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  1. I think I need to change my career. I’ve finished the story but still find myself dipping back in to make deliveries. I can’t even put my finger on why I’m finding it so compelling. Maybe UPS are hiring...
  2. Yeah I’m getting a good feeling about this. Just listening to that battle theme shows how much love and attention they’ve given to the soundtrack alone. The more I see and hear of this, the more excited I get.
  3. My thoughts exactly. He has about as much enthusiasm as a teenager who has just been asked to do the washing up. They have nailed Cloud
  4. Thanks for that. I only managed to erase it from my memory last year.
  5. This all day long. Dont lynch me, but I've never been into Star wars. Seeing a proton pack in 2019 is a hell of a lot more exciting to me than a light sabre.
  6. Thing is, they were bound to drum up nostalgia with the first trailer. Its a sequel to the first 2 films, so if they didnt show a proton pack then people would complain that its just a stranger things film, with no ties to the original. Plus the point about being Jedi's is a bit off. They are nothing like Jedi's, but many many people have a lot of affection for the characters. They were everyday men that a lot of people can relate to. Whatever they do with this film, they cant win, but i am very optimistic about this. For anyone who is a bit down on this, then what would you suggest as an alternative?
  7. You can download colouring book for free, which makes you eligible for the other games.
  8. Finished this tonight and loved it. Found it got a bit boring in the final few chapters but was happy with the ending. One thing is bugging me though, there was one stretch of road I never got round to finishing north of the snowy area. I think I’m gonna crack on and get it finished.
  9. You should try going into the Ghostbusters afterlife thread
  10. Any predictions? I'm going to go with New God of War New Spiderman New Horizon FFVII remake - delayed
  11. We couldn't have the old gang running round new york again. They are too old. I'm excited by this new take on it. They arent just getting a bunch of 30 year old men/women, and trying to recapture the magic of the original 2. It could be a terrible mess, but that trailer brings me hope. It's actually refreshing to be excited by a film after watching the trailer. Doesn't seem to happen much these days.
  12. Just remembered having Chip and Dale - Rescue Rangers on the NES. What a time to be alive!
  13. Why the hell did they not use that in the original trailer?
  14. Could be holding the roof up.... the house looks a bit old
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