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  1. I've played about 10-15 games, and its Bot City. You see characters running towards you, and expect them shoot, but they end up running towards the nearest wall, and start breaking it down with the axe. I dont know how i feel about Bots yet. Im getting more kills, but they dont feel as 'earned'. Only answer is to get better i think. Im sure i read somewhere that the better you get, the less bots appear.
  2. Its definitely easier to get a Victory Royale now, but if your having fun, then who cares?
  3. cohen205

    Nintendo Switch

    I still struggle to believe that this little gem houses so many great games. How many handhelds can you flick between Mario, Zelda, and then a bit of Final Fantasy 7 or Resident Evil 4? (without hacking) Timeless classics in the palm of your hands. Truly a great time to be alive.
  4. How long before a bot gets a battle royale?
  5. Keep you busy on your flight to Tenerife? Are you going via the moon?
  6. Has anyone downloaded Asphalt 9? Its free, but it gives you plenty of game, and its actually quite fun. Reminds be of a crazier version of Burnout. Haven't come up against any pay walls yet either. If you like arcade racers (for free) i'd say give it a go!
  7. Be glad you finished it. I left it at the "Bastard corrupted monk on the bridge", and i cannot get back into it at all. My skills have diminished, and i don't think i have the enthusiasm to 'git gud' enough to finish the game. Shame really, as I was really enjoying it. The Genichero (sp?) fight is one of the best videogame fights i have ever encountered.
  8. I understand the backlash for MGS V as it was very different from previous Metal Gears in regards to story telling. The gameplay was sublime though.
  9. Driver 3. It was shockingly bad.
  10. David is one of the best characters in the game. (Partly due to his voice sounding like Mr Garrison's from South Park)
  11. Tekken 2 was one the of the first games i got for my PS1, and i remember being stunned by it. I read a review at the time that said something like " its like they have picked real people and put them inside your TV". Looks shit today though.
  12. cohen205

    Nintendo Switch

    You know what, I think I might do that. I can pretend I’m watching ghostbusters 3.
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