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  1. Your predicament made me look up Amazon Luna. Might be worth a look when it comes to the UK? Pad connects directly to service like Stadia. I didn't realize I effectively had this now with Prime, there's a rotating selection of games.
  2. Xcloud is getting a streaming stick, if you don't want an Xbox or PC, or don't have a recent TV for which they've made an app. It was slipped into discussion in one of the threads without much fanfare a while back.
  3. This is the corporate equivalent of shooting someone on 5th Ave and not losing any votes. They don't give a fuck and, honestly, they don't need to.
  4. That makes more sense. Encourage people who only buy Gold to spend a bit more (well, twice as much?) and get Game Pass instead. Or something.
  5. With a January 2023 shutdown, this count down is only out by 2 months, I think. I post this not to be a dick but in annoyance at Google, which I summed up recently in the Android thread (edit - it might have been about Google Fi, their mobile phone service I joined recently). Points for avoiding the PR disaster by refunding folks, others have probably done it but I only recall Microsoft refunding all e-book purchases as something on a similar scale.
  6. Reduce the cost of Gold and ditch the free games, for those who just want multiplayer access? That one game freebie reminder I can delete from my phone.
  7. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but Dolby Vision takes care of the TV's HDR settings Like, specifically for your TV, such that the content looks like it's supposed to. So when coming out of caves in AC Odyssey, I'd routinely end up squinting because it was able to replicate that effect of your eyes adjusting to the brightness. Impressive stuff. And, as mentioned, that's not even on an OLED or even expensive (at the time) set.
  8. My 4k TV cheats with dimming zones. Poor man's OLED, Not going to lie, the bedroom TV the Series S would go on is the 1080p set I bought for Mass Effect 2 on the 360, having finally got utterly tired of the small text in games. This thing has straddled 3 gens now, and keeps going. I should be happy but I want an excuse to have a reasonably sized 4k set in the bedroom. You know, for another X. And all this still end up being cheaper than PC gaming, heh. Bloody LG and their long lasting components.
  9. Just started this. I'm awful at FPS these days, and always doubly so on a pad. The VR combat training saw me get shot a lot on normal difficulty. Should I start over on easy? Or was that deliberately annoying to test you? Edit - oops, you can change it on the fly. I wish they'd make that clearer at the start of games.
  10. Absolutely. My only complaint is that I want another category when viewing all my games: X|S stuff that's on usb storage. It's fine having the left right icon, but showing them among my "optimized for X|S" stuff, which includes everything, can be hard to parse. I'd submit that to the feedback thing if I had a sec.
  11. Guys, Uber said he was linked to LAPSUS$ so this is a bit more than the average bored teenager, if so. Although yeah, remarkable lack of opsec.
  12. I'm on the ancient doodad and doing it with the white nozzle only for the achievement. Not going to lie, this more than anything feels like a chore. Testament to how much I've enjoyed the game that I'm willingly doing it, though.
  13. Totally getting one as my bedroom machine at some point, so you don't have to hear me talk about XB1 stuff any more. Lots of use cases as a primary machine, but it's a no brainer for a second.
  14. I don't follow game devs so this was all really interesting.
  15. Buyers in Japan seemed to say that overwhelmingly this week, apparently. edit - in reply to the "series s 4tw" thing.
  16. There are a million topics on HDR so wasn't sure where to put this, but there's an effort to undercut Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos with an open and free standard based on the new Google AV1 codec: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2022/09/google-and-youtube-to-take-on-dolby-with-free-hdr-and-audio-standards/ Makes sense Samsung is involved as the HDR will be covered by their HDR10+. Is it just Dolby Vision which allows a device to instruct the TV how everything should be calibrated, or does HDR10+ do that, too? Or did I just imagine it? Hopefully it's a software update for devices to support.
  17. The new update means you can go to your full library and see which installed game pass games are leaving the service soon. That's excellent.
  18. Is that just in the new eco mode? In the standby, my XB1 always updates everything (I'd use eco mode but it takes 400 years to boot up).
  19. Yup, I think that was in the August updates. Was earlier this summer, anyway.
  20. In energy saving mode it'll check once a day, I think in the wee hours? So if updates are pushed after that, it won't know until they time the next day. Although if it's every day then yeah, something isn't right. Not sure how often it checks in powered standby, whose name I forget.
  21. I'm not sure she found it nearly as funny but I broke down in tears laughing at the first video while showing my wife.
  22. I really don't know about that, although I may be skewed in my opinion of only seeing certain parts of the lifestyle. But the number of YouTubers (some of which overlap with Twitch) with McLarens etc. is absurd. But assuming you can stomach Mr Beast right now, can you imagine tuning in when he's 50? I mean, obviously he'll cash out before then and just hire others to do the jackass stuff, but you get my point. Will be fascinating to see if "YouTuber" figures above things like astronaut in the career aspirations of children once we've had enough time to fully appreciate the rise and fall of these forms of income.
  23. I used to have a Nexus 7 (~$200) tablet exclusively for gaming. If I was still into Android games, I think I'd get this. That it does other stuff is a big bonus.
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