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  1. Thank you.... i must say im kinda looking forward to Injustice. I havnt got a fighting game for PS4 and i really enjoyed it on Wii U.
  2. Does anyone know when the free PS plus games are available to download for December?
  3. I've played countless hours on this game on both 360 and now ps4 and I didn't think it could surprise me anymore until today .....
  4. Sorry for being silent guys , I've left my mic over my friends . Some good games tonight
  5. It reminds me a little of far cry , especially the driving It reminds me a little of far cry , especially the driving
  6. Is any one having problems getting into a lobby with people?
  7. Worth the admission price alone
  8. Does the nemesis system carry on even after finishing the storyline?
  9. Hi Guys, I know everyones unhappy about the update and the whole driveclub debacle, but i've just got myself a playstation 4, and my PSN Id is Cohen205. Add me up if you fancy
  10. I've heard from a mate today that Game are doing a Sunset overdrive bundle with FH2 included for 349.99. I havnt had chance to go in the store yet - has anyone else heard about this?
  11. Any stand out bundle deals for the PS4? Ive found a bundle with Last of us and GTA 5 for £349.99.... can it be bettered?
  12. I don't wanna piss on your bonfire deKay, and I don't have photographic evidence , but I've got that exact same sword , but with 420 power
  13. I've done quite a lot of research, and its this game (sunset overdrive) that makes me want a Xbone. It looks right up my alley - thanks everyone for your input
  14. and vemsie, i've already got a Wii u.... and its one of my best purchases ever. I really cant afford both the PS4 and Bone, so i really need to make a decision, as i will only tend to stick with the one 'next gen' console for the next few years. I've neither the time, or the funds to 'double dip' as it were.
  15. I see an awful lot of articles on how the PS4 is more powerful and 'future proof', but i was a 360 fan last gen, and i feel like i should go for the bone, but it seems like every man and his dog is going for the PS4. Im so torn.....
  16. I'm torn between a PS4 and Xbone, and this game is swaying me to the bone. Help me RLLMUKers...... which console do i go for?( ( i dont mean to open up any heated debates when asking this)
  17. Volga may have taken over link as my favourite , and I've only got Volga at level 22. ( link is at 60)
  18. I had to restart 3 times to get it to work, but it's a hefty bit of dlc . Really liking epona and I've taken a shining to cia.
  19. The closest i have to the Master sword is a sword for Impa, which has 225 damage, but link is a total beast compared to any other character. Im struggling to get a lot of 'A' grades on the adventure mode, maybe its just a case of grinding to level up until your character is 'hard' enough to beat the level.
  20. Ive opened up nearly every square on the adventure mode, but i still have loads of weapons/skulltullas/hearts to get. I just want some fresh content now
  21. The DLC is out tomorrow for this isnt it? I'm looking forward to Epona and the new adventure mode
  22. I've never really delved into a Dynasty Warriors game before, and to be honest, i've kinda snubbed them, due to them looking a bit rubbish, but im in love with this. I cant get enough of powering up my favourite characters and getting everything on the adventure mode. Its so addictive. I have 4 favourites at the moment - Link, Impa, Sheikh and Ganondorf, but im starting to like Zant quite a lot too, and Darunian (sp?) Anyway, i just came here to say that its pleasantly surprised me, and i cant stop playing it
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