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  1. Animal crossing. It’s perfect for right now.
  2. You reckon they can tinker with the loading screens when people come and go. They are really annoying.
  3. I just caught a blue marlin at donutland.
  4. I’ve seen people clap. How do you do it?
  5. Just chuck it in the water and a fish appears normally.
  6. There’s a way to stop the bees stinging you if you have the right tool
  7. Might be worth putting a friend code list on the first post perhaps? Like the mario maker thread?
  8. I have apples. feel free to add me up - my island is called ‘Da Wae’ SW-4575-3589-9970
  9. Had 2 hours on it. It’s just lovely. Ive got cherry and genii with me, and genii always calls me ‘Mochi’. No idea why, but I’m in love with already
  10. I believe the preload will start around the 8th April.
  11. I am so ready for this tonight. Seeing as though the kids are off school, would it be wrong if we pulled an all nighter?
  12. What if you’ve already bought it. A big lump went down my throat earlier as I clicked ‘preorder’ and saw the sum of £59.99.
  13. Yeah, i just got some PSN credit for this. Who knows what state the shops will be on April 10th. I already put down a £5 deposit in game, but i can take the hit.
  14. I'm really really looking forward to this after all the doom and gloom recently.
  15. If Tom Nook was selling the game, it would be £3900, and the interest in paying it back would be astronomical.
  16. I went for the £37.99 at CD keys, and I've never been happier. That damn icon though.... teasing me, mocking me, ridiculing me
  17. They sure are pimping Mario recently. First Ubisoft, and now Levi’s and Lego. Plus the movie, and then the theme park in universal!
  18. Thank god that most of us will be too busy playing it, to read them
  19. I feel a bit like this as well. I think ten years might be a bit ambitious though. I can see this going on until the day i die! it's quite a nice though..... ..... unless the first part doesn't do well, and they crap the project entirely.
  20. Oh definitely. what about knights of the round though?
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