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  1. Better than fable 2, or too early to tell?
  2. but what of the game as a whole? is it any good?
  3. Awesome o'clock? Thats my favourite time of the day! Cant wait now!!!
  4. im lucky to not be that interested in new vegas (not a big fan of fallout - please dont lynch me), so this little downloadable treat should keep me sweet until fable on friday!
  5. Nobody else playing this then? I was looking forward to some detailed impressions
  6. Theres a free game out today courtesy of FreeAppADay called 'jump o clock' Its a quirky little 'platformer' in the same vein as doodle jump etc, except you jump onto cogs that spin you around, and you make your way upwards. It reminded me a little of donkey kong on the DS - Well worth a look in my opinion!
  7. Cheers guys, i'll add the rllmukssfiv gamertag tonight! I mainly play as ken (groan) - but dont hold that against me! Im at about 1700 battle points, and seem to be able to take people fighters with 3,000 battle points with ease. Im not sure how good that makes me?
  8. Sorry if this is posted elswhere, but how can i join a rllmuk group so i can fight some of you guys online?
  9. Mine red lighted yesterday - just in time for Arkham Asylum!!! TWAT! rang microsoft up earlier, fearing the worse, as i bought it in 2005, its been back in for repair twice, and i thought they would make me pay. I told the man that i'm not paying for it to be repaired, and he said (in an indian accent) ' dont worry sir, there is no charge' I definitely thought i'd have to pay for the repair, and thought i'd be having a big argument on the phone, but it went sweet as a nut. Why didnt i have to pay? (i didnt want to question the bloke on the phone as it was all going so well)
  10. I have some of the above. I have Cloud, Aeris, Tifa, Barret, Red XIII, Vincent and Sephiroth. Does anyone know if they hold any value? i bought them whilst on a trip to florida about 9-10 years ago. I've had them up in my attic for ages, but they are all boxed in mint condition. I've never really thought about them before, but this thread has reminded me about them.
  11. so if i sign into live at my mates house with GTA4 in the disc drive, i should be able to get it to work should i? i was hoping that was the case, but as soon as it downloaded, my mate disconnected it, and i took my xbox home. i'll be back up there tonight to try and rectify the problem. Cheers mate
  12. I'm having big problems starting this game up. I downloaded it last night at my friends house as i do not have an internet connection at my house (i took my 360 up his house to download) He phoned me a few house later to let me know it has been downloaded, so i picked up my xbox, came home and tried to start it up. The problem is that i cannot access it anywhere. I've tried loading every game save, starting a brand new game, and even deleting all of my old saves to see if that worked, but nothing seems to help. Any tips? i'm thinking of going up my mats house again tonight, connecting my xbox to live, and see whats happening - i may have to download it again (bearing in mind, i can see the lost and damned on my hard drive (1.8gb) and the new achievements. Please someone help me !!!
  13. cohen205

    Far Cry 2

    Panic over - I swapped it for a pre-owned copy and it worked straight away. What an amazing game - i was so drawn into the world and spent over 5 hours just driving around and picking off baddies! I can see this being in my xbox for a long time! Cheers for the advice fellas.
  14. cohen205

    Far Cry 2

    God damn! what a pain in the tits! Right, ok - next question - its a bit of a long one though! I have the new updated dashboard, even though i am not online (my mate brought his hard drive over and I managed to get the update that way) but i am not sure how to install the game to my hard drive. Am i able to? - bear in mind, i cant even make my own avatar yet from not being able to go online.
  15. cohen205

    Far Cry 2

    Thats what i dont understand - all games work fine on my xbox apart from far cry. thats what made me think that there is a fault with the disc, rather than the actual xbox! I would buy from Amazon, but i dont want it not to work and go round the rigmarole of having to send it back!
  16. cohen205

    Far Cry 2

    I bought this yesterday from blockbuster (£24.99) and it would not load on my 360. It was recognising it as a DVD, so i went back down there and exchanged it and the same thing happened with the new copy. Silly thing is, all other games work fine on my 360 (i also bought dead space and it fired up straight away) Any advice on what is happening, or what i can do. I've spoke to blockbuster and they said it could be a dodgy batch, so i may nab a pre-owned one cos that should work hopefully. I'm hoping it's not the start of the red ring of death, as my 360 has been in twice already!
  17. Got mine back today after sending it off on the 3rd January - not a bad turnaround i suppose. They have replaced the mother board according to the paperwork - i've not played on it yet though cos of work!!! GRRR Can i expect this one to frazzle after a while even though its been fixed? and what happens after 3 years, will i have to pay for a fix if i get 3 red lights again?
  18. cohen205


  19. I have fond memories of this beaut! One of the finest games to ever grace the DC. Also, this game introduced me to offspring, which are a great band!
  20. anyone played this yet? any good?
  21. Is that captain planet? If it is then its one of those cartoons that i forgot ever existed, but i loved. Didnt they have some kind of rings that had all the elements like fire, and water, etc?
  22. i received the spiderman pack on Monday. Registered on the 3rd sep. i think a few people on the NTSC-uk forums have had theirs few aswell.
  23. They could make a game based on a female deer and call it Nintendoes....... .....I'll get my coat!
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