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  1. Congrats to our race, and Championship winner @Erik! I hope @Yannik enjoyed his first race with us too. Here's the Highlight reel. It should be in HD shortly... Youtube's still processing it.
  2. Feel for you @mrben09. I love racing with you and enjoy our chuckles together. Don't let it get you down - we know you're not doing it on purpose. I was one of your casualties on lap 1. I think you collected a couple of us in a shunt at the chicane. Annoyingly it damaged my rear end enough that at almost every corner after, the back end just stepped out even the lightest of braking - I span 2 or 3 times. So I had to pit on about lap 3 for repairs. And then my pit strategy filled my car up with 50 litres of fuel I didn't need, so I came back out with 100 litres or so, the car was heavy, handled like a barge and my tyres got way too hot. I then plodded round doing 1.52+ laps for 2/3rd of the race. For my last pitstop I got new tyres and the car came alive again. So I pushed a bit - and then stupidly straddled the final exit curb at Ascari (which I said, in my last post was a BAD IDEA) and got launched into the barrier. Massive wreck. Forced to pit - took a minute to repair, and then pottered round for one more lap as the leaders finished the race. Not an evening to remember really. Annoyingly the autogenerated replay video is really short this week... doesn't seem to have much of the action at all. Very odd. It'll be up shortly...
  3. I managed to improve by 0.7secs or so tonight, mainly improving my line through the Ascari complex. You can abuse the corners way more than I initially thought, but those bumps will occasionally spin me out - I think they hit the underside if I try and straddle them. Anyhow, that's brought me into the 1.49s... just I can feel there's time to be gained in the Lesmo's which I just cant seem to carry speed through consistently. I'll get one right and be up 0.5s and then mess up the following one, or visa versa. But I'm done for tonight, so that will have to be my time for the qualifying tomorrow.
  4. Welcome @Yannik! Lets hope he's not as quick as the other PowerQ folks
  5. Aw, that's unfortunate Meers. I had to miss last week, so it sort of evens out...
  6. OK, I'm back with the video highlights after missing last weeks session. I had a great night. My pace was much better on the night than during practice. I qualified pretty nicely, and in both races I got great starts and made up places. For Race 1 I was even hanging on to 3rd place up until about lap 12. Lots of action. A few bumps and a few places lost and then regained. It was great fun. Race 2 was less action packed - but I got a better end result. Nice. Race 1 - sorry about the thumbnail @texlex45 Race 2:
  7. This looks brilliant! I've got over 700 games in my Steam library, another 200 or so in my Epic Games Library, loads in Origin and GoG Galaxy - plus I could load up GamePass and have access to hundreds more. The library for this thing is instantly MASSIVE. I'm very very tempted!
  8. You're only 2 points ahead of me @Meers! I'm coming for you!!
  9. This is impressive! Photogrammetry maps converted to tracks in AC. Needs a bit more cleanup as there are still a few "odd bits" - but looks great already!
  10. Interesting article thanks. It focusses almost exclusively on reactions/skills and cognitive function, but it doesn't talk about the physical challenges some of us face as we game in later life. Arthritis and general pain in the fingers and hands is becoming a more widely reported issue - the cumulative effects of repetitive strain, vibration of joypads, and too much mouse use all add up. We get ergonomics training at work and specialist mice and wrist-rests for those with any issues to allow them to rest certain areas but carry on - but I don't see that as being a "thing" for home gamers (yet). And real world physical injuries take their toll on our ability to game too. Knees and back especially seem to let go commonly. I know from our "mature" sim-racing ACC group, that sitting in a sim rig pushing load cell pedals and wrestling with a force feedback wheel for 2 hours a session, is getting painful enough for some folk that they have to skip weeks in order to rest up and recover... @Meers @davejm
  11. That 12 cylinder 250F is mad! The revs And its constantly trying to kill me! The 6 cylinder I can handle... 2.43.9 is my best so far in that...
  12. Downloaded this track - oooh, its lovely. It has a mini 'Ring feel to it. Very green and leafy. What should we try and set times in then?
  13. I've got a @mrben09 situation this week. Thursday is my wedding anniversary. Obviously I'd not forgotten and this isn't a total surprise to me Negotiations for racing have commenced!
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