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  1. Argh. Tie these sodding subscriptions to the family account, Microsoft.
  2. I'll give Defense Grid a whirl! I dint mind buying but trying to make a point of checking GP first.
  3. In not sure what the genre is (tower defense?) but are there any games like the original Plants vs Zombies on Game Pass? My son loves PvZ so much he's rinsed it in my user and doing it over on his. But I figured there must be something more recent than an old 360 game he could play.
  4. Awesome. I can't remember who here I have, so gamertag: TehStu
  5. This is slowly coming back to me. Are there any xbox sticks that also rumble? I'd be better with a stick but it would be a shame to miss the physical cues.
  6. Sorry if mentioned, but the run rate for an employee is quite a bit higher than just the salary, I thought. As I understand it, it's closer to twice the salary where I am, once you factor in pension and other benefits.
  7. When I first tried this (supported Kickstarter) my PC couldn't run it. Gutted. Then I bought it on Xbox and just struggled with having enough time to learn the ropes (and browse official tutorials on YouTube, of all places). As much as it pains me, and as stunning as it now is on XSX, I think I'm done with NMS. Playing EVE mobile recently has me wanting something more gritty. tl;dr - has too much happened to start right now from scratch? Story arcs and stuff. Is it best to play online or off? I'm determined to finally get into this.
  8. I got properly into it in my 40s thanks to Pokemon Go. Since then, it's made me buy both Pokemon Let's Gos with the balls, and both Sword and Shield and DLCs. Holy shit, that's $240. edit - perfect series of posts, there.
  9. They had a brief teaser trailer for the next one last year, I think it mentioned the (simpler) ray tracing that these new consoles do. But if the "no exclusives for 2 years" thing holds true, we can't see a pure Series Forza Motorsport until 2022. But, Flightsim is out this year and Series exclusive so that's already out the door.
  10. Pretty much this. That said, I've rarely got a burning desire to play a game there and then, I typically grab an Assassin's Creed when the gold edition is swirling around the $20 mark on sale. I've really got into GPU these last few months and, aside from some Switch titles (also on sale), I haven't bought anything other than treating myself to WD Legion for half price over Christmas. In fact, it's to the point where the kids and I spend so much time on these "free" games on GP than I mentioned where they're coming from (the $1 deal through 2022) and my wife mentioned we should ju
  11. Finished the first career thing, unlocked and started the second. Got absolutely annihilated in a race and got pissed off and rammed people until I wrecked. Well, time to dial down the diffi... oh it's on easy. Should I be upgrading cars a lot more, or buying new ones or something? Apart from the 3 wheel race vs buses, I was almost lapping everyone on the beginners career section.
  12. Yup, do this. Although I notice that when buying certain cars it auto upgrades or something, so maybe quote the car's stock rating number just to be absolutely sure. Is this all done somehow automatically with a table in the game? Driveclub used to have some invite system, and you'd have a week to put in your best lap for a given car/track.
  13. They've added a new mode to touch controls at some point. You can toggle between basic and this sort of thing which explains the buttons Dragon Quest XI. Plays better than I expected it to.
  14. Changed name of thread and dotted a few key words throughout to help people trying to search for specific words.
  15. Generic Service Tracker (for like a million different services, it seems) https://servicesdown.com/services Xbox Live Status https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-live-status Let's you report issues, lookup known issues and optionally request an email/Xbox message when a specific outage is resolved Playstation Network / PSN https://status.playstation.com/en-us/ Nintendo https://www.nintendo.com/consumer/network/en_na/network_status.jsp Steam https://steamstat.us/ (couldn't see an official service status) Ep
  16. Services shitting themselves are very regional, so you should always consult this sort of status page. Also, if you request it, it'll email or message you on Xbox when a specific outage is resolved.
  17. I'm terrible but aye, count me in. In case anyone was also stuck on this, the achievement for completing a championship can't be done until you've won all the trophies. I 100% the Seekers and didn't unlock the achievement, but evidently some events get added once you've won all the trophies. Currently working on the Master cup.
  18. Works fine, but it's trumped by publishers, unfortunately.
  19. Wait, the sticks on console pads aren't optical? My early 90s Microsoft Sidewinder was optical, to prevent drift and all the other bullshit. Wow, OK.
  20. I wish the platform holders would do more for this sort of thing. I mean, the reality of a parent of kids playing games is that, even if you enable child controls, you're probably making all sorts of exceptions to allow them to do X and Y. The permissions are really granular with the Xbox, but it's arguably easier to just break games if you're not careful. Like, some daft platform game my son saw on Disney's player select was above his age rating, but silly enough I granted him access. However, it wouldn't load because apparently I had "user generated game content" permission disabled.
  21. I've seen videos of the machine that stress tests xbox pads, so presumably any dying early is variability in parts? Probably to be expected.
  22. Long shot, but https://haveibeenpwned.com/ I don't know if Troy has data sets going that far back, but if so then it might give a sense of what data was exposed. I know you're probably good now, but I would honestly prefer to understand the probable route the account hijackers took.
  23. I disagree so much I started a thread!
  24. Balls, I had no idea we had a game dev thread. I had to go hunting through forums to find it. Thanks to Broker for the heads up, saw the above post in Discussion.
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