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  1. I took it apart the other day and hoovered out all the dust - made a huge difference to the noise.
  2. cohen205

    Nintendo Switch

    They did a great job of cutting the holes out for the analogue sticks
  3. I know i had to make another profile on WII U to make a new save. Not sure if its the same on Switch.
  4. Never played the game, but remember playing a demo of it on one of the Official PS magazines. Reminded me of a Don Bluth creation.
  5. For the people that are unhappy, surely they could have waited for the all the fighters to drop before stumping up for the DLC. It's not like there are a lack of fighters in the main game.
  6. Dante is a good fit I think, but there are already too many sword characters.
  7. Same here my friend... same here.
  8. Dont worry, most people wont get far enough to see the end
  9. Everyone says about how Sony don't need E3 and all that, but thats missing the point entirely. Can anyone remember when FFVII remake, Shemue 3 and Last Guardian were announced? That was history being made right there. I'll miss all that shit.
  10. This would have been perfect. What better way to end the chapter than showing just how badass sephiroth is.
  11. Mine says i've played for a total of 1171 hours in 2019 Thats the equivalent to 49 24 hour days/nights. Slightly worrying.
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