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  1. Yeah, if you go for any of the 3 DMC games on switch, go for DMC 3. Its definitely the best out of the 3 (and possibly the best in the whole series) I completed it last night, and enjoyed every minute. The joy cons can be a little bit uncomfortable for some of the trickier fights, but its a terrific game.
  2. What a time to be alive! I was so close to doing a sickie today too.
  3. Sizzlestick is a perfect description
  4. its all about Brutus for me at the moment. No back-bling, as it ruins his suit. Watching him do some of the dances is a joy!
  5. But if you buy the skins on ps4, and then use that account to play on the switch, surely the skins will still be on the switch?
  6. Jesus... i didnt even think of that. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Still loving the bases. Sneaking in and getting the best loot is a game in itself.
  8. You've got nothing to loo(se)
  9. I'm not the heartless bastard you may think I am . I got quite emotional playing SOTC when it was first released, especially that scene near the end. Hell, i even shed a tear in FF7 when but i cant see how it would stop me from playing a videogame. An amazing one at that !
  10. You just brought back great memories for me mentioning the firehouse. The ghostbusters toys were definitely my favourite as a child. The way you could pour the slime in the top vent and watch it ooze down into the whole building, the wobbly firemans pole, and big red doors at the front, which would always fly off, when you used to throw ecto-1 through them at high speed.
  11. That looks like Outrun, Ridge Racer, Burnout and NFS Hot Pursuit, all rolled into one.
  12. unique creatues or a bundle of pixels?
  13. I heard it was Spiderman and God of war for March
  14. I played the remaster when it released. For some reason, it didn't evoke the emotions that it did when i first played the original, many moons ago, but its still an outstanding experience.
  15. Seems like you have to take the rough with the smooth when it comes to PSplus. Shadow of the colossus is amazing. Sonic Forces is amazingly shit.
  16. Yeah, i'm inclined to agree on that one. I much preferred all the challenges laid out in the 'challenges' tab.
  17. Yeah, i thought the challenges were missing. Part of me thought i'd completed them all without realising, but there were loads initially, and now i only have dailys. Just checked the challenges, and it turns out I've actually done them all
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