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  1. Was only a slight nudge - no harm done I'm still buzzing off that session. I got my fastest lap ever on my qually run, so was happy starting 9th. When youve managed a PB during qualifying, you've got to smile I then went even faster during the actual race (for some reason a heavier fuelled car felt more controllable - more mechanical grip I guess?) and I had some great scraps. @Meerman and I overtook each other a couple of times and there was a good 3 or 4 laps when we were literally bumper to bumper the whole way round. Brilliant fun! I'll post the highlights reel later if no one objects...
  2. Anyone else finding they're 4+ secs off ScoobySci's time each week? ;-)
  3. Next race is at Brands Hatch, on Thursday evening (tomorrow) @davejm is likely to post the times/rules/details up soon...
  4. This is a great monitor test website. And has an article you may find useful. https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/best/by-usage/hdr-gaming
  5. HDR is unrelated to the monitor's resolution... 1440p and HDR monitors exist, it's not just restricted to 4K ones. But the monitor obviously has to be specifically built to display HDR - and for whatever reason PC uptake of HDR screens has been quite slow, there arent that many about. Whats the model of monitor you're looking at getting?
  6. Well no one can accuse me of not preparing for race night. I have watched loads of vids on lines and braking points, and I know which corners to attack and which curbs to avoid. I know the corners inside and out. I even did 70 laps on the server tonight. And I'm still miles off the pace FFS This game tho!
  7. Dogging in car-parks confirmed
  8. As a heads up - this is the free game giveaway next week (from 9th July) on Epic games. So a) give it a try @alex3d and b) it's suddenly going to get loads of players, and loads of noobs to try it out with too...
  9. Does it have to be shooty? How about driving? Assetto Corsa Competizione is currently getting some love on our very own Rllmuk server:
  10. Learning the track last night with no setup tweaks I ran a 1.29 something. I saw online the really good guys are doing 1.23's - so we could both go a bit faster... but were not miles off. The bumps - yeah, there's one on the exit to turn 4 (Surtees, the left hander before the long back straight) that's just on the right side as you apply the power, it jumps my car and induces wheel spin I love the dip after Paddock. And I dread the blind right (Sheene Curve according to this map) as I constantly time the turn-in wrongly!
  11. I uploaded my replay file for anyone that's interested:
  12. yes, you did - I just dont know whos who yet.. Apology accepted
  13. That was my first proper race and I bloody loved it! Thanks for setting up the server @davejm! I think I remembered to save a replay - so I'll have to see who span me out at the hairpin at turn 1 ;-) I raced in pancake - as I couldn't get a decent framerate on my Rift when I tried it before - but thanks @SharkyOB, I'll bung that in my .ini file and see how I do. Hopefully there's life in the old 980Ti yet! Roll on Brands next week
  14. I have it now too...
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