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  1. I second the inclusion of this - an amazing game on my old Atari ST! Geoff also did the excellent Stunt Car Racer. Many frustrating hours spent falling off those tracks
  2. My PC is hooked up to a Dell S2716DG - a 27" 1440p 144Hz Gsync monitor. The high frame rate is very nice (when I can find a game that isn't too demanding) , but its the G-sync that really makes the difference. The smoothness and lack of tearing are brilliant. And then for the One-X in the living room I have a 55" LG OLED, which I absolutely love.
  3. Titanfall 2 three times. PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions all bought.
  4. Tetris Effect - for PC in the Epic Sale. Including the £10 off voucher the store gives you means it'd be £13.99 which seems like a good price I want to play the VR version... but I cant help but think - this is just blimmin' Tetris. Again. Is it anything like Lumines in trippy visuals/music chill out-ness?
  5. Horizontal. To the side of my AE107 center speaker which is even bigger (420x240x165 vs the XsX@ 310x160x160)
  6. For anyone who doesn't own this *cracking* game, it is currently free (yes free!) on the Epic game Store on PC for today only... (as part of their Xmas countdown giveaways)
  7. RoadtoVR reviewed it as 6/10 and were pretty harsh about its lack of polish/story or comfort options. Wonky physics gets more than one or two mentions too... https://www.roadtovr.com/boneworks-review/ I think I'll pass for now...
  8. I'm interested in Boneworks, and your mini review makes it sound worth getting. But I cant seem to shake the feeling that the game is just a wonky physics tech demo, and there's actually very little meat to it. All the vids I've seen of it show some pretty janky looking interactions. I know being "in VR" makes a huge difference to watching it flat. It seems to have attained "AAA status" and can do no wrong according to Reddit and the Valve Index owners. It's the first real title to use their finger tracking, so I get that they're hyped. But it doesn't look anywhere near the production values/scale of some of the Oculus sponsored titles, or what we've seen so far of HL:Alyx Am I wrong?
  9. LOL @Boozy The Clown - straight talk. I like it! *cough* https://www.sexlikereal.com/ *cough*
  10. Totally depends on how the game/software is written. Some assume you will definitely be seated! (Elite or the driving games for example). But the freedom of movement is often a core part of the experience, so sitting down isn't ideal. BeatSaber requires you to dodge/lean left and right to avoid walls for example. Some headsets come with audio built-in that eliminates any issue here. Rift and Index both have excellent headphones built-in. The Quest and Rift-S also both have audio, but by all accounts its only "OK". And then the Vive is headphone-less unless you buy an additional "deluxe" headband thing. I think VR suffers from enough cabling - so I think wireless headphones are the way forwards if you need them!
  11. @PeteBrant re: Will I feel a really weird disconnect and question my reality after a long session in VR? Oh boy, yes, I had that for a few days after my first week of VR. Was *really* weird - but if I'm completely honest, I actually quite enjoyed it! I kept looking at my own hands in real life and questioning who's they were. I could almost feel my brain re-wiring itself as it struggled to accommodate what it had been subjected to over the previous week.
  12. Some other FAQ's I see: Isn't VR just like having a 3DTV strapped to your face? While VR and 3DTV share some characteristics, the 3D effect in VR is very much more pronounced, and indeed massively enhanced by your ability to move about in that 3D space. Tracking hands with depth and being able to interact with things starts to really fool your brain as to where you are (aka immersion or presence). I'd liken 3DTV to "looking out of a window into the garden", and VR is like "being in the garden". Can I use a PC VR headset instead of a monitor? Technically, I guess the answer is yes - Virtual Desktop for example does exactly that - turns your desktop into a massive curved cinema screen in front of you and you can interact with it the motion tracked controllers. But the more honest answer is 'Not really'. The resolution of the current headsets still isn't quite where you'd want it to be, so small text is a bit blurry and hard to read Additionally things like typing are a pain (cant see my keyboard IRL, or I have to use a laser pointer in VR), and comfort over long durations can be an issue. You absolutely *can* use VR to watch movies though (flat or 3D). Bigscreen on PC does a great job of this, simulating some massive cinemas which you can have multiple users in simultaneously There aren't any proper VR games/isn't it all just tech demos? That's not true. While there *are* loads of tech demos and shorter "experiences", there are also a decent amount of full fat VR games. I cant speak much to PSVR (maybe a PSVR owner can step in here) - although Astrobot springs to mind . But on PC, Occulus has funded some really good stuff: Lone Echo, Arktika.1, StormLands, Asguards Wrath, Defector; and plenty of full size games have had VR added to them (some with mixed results) Alien Isolation, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, Elite Dangerous, No Mans Sky, Hellblade: Senuas sacrifice, PayDay, Fallout 4 and Skyrim, @metallicfrodo Ooops, just realised you sort of answered that last one in your original post...
  13. I think it's great tech - but I understand that you really need to experience it to "get" VR. So as a result , if there are any forum members around the Hertfordshire area who haven't had the opportunity to try PCVR but are interested, PM me, and I'd love to try and arrange something to help you out!
  14. I just got an email saying this is nearing beta release and if you chuck your email at the "ambassador" section of their website there will be PC codes sent out for gameplay testing shortly. The 4 player co-op Left4Dead meets Aliens vibe looks like it could be good! Head to: http://gtfothegame.com/ Update: And within 10 minutes I got an email inviting me to the beta. A quick trip to Discord for a key from their bot, and it's now downloading on Steam as I type! Update 2: And Steam has given me 3 keys to send out to anyone else who wants in - shout if you need one
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