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  1. I love this. I enjoyed origins but bounced off odyssey as there was just too many icons and too much to do but I’m finding this so satisfying. 

    Its up there with brotherhood and AC4 for me. I’m sure every other AC is good and the other is mediocre. 

    AC1, AC3, AC Unity, odyssey - mediocre


    AC2, AC4, AC syndicate, origins, Valhalla - Great! 

    ( I know I’ve missed a few. There’s been bloody loads!)

  2. 3 hours ago, Jamie John said:

    I'm up to around ten hours now.


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    Currently I'm traipsing around the Sector 5 slums with AeriS (not fucking Aerith <_<).


    I honestly don't think I want to keep playing. The only thing that's pulling me through at the moment is the nostalgia of seeing scenes from the original recreated. Beyond that, I really don't thing this is a very good game at all. There's just nothing to it. You walk from cutscene to cutscene so you can listen to the terrible voice acting and cringe-inducing dialogue. In between you might get to experience some entirely incongruous platforming, or, if you're lucky, the under-cooked, depthless battle system that has nothing of the original's creativity but instead plays more like a Diablo-lite: you mash square until the thing dies, using your abilities when the meter refills, rinse and repeat. That's about it, except for walking down long, boring, brown corridors. Everything is just so bloody shallow and superficial. It feels like I'm playing a (slightly) interactive version of the Advent Children film, but this is even worse.


    And I know I've moaned about it already, but the graphics are really just not very good, beyond the main character models, anyway. I can't get used to the pop-in, although I could see how some could excuse it, but things like seeing 3 identical NPCs on screen at the same time, or characters frequently clipping through buildings, or goddamn Comic fucking Sans being used for some of the shop signs - all of these things are just not acceptable to me in a flagship, first-party, triple A exclusive, especially post games like TLOU 2 and God of War. It's embarrassing.


    @Marlew, man, I tend to agree with you a lot of the time when it comes to games, but help me out here - what do you like so much about this?



    I agree with all of this.  I wanted to love this game so badly and it just left me cold. Definitely one of the biggest disappointments in gaming for me. Maybe I just hyped it up too much. 

  3. I can vouch for this, been using it regularly over lockdown and I’ve lost a stone, no changes to my diet at all.


    It must be doing something right as I return to it every day. Or maybe I’m just a slave to routine. Either way, we’ll worth the 35 quid. 

  4. I’ve gone through all 3 now ( just the story, not all the shines/stars) and I think I’ve spent most of my time with sunshine. I have such fond memories of playing this on my purple GameCube 18 years ago. It does have some really rough spots, and in some ways it doesn’t even feel like a Mario game (mario bros 2 anyone?) but I can’t help but love it. 

    imagine if it was given the care and attention of all the later Mario games. Could be looking at perfection. 

  5. I am loving all 3 of these games, even sunshine, although I am getting frustrated at certain shines. It definitely doesn’t have the polish of other Mario games though, it’s very obvious. To me though, a bad Mario game is still a good game. 

    I still prefer odyssey over all of them though. Galaxy comes very very close, but it’s the move set in odyssey that makes it for me. Going back to it after playing all stars really shows how agile Mario now is. Surprisingly 64 is probably the second best, handling wise. 


  6. Wow, that escalated fast! 

    Apologies for anyone who got a visit from me over the past couple of days. Matt from ‘Da Wae’ was responsible for all these crimes, but I can hand on my heart say it was not I that committed these atrocious crimes but my daughter who finds it incredibly funny to go to peoples islands and go in the rob, after I reprimanded her the first time and told her the guys on the forum aren’t happy. She found it hilarious. I’ve kept her away for a while but this week it seems she went on a murderous rampage. Maybe lockdowns getting to her.



    Bit miffed about the racist allegations, although I can see the Ugandan knuckles thing being a shady area. Truth is I also have a 10 year old son ( he’s autistic, not sure that really matters, but thought it was worth a mention) he adores sonic and knuckles and loses his absolute shit at a Ugandan knuckles video he stumbled upon on YouTube a few months back. Again, I can see the problem with it, but I will never forget his laugh when I showed him it on a animal crossing.


    Anyway, whoever I have wronged, let me know and I will gladly send you bells/items/whatever back, and I am really sorry for all the theft. She won’t be going online for a while let me tell you.


    Also won’t be offended if you delete me off your friends list ^_^



  7. First game I’ve platinumed for a long time. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

    There’s not many games out there quite like it, and although it is repetitive, the constant upgrades kept me going all the way to the end. Your shark looks so cool at the end of the game - I opted for the bone armour. 

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