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  1. I think the end of episode 4 on tuesday was one of the most emotional i have seen in spartacus.
  2. The wait for this is killing me! Jupiters cock, im impatient!
  3. Enjoy dude, your in for one hell of a ride
  4. Cheers guys, was worried that they screwed with the saints, but its still looking epic isn't it
  5. Thats ok then, i was just surprised by gametrailers 7.7 The destructiod review doesnt read very well though http://www.destructoid.com/review-saints-row-the-third-215423.phtml
  6. anyone slightly worried by the reviews? its getting lower than expected scores
  7. Has anyone had any feedback regarding the 'redeemed' joker carnival code yet? I have e-mail WB twice now, as im a little pissed that nothing has been resolved.
  8. What i find strange is that none of the Joker stuff is on the marketplace, so im hoping that when it appears, the code will work. Its slightly worrying when it says 'code has already been redeemed though' - the case was sealed, how could it have been redeemed?
  9. Has any one had problems with the 'joker carnival challenge ' code? I tried inputting the code, and it says it has already been redeemed ( I bought it brand new and sealed from tesco last night ) And advice would be most appreciated Sorry, only just saw the same thing being brought up on a previous page
  10. dont stick to to the road, try it on the 'off'road sections. The cars slide a lot easier on the mud. I used a lambo for that task ( cant remember the model, but it was the last but one lambo on the list) I just went full pelt, used my boost, and pulled the handbrake and slided for ages. You do need to control it though. Took me a few goes to get over 200 hundred though, i kept hitting 180m, then 187m, then 192m, and then i cracked it! (cant believe im giving advice to the legendary Karzee - you are always above me on all leaderboards for driving games, NFS - hot pursuit and this game being recent examples )
  11. I traded this in for gears the other day, and while i absolutely adore gears, i find myself missing this game, even though i completed the storyline, all dares/challenges/bought all upgrades and cars, etc. *worst 'i completed driver - san francisco' post ever
  12. Restart dude, stick it on easy - its a much more enjoyable game that way.
  13. The hot air baloon is in the 360 version, right?
  14. ya bastards!!! Read this thread and had to buy it again on my dinner break! Cant wait to get back into the action Welcome back JC2, its been a while, but i missed your chaotic charms!
  15. I'll add you. I'm not exactly shit hot at it ........ Yet!
  16. Exactly, games are for escapism. If I want to play a driving game, I want to be screaming round the track till my eyes bleed! I can see the fascination with the more realistic racers , but I've just grown tired of them. I can't be arsed with all the tinkering , and the slower pace.
  17. Some people do not like the ultra realistic driving games though, and would much rather intense arcade thrills ! I have had MUCH more fun with the burnouts , and this compared to the snoozefest that is gran turismo! If I want to seem like I'm driving 30 mph everywhere , and brake for every corner I'd rather jump in my own car than play gran turismo ! Of course, this is just my humble opinion, but I don't think I'm alone .... Or am I?
  18. What a cracking finish to a race we had, mcspeed! We were neck and neck right at the finish line! Breathtaking stuff! I defy anyone not to have fun with this game
  19. Live Gamertag: Joe McSpeed Karzee bradigor1981 U1 v2 Sie Mortis316uk Tommy Chong 76 monkeyboyx Myster Lettuce Cohen205 PSN name Kanselier I'm not the best but always a good sport!
  20. Add me up racers! Gamertag is cohen205 . I am having so much fun with this!
  21. But we all know that the quests will be go here, fight some bad guys and return to the person who gave you the quest. Thats basically the staple of the majority of missions in fable. The british comedy that the game has just about covers for this, but its starting to wear a bit thin now. I think its time to get down gamestation, and trade it in! I loved playing through it, but after finishing it, i feel a little empty, and i find myself not remembering anything 'brilliant' about it, except for maybe Reaver. I think he's the best character in the game. I think he should be who you play as in fable 4!
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