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  1. I'm on the turnip exchange and found an island for 515. Im currently 4th in the queue. 17 people behind me. Island is called 'Yvsland' (no fees)
  2. First game I’ve platinumed for a long time. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. There’s not many games out there quite like it, and although it is repetitive, the constant upgrades kept me going all the way to the end. Your shark looks so cool at the end of the game - I opted for the bone armour.
  3. I felt the same. Really wanted to love this but apart from some good moments, on whole it left me a bit underwhelmed.
  4. Just keep eating fish until you get to level 4 I believe.
  5. Yeah it’s messed up for me too
  6. Why is it locked? Is there any reason?
  7. Locked for me too. Was 23rd in line now I can’t get in
  8. Thanks for letting me in earlier. Probably already seen but left a small tip by the nook store.
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