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  1. It's turns 5 and 6 (Variante Villeneuve) that I feel I haven't got close to mastering. The initial left is quite slight and I can take it in high 4th gear, braking after down to third, but then I tend to run to the right side of the track after the apex, which compromises the following right where I obviously want to be as far left as possible. Slow out, lose time racing to the hairpin. But slowing down enough to take that left turn and stay left feels horribly slow. It's a real compromise corner, and I don't think I've managed to drive it once and feel happy with the outcome yet!
  2. Did a couple of practice laps. The Porsche feels lovely here - I had loads of confidence in it and it rides over the kerbs really smoothly. I can see our times tumbling a lot further...
  3. looks about as fast as me playing ACC last night In other relevant news, I've just finished doing the first coat of black paint on my wooden reinforced pedal box for my sim-rig.
  4. @Erik Nice - good luck! That Kyalami grid looks hectic
  5. I did something waaay more clumsy/dive bomb-y than you. You were sitting behind me to witness it too. I'd caught up to @SharkyOB and was getting all excited that I seemed to be able to close the gap at certain points on the track. Hammering down the start/finish straight I got a red mist on, and failed to spot my braking point, resulting in an unintentional dive bomb lunge down the inside. Fortunately Sharky was on the ball and stayed left to let me sail pass. I had no chance of turning in at that speed, so went wide of the apex, and he simply retook the place. No
  6. I was absolutely fine with that and was expecting it. Wasn't a dive at all. As Sharky spotted, I missed the previous apex so was slow out of that corner, and knew you had a run on me. I figured I'd keep left rather than defend and compromise the right at the end... (when I do that and take a new line I find that I tend to brake or turn at the wrong point and then go wide/off) So, a perfectly fine pass from my perspective
  7. The gearing in the GT4 Porsche is set such that 1st gear, bouncing off the rev limiter, is 43mph - which is the perfect starting speed This is interesting too (the bit about speeding at the start - the Drive Throughs are calculated on an average value) https://felixdicit.com/how-to-optimise-your-starts-acc/
  8. I wasn't particularly competitive this evening as I just hadn't found the time to practice much, but despite that had some great duels with @winky at the start of Race 1 and then @SharkyOB in Race2. Enjoyed my evenings racing a lot. Good clean close stuff! I managed to finish 5th and then 6th - I think simply by consistently staying on track and not getting a drive through, while all around seemingly got one Race 1 Highlights: Race2 Highlights:
  9. I want to return to BF3/BF4's modern era. The weapons attachments and vehicles are more varied and interesting then, and more fun to play/unlock IMHO. When I think about what a Battlefield game is, its city sized battles, shifting balance as the battle evolves. With lots of building destruction. I loved the "levolution" events. They could lean into those more. BF1 and BF V both left me cold, after being a massive BF fan. So I'm happy to give them another chance, but I'm not hopeful! I'd rather they went PC and next gen only, than water down the experience to shoeh
  10. Thanks for sharing that video. Its really interesting - as you are so much faster than me (3 secs/lap). I'm taking almost the same lines (maybe I could cut the chicane a bit more aggressively) but I can see that in a significant number of corners you are a whole gear higher than me. If I try and brake less and enter the corner with that sort of speed I either understeer so that I miss my apex, or I go wide at exit. I'm intrigued to know where the grip you have is coming from... or maybe my turn in points still just aren't right?
  11. Hey @Thor, glad to see you still lurk here. Any chance of you dipping your toe back into a few ACC races?
  12. I've just done my practice session in the Porker - so you will not be alone on the grid, my Germanic-wheeled friend!
  13. The Metro Exodus Ray-Traced only Enhanced PC edition came out last week. Ive been playing it , and it runs brilliantly and the lighting is gorgeous. I never played the non enhanced edition TBF, so I cant compare it to the original. But as an example of what lighting can look like, its a real winner. The "get the train from the hanger" indoors level was gob-smacking in the lights/shadows department. I suspect the DLSS 2.1 implementation is really helping the performance here (Ultra everything @1440p with DLSS on Quality is giving me 90fps -ish on my 3080) Also, Nvidi
  14. Its a green Merc! Damn that looks bumpy. Imagine the in car footage from Oulton.
  15. That server is spitting out a lot of data! Just took a look at all the laptimes and so on. One thing that caught my eye was the red "C" icon on some laps. e.g. What were you doing @Meers?!
  16. Its in the highlights video (timecode 4.45 ish), I bounce up on two wheels as I hit the curb sideways, and amazingly collect it all up and carry on without having a massive accident No real harm done. Glad you enjoyed racing in VR. I got a similar cheeky punt in the rear from young @davejm in the second race. Couldn't save that one though... Congrats to our race winners tonight @texlex45 and @SharkyOB Highlights from Race 1: Highlights from Race 2: Bonus "Code Brown" moment I had in the mountain sect
  17. Excellent post - welcome to the world of VR - its amazing Although TBH, my first thought was actually "oh shit, he's going to be even faster now!" Looks like you may have a new championship challenger in the shape of @Erik, based on his rather brisk practice timings...
  18. I was in the same Discord channel as you, chatting away to you and got nothing back. Rude! (good luck getting it sorted for tonight)
  19. Pics of it all set up please. Do love a good "here's my sim rig" shot
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