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  1. Loved this. It was Better Call Saul meets John Wick. The triple headshot was great. The bus scene was brilliant.
  2. Sounds like you need to buy yourself some more sim-hardware to cheer yourself up, Have you thought about getting a USB handbrake for example?
  3. So I get that everyone would love a cheap DD wheel - I'd be on board for one! But the fact it's called the "half" and was posted on the 1st April... c'mon. I think people just wanted it to be true, enough that they didn't check the date or critically appraise the details. Even the accompanying text is full of obvious clues (from https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/22912/the-sensational-low-cost-dd-has-arrived-dd-0-5 ): I guess you can argue if you think that's funny or not. But it made me chuckle. I never saw it as a dig at my lack of disposable income.
  4. After rinsing CP2077 and in between thrashing GT3s in ACC, my 3080 has been put to use mining Ethereum. I now hold $370 worth of the stuff! At some point in the foreseeable future the card will have paid for itself - which seems bonkers!
  5. That was their DD 0.5 - whcih was an April Fools joke that a surprising amount of people fell for:
  6. Be grateful he didn't say "Podium"
  7. Loved this evening's racing. Plenty of action in race 1... sorry about my clumsy tap in to the chicane @davejm on lap1. I cringed watching it on the replay. Congrats to @SANtoOos on the win. I was very happy to eventually pass Dave again and grab a 4th place finish. Then qually for race 2 saw @mrben09 and I have a little "moment" together. That sent my heart rate up a bit!! I made a special vid just for you Ben. How I avoided you, I don't really know... Race 2 has a lot less action by the looks of the replay. Well done
  8. But the shifter paddles are on the wheel. So yes?
  9. Shouldn't he test those too? ;-)
  10. Driving in 3rd person - impressions instantly lose all credibility for me. ...later on he's also using an H pattern manual on a car with flappy paddles - when his wheel also has flappy paddles.
  11. I spent a chunk of the afternoon doing some DIY on my sim-rig. After mounting the TLCM pedals and using the stiffest springs I was getting a fair bit of flex from the metal plate the pedal box mounts to. So I made a little frame to take the force and stop the flex. Also mounted the power supply and a little USB hub under there to tidy up the cabling. Now I just need to paint it black or something
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