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  1. Right, i have a question that i cant seem to find an answer to. I have an OG switch and a switch lite. I know most games I can download the cloud save, so the most up to date save file is on both of my switches. How the hell is this going to work on AC? Will i only be able to play it on one of my switches due to the lack of cloud saves? I want to be able to play it on the TV on my OG, and then 'switch' to my lite when i want to play handheld. I wont be able to do this, will I?
  2. Just to confirm, the code was sent immediately and its pre-loading right now.
  3. Join the club, my friend. That intro pulled at every heart string.
  4. Did you also think that about Noctis and the gang when playing 15? Oh, and in Final Fantasy 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 and all the spin offs?
  5. Hey, what’s Rllmuk without a bit of moaning?
  6. Played through it a second time as I missed barret singing the victory fanfare the first time around
  7. Mate, you can talk to me all day long about FF7. I too was buzzing after the demo. Don’t listen to the negative nigels on here. As long as you enjoy it then who cares what anyone else thinks. if you can’t enjoy this, then you have no soul.
  8. I’m just glad it’s better than 15. Although that isn’t saying much
  9. Well that was fucking amazing. The scorpion boss fight was a constant delight. Nostalgia is obviously playing a massive part here, but I bloody adore it already. Roll on April 10th.
  10. I just realised something. If i'm this hyped for the demo, how bad am i going to be on April 10th!
  11. The music is incredible... a lot of the themes have been updated, but sound soooooo good.
  12. Ok, I've just had 10 mins with it on my lunch break, and i'm really really impressed. Definitely had something in my eye when the intro was playing out. Had a quick dabble with the combat, and even with my brief encounter i can see that its much better than the combat in FF15. It seems like such a perfect blend of real time action and active time battle. I absolutely love the slow motion mode where you select either a flashy move or a spell. Makes it feel a lot like the original. It basically feels like Devil may Cry x FF7. which can only be a good thing in my eyes. I cannot wait to finish work today, and spend some quality time with it.
  13. Will all the characters just wait on one side of the screen until you select the commands
  14. How does it feel to play? from what i have seen, it looks like it plays a bit like DMC.. Would this be correct? Does cloud feel 'right'? It all hinges on how well it plays, as i already know they have nailed the graphics and the music.
  15. I think im going to spend at least 10 hours at Aeris' house, just to keep hearing the 'flowers blooming in the attic' tune.
  16. I'm sure it can probably be blasted through in a much shorter time, but that would be missing the point. I'm going to soak up every inch of Midgar, when April 10th comes.
  17. I wish I had the willpower, I really do. I'm weaker than the guy in midgar that 'are sick'.
  18. Oh dont.... I'm in tears cos i have to work till 5. That intro is going to turn me into a blubbering mess this evening.
  19. Sekiro for me too. I've managed to get to the final boss, but i dont think i'll ever beat him.It hasn't crushed my soul, but it will haunt me to my dying day.
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