @Meers) vs being in VR for the last 18 months meant all my brake references were messed up, so practice was really just damage limitation. Qualified 9th. Probably would've been last if Dan had set a valid time. In the race itself I had a good battle with @mrben09 for the opening quarter of the race or so. We traded places a few times. All nice and clean Later I had some great racing with @Meers where I reeled him in over 5 or so laps and managed an overtake, only for him to pit a few corners later. I then pitted right in the middle of that dry spell - and chose to go back out on wets. The forecast said 6 minutes till showers.... and I figured I'd be fine till then. Well those dry 6 minutes were the longest minutes of my life. My tyres went bright red by the end of lap 1 and I was so slow. Meers closed down an 9 second deficit in about 3 laps! I held him up for another 2 by driving super defensively, but when he got past, he was off like a rocket. I was gutted. And then the rain fell. My tyres instantly pinged back into the green, the grip came back and I found myself catching a slippin' and slidin' Meers again. I squeezed past at turn one as he slithered wide - and I managed to stay on track without error, to finish a very pleasing 6th! Well done @winky for the win! Nice to see it rounded out a crackingly good day too! As is now tradition - here are the race highlights:
  7. Ideally you want the PC to be hard wired to the router, and only use the WiFi for the Quest 2. That reduces the bandwidth requirements and results in a much better experience...
  8. I too struggled with motivation to get in the seat and practice. Turned a few laps in the Aston, but as you can see - not very quickly. @davejm are we using simracing.gp for our championship races again this season? I'm not seeing the races to sign up to yet. Do you need a hand creating them?
  9. Anyone got the D&D "lite" game Demeo? I've been putting a few hours in and its great. Not too keen on playing with total randoms though... so wondered if anyone here fancies a game? Its also in the current New year sale 30% off!
  10. These GT3 cars are designed to run with TC on in real life. Dont just turn TC and ABS off. They're not there as an 'easy mode' like you might find in some other more arcadey driving games. If you load the aggressive pre-set, then the car is in a pretty decent state of tune - maybe dial them up/down a click as the track or conditions mandate. HTH Are you using a wheel or a pad?
  11. I do - I have an old Rift. It works quite differently to the Quest 2 from a PCVR point of view though, and the resolution is much lower, so its much less hardware intensive. I hooked the Quest 2 up and turned in a few laps - worked well enough, but I could see some compression artefacts on far away items. But the general clarity on near objects is massively improved! I'm sure with some tweaking, I can get it even better
  12. I just sent @davejm a request for his ACC VR Quest 2 setting by DM. I too got a Quest 2 for Xmas. Didn't think to check here first. Doh! Ive got a 3080. And a nice long USB 3 cable (non official) that works fine. I'm also interested in the resolution multiplier, Hz and encode rate settings in the Oculus desktop program.
  13. ...because there so much other cool VR content on the Quest too!
  14. How do you think you would have compared on pace, if you hadn't had damage? Is it full of aliens, or people more like "us"
  15. I had fun tonight despite the incidents and total lack of seat time prior to the races. I had a great start in Race 1 - gained 3 places in the first few corner. And then I was holding 2nd for a few laps which was fun - being the "cork in the bottle" and holding everyone up was a fair bit of pressure - as the eventual forced error of a spin showed. Sorry for starting the incident at the start in Race 2. 'Twas but a small nudge. Thanks to @milko for making the last third of the race so enjoyable
  16. I would like my time stricken from the record books - that's nasty I set up to practice yesterday, joined the server and managed precisely one lap (that one above) before I was dragged away by real life issues. I didn't even get to check fuel rates or tyre temps or anything. Tonight could be interesting! And by interesting I mean slow with lots of spins. Loving the musical interlude. Good work everyone - very impressive. I dont have a musical bone in my body. Can you do a collab for a racing related tune and get it to go viral via LFM/Discord/simracing.gp ?
  17. Well that felt a bit of a slog. It reminded me of some of the mentally tiring drives on the M25 - cruising in heavy traffic and raining hard with spray and I just wanted to get home
  18. Just register, and then you can hop on! All welcome https://beta.simracing.gp/events/lg2acm2dvIPuavu-jug-d 30 mins till the server starts and you must be registered before then.
  19. I must have got lucky as I got on the LFM license server at a quiet time - there was me driving and one guy in the pits doing setup changes and that was it. Good luck for next time @davejm
  20. Hey, if enough Dutchies sign up, I'll edit it to make us a Dutch team - deal? edit: or is this a "you're not in Europe anymore" #Brexshit dig?
  21. This looks good. I registered and just took my license on the SA95 server - passed easily enough. If enough of us join, do we want to create a rllmuk team? edit: Actually - sod it - I've just created us one. Name: RLLMUK Racing Password to join "0949" Link to Team https://lowfuelmotorsport.com/teams/detail/904 Sorry to all the non UK rllmuk drivers - I had to pick a specific country for the team - it wouldn't let me pick "a cool mix of Europeans!"
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