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  1. I bloody loved the races this evening... I felt comfortable with the track - especially the chicane in the middle of the course - I seemed to have decent speed through there and be able to close up and then harry people through the hairpin that follows. Qualifying didn't go so well though, so I started both races towards the back. All I can really remember from Race 1 is blasting round following Nick for lap after lap - great battle! And then I looked up as I crossed the finish line and found I'd collected a 5th place. The replay doesn't show much for the later part of the race - no idea why: And then race 2 started with more blasting round bothering Nick again, until I spun and put myself 10seconds behind. I then drove some really good laps and managed to claw all that time back - and then smoothly overtake him with two laps to go to the finish. I was so pumped! And then I caught Paul and on the very last lap decided "go for it" in a late braking manoeuvre up the inside on the final hairpin. Sadly it was a little too late and I didn't make the apex, Paul took the place back, and Nick sneaked through too. Ah well, at least I felt I had tried. It may not have been the final result I'd hoped for - but I really enjoyed the racing. And now look at the leaderboard! 1 point between 1st and 2nd place, and just 3 points cover 4th 5th and 6th! The last race is double points, right @davejm? So all to play for still!!
  2. Yes, remember I mentioned this on Discord chat previous @davejm ? First spotted by Index users. They found whacking a couple of ferrite cores on the USB cable solved it for them...
  3. He's taking the grass shortcut too I see. His chicane skills are amazing. That is where that lap differs from mine most noticeably...
  4. So there are in game leaderboards for the weekly time trials... Just hit the bumpers on the controller to flip from 'global' leaderboards to 'friends' and so on. No idea why they didn't also include friends times as part of this challenge. Lando (and Romain and all the others) time's differ because the track was edited after these videos were shot, but before the game released. You can see changes in the track in the video e.g. the last corner in his video has a hard tyre wall, while in our release theres now a bendy pole there. I guess they got everyone to have another crack at it after they made the changes, but didn't get time to re-do the videos.
  5. I'm pretty happy with that result, considering I've wasted all my free time trying to beat @milko at Circuit Superstars
  6. Lots of movement in the leaderboard this evening, and a new leader! Great work @Sureshot
  7. Nice. You also dont have to stay on track for the first section (Crooner Curve), I gained a car length on my best ghost earlier by just straight lining it over the grass and past the house/fence, before re-joining before that first proper corner at Willson. No track limit penalty - legal!
  8. So the extra laps - I'd take if theyre not too expensive I guess. The damage waiver - I didn't take. Mine was at an airfield and you'd have to be a total bonehead to hit anything other than a cone. Seemed like a waste of money. On a separate session I did take up passenger laps (in a Lotus Elise) and holy shit, it was an eye opener. I had some young lad who was a professional driver and he made that thing dance. It was amazing - he was at the limit of grip at every corner, just minute throttle adjustments to alter the attitude of the car. I look back as having enjoyed that more than driving the R8 I had that day. I found that most of the "drive other peoples car" track events they kinda make you hold back. But the Elise passenger ride - he was able to give it the full 100% banzai laps. 10/10 would scream like a girl again I guess if you get some old duffer who just happens to own the car and wants to look after the tyres and brakes, your experience may be quite different! Can you eyeball the driver giving the laps and then say yay/nay?
  9. Oooh, I did one of them - the Atom is *amazing* Enjoy!! That me on the left of pic.
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