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  1. I'm still loving this game. I'll acknowledge its not the masterpiece I was promised - but its still solid fun. I haven't found the bugs on PC to be too bad either - no crashes at all in 80hours of play. But what does grind my gears are the immersion breaking world design decisions that litter the game. My current biggest bugbear is the fact that I routinely come across all these expensive looking laptops and fancy tech lying about in rooms - but the game wont let me steal them. And yet I get mini-map icons for "loot" that then end up being an old T Shirt, or a pai
  2. The lack of graphics cards has now resulted in an article on the BBC News front page! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-55755820
  3. Nobody tell him about Spa! You can get out of your sim-chair, boil a kettle and have a full cup of tea before getting to the end of that pit exit!
  4. Bit of a cheat this one, as its a photo of the later game loading screen - but I really like it. The animated "NCPD Police" light bars on the car are great
  5. "It wasn't me Mum, I found it like this!" I guess this is where they produce all Night Cities food:
  6. Night City by night Aint no party like a Maelstrom party Love the colours at Mama Welles' bar
  7. Tonight's highlight vids: and race 2 - look at us all going cleanly through turn 1! Yay us!!
  8. Devs confirmed no VR support in the near future - so I'm out. edit: link https://steamcommunity.com/app/1128920/discussions/0/3647273545693281309/
  9. Hah ha, so I'm playing as a male straight V, enjoying my missions with Panam a lot. River and I are two dudes out on the town having fun shooting bad guys. I'm thinking were a regular Riggs and Murtaugh! Next thing you know I'm sitting on a pylon having a drink with him and it gives me the option to kiss him. I was like, woah! Where did that come from? I didn't sense those vibes AT ALL! I'm *hoping* if Id have chosen that option he'd have chinned me!
  10. Ha ha, no worries, actually I went wide and slowed to let you through! I figured we'd both lose less time and I'd have less chance of an incident if I just gave up the position with as little fuss as possible... you were waaaay faster than me tonight. Nothing to apologise for at all!
  11. Man I was swearing into my Rift at the start of the race! I tried to keep my nose clean going into the first corner, saw a couple go wide in front and thought "yes, I'm gaining places!". But the excitement was short lived as on the exit I got hit and then spun out in two different contacts. I was not happy! By the time I'd reversed out of the wall (and avoided the two people behind me re-joining after their incidents) I was dead last with a damaged car. I then drove ANGRY for a few laps and made lots of mistakes as I missed braking points and went wide of apexes repeatedly.
  12. I've got an "online parents evening video call" for my daughter's school tonight. It starts relatively early, so I'm hopeful I'll still be able to join... but if I don't make it - that's the reason.
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