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  1. I really enjoyed Chris' 2 minute summary of best cars in various classes. Funny, but bang on the money too.
  2. Looks like Defector is scheduled to release on Thursday of this week. https://www.roadtovr.com/defector-price-release-date-trailer-gameplay-oculus-rift-exclusive/ I'm hoping it will be really good (the trailers made it look epic!) but the $20 price worries me and makes me think it might actually be quite a short game.
  3. Valver

    Beat Saber

    https://packet39.com/blog/2018/05/06/should-i-use-wrist-weights-to-increase-my-vr-workout-no/ Dont do it
  4. I actually own a Rift, so I cant help much with windows MR specifics. Once you've got it running investigate Supersampling if you have the graphics card muscle. It can significantly improve the image and make it less blurry: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-use-supersampling-windows-mixed-reality
  5. >> Do you play your games with a the controllers or with something like an xbox controller, I can see myself wanting to use an xbox controller after a while rather than flapping about like an epileptic at a rave. I almost never use my Xbox controller. Once you've used 6DOF controllers in VR, you wont really want to give up hand presence. Reloading guns "properly" in VR is one of the most satisfying additions I could easily give as an example. Press Y to reload just doesnt cut it :-) Lots of dedicated VR games dont even support anything but motion controllers. >>Also have you tried watching , video / movie content ? what was best expierence? Yep - Id recommend the free Bigscreen app to watch films. You can even get other people into your cinema/room to watch the film with you in VR. 3D movies look quite cool in VR too. The limiting factor is the (lack of) comfort of a big box on the front of your head for 2 hours of a film. >>Do you use it as a monitor for desktop computing stuff? None of the current "gen 1" VR headsets really have the resolution to make this practical. The text is generally too small to be comfortable. You absolutely can use the desktop (I use Virtual Desktop) for starting programs and stuff - but you couldn't replace your monitor day to day with a VR headset... (yet) HTH
  6. I tried all the stuff that wouldve cost me a few quid but never seemed really worth purchasing outright. Off the top of my head the ones I liked were: Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Richies plank Experience (especially with the controllers elastic banded to your feet for tracking, and a real plank of wood in the room). Shooty Fruity, Ultrawings, Pixel Ripped, Raw Data, Apex Construct... That'll keep you busy for starters :-)
  7. Correct they use inside out tracking (like the new Rift S or Quest) so cameras are on the HMD itself. Get the headset working in SteamVR ASAP and then a whole world of content awaits. You can play just about anything that you've heard of for the Rift or Vive. Good free stuff would include The Lab, Bigscreen, PokerstarsVR, GoogleEarthVR and RecRoom as a start. Also consider signing up to the "Viveport Infinity" service. You can get two months free and then hundreds of VR titles are available for you to try. No limits. Its like Gamepass or Netflix for VR. Windows Mixed reality specific instructions here: https://www.campaign.viveport.com/en-wmr-qsg?_ga=2.261375301.912167166.1560852077-920418617.1560852077
  8. This looks delightful. Love the drifty cornering shown in the trailer...
  9. Electronauts on Rift was a superb but quite underrated title. It's a music creation app/experience rather than a game per se. But I loved it and have clocked up many hours just grooving and arsing about in it. Hopefully the Quest version is just as good as the PC version - I'd recommend it in a heartbeat.
  10. Pretty much what you said - it needs a bit of software called LIV (on PC at least) which does the greenscreen and capture, and a game thats aware of what LIV requires. Setup info here if you're interested:
  11. It was VR for me. Game changing. Maybe get an Oculus Quest?
  12. ...this is called VR Dissociation - lots of people (including me) have had very weird feelings of hands and distances being "off" in the real world after spending significant time in VR. It felt like my brain was evolving and wiring in new pathways to deal with the new reality I was experiencing. After it passed (a week or so of it on and off, including some pretty intense dreaming too, I found I was a lot more tolerant of VR first person free movement and became less queazy with smooth turning etc - but that could just be co-incidental) There have been Med studies looking into it... https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20712501
  13. Can you recharge it using the crank? ...if not, why not! :-)
  14. Im loving reading these first impressions. Great to see some VR hype and excitement. For those people experiencing "proper" VR for the first time - you lucky lucky people. As a Rift owner I'm not sure I can justify owning a Quest too - but I am immensely tempted. If they can work out how to mod Quest's beat saber tracks I may have to sell the Rift!
  15. I know if I could go back to younger me (in the 80s) and show myself amazing VR in my own home (on a Rift), I'd have had some sort of excitement induced seizure. Because thats pretty much exactly what happened when I tried it for the first time when I was aged 45! :-) VR still occasionally feels like actual wizard magic even though Ive been playing it for years now.
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