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  1. My Race 2 highlight vid shows the crash at the front for turn 1 really clearly. I'll post that too when its baked. Edit 1: Here's Sprint Race 1 highlights: Edit 2: Sprint Race 2 Highlights
  2. 2 very different races for me. Was happy with qualifying 8th. And then spannered my own car on the first lap, spinning off on cold tyres, and hitting the wall at the full throttle 3rd gear right (Turn 3). I got some light damage, and never really recovered from dropping to the back... all self inflicted. Final position 11th. Hmmpf. But every cloud and all that - that meant I started 3rd on the grid for Race 2. I got a decent launch and was looking to get up the inside of @mrben09 at the first corner. As the replay then shows (currently uploading to youtube...) two missiles in the form of @Meers and @davejm then annihilated the front runners Down to the back again. Double Hmpf. But that wasnt the end of my race - I drove at a steady pace and kept it on track, only to see loads of cars spin out in front of me. It looked like carnage up ahead and I just seemed to keep capitalising on others falling off track. Apologies to @davejm who I caught up to at Turn 1 on one lap, and I just tapped his bumper as he turned in, causing him to spin out... I went to let him past when he caught up a little later, only to find it wasn't him and it was @Thor. Doh! (like I could've held off his pace for more than a corner or two anyway!!) I was very surprised to find I eventually finished 3rd! The replay looks crazy...
  3. I had tabs open for Nvidia, Scan and Overclockers, all F5'ing furiously from 1.55pm. Nvidia went out_of_stock instantly. And the other two websites died (and are still down for me) So, no card for me then
  4. Yep https://techgage.com/article/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-rendering-performance/
  5. Wow, yeah, that episode was all sorts of nuts. Brilliant!
  6. SD version done - HD processing - but here's the link:
  7. You're not alone - even on the Ultra preset they are missing in my replays... haven't looked into how to fix it.
  8. Well that was a roller-coaster of a race for me. I didn't have high hopes as I'd been slowest in Practice. I then put in my own PB for 'qually and ended up 11th, which I was happy with. After a reasonable start, and getting up to 8th, I then dropped back down to last after @Meers' spin on the last corner at the end of lap 2(?) collected me. But then put my head down and put in some consistent clean laps to start overtaking a few folk. Stayed out for a long stint too and ended up in 4th! But then a crash into a rejoining spun car, and having to pit myself - saw me drop back down to 8th. Overall, very happy with that and really enjoying this championship!! Video replay of the highlights being uploaded now.. will post the link in a bit. Looks lovely with all the headlights in the dark at the start
  9. Yeah, do it I've just nabbed 4 and 5. Cant wait to find a few hours free to watch them!!
  10. In picking car and sticking with it - this is an interesting read: https://coachdaveacademy.com/tutorials/what-is-the-fastest-gt3-car-in-acc/ TLDR - pick the 911 or the Mercedes
  11. I've watched the first 3 episodes now and am really enjoying this (after the initial slow start). The second episode started brilliantly. @JohnC I also really like the religious nut-job crusader space farer's attire. I just hope humanity didn't send colonists just to Kepler-22B - coz this lot are doomed surely?!
  12. Just watched the first episode. Started slow and looked exceedingly low budget. The Androids in their silver catsuits and caps looked pretty crap for example. Was losing my interest. And then, boom, it all kicks off. Got really interesting, and proper Sci Fi. By the end of episode 1 - I was totally on board. Stick with the caveman first half is all I'll say!
  13. I thought the advert/video was brilliant. Hats off to Nintendo for immediately showing how the karts/AR and the switch all work. Looks genius in game desgin. But that said, the karts themselves look positively pedestrian. No real sense of speed. No skids or drifting. And on that basis I'm out. I'd rather buy a half decent RC buggy for £100 instead...
  14. This is probably a bit too niche for the pics that make you laugh thread, so I'll put it here:
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