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  1. Why is it locked? Is there any reason?
  2. Locked for me too. Was 23rd in line now I can’t get in
  3. Thanks for letting me in earlier. Probably already seen but left a small tip by the nook store.
  4. Yeah, I’ve had a brief watch of it. It’s 2 and a half hours long! He has some very interesting theories on where it might go next and his ‘level 3’ talk is fascinating.
  5. Another thumbs up for max here. I love his FF7 videos.
  6. I’ve completed it and feel exactly the same as above. I wanted to love it, but just ended up liking it. It’s a good game, but it’s not a patch on the original. which is fine... the original is always there to play if this all turns into the next kingdom hearts.
  7. I made the deadlpool shirt. I like to leave it around whenever I visit other people’s islands
  8. Well said. I’ve been looking forward to this game for years and it’s embarrasing how this thread has got recently. well anyway... still can’t wait for Friday!!!!
  9. Yeah, I had an in store preorder down with game, but as soon as I got a whiff of lockdown, I got it digitally. i do feel a bit miffed if I ordered it with shopto, I would probably be playing it right now, but I can (just about) wait. im concerned with what has been said in this thread, but I’m still really excited to play it on Friday, and I will play it to completion and make my own mind up about it.
  10. I still think there’s will be more instalments. They are gonna wring the udders dry on this one.
  11. But it looked like it was going so well...
  12. 2020 just continues to put the boot in. ill play it and I’ll no doubt really enjoy it, but from what’s been said in the thread, I’m really concerned.
  13. For anyone who does have it, can they tell us if it’s really good? Nothing else, I just need to know if it’s good.
  14. Is it me or does the main island theme tune sound like “love is an open door” from frozen?
  15. The only time I went digital to try and get it on release, and it’s come back to bite me on the arse m.
  16. Could square bring the release date forward for digital, do you think?
  17. Do you just talk to Isabelle to find out your rating?
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