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  1. TehStu

    Crackdown 3

    Snores for bores, Agent. Load up Crackdown 3 and get out there.
  2. TehStu

    Crackdown 3

    Works well, got quite a few tonight! Up to 5.1 driving. I did actually manage to drive vertically up a building too, bit of a chew but you'll probably need it for the ones you can't easily jump up to, or leap down onto, while hefting a car above your head.
  3. TehStu

    Crackdown 3

    It totally didn't occur to me to pick my car up and carry it to the higher up stunt rings. I'll give that a whirl
  4. TehStu

    Crackdown 3

    Silly question, but how does this work? You effectively started over but with an agent who gained firearms/agility faster? I hit max fists a while ago, and max rockets last night. Silly thing is, I've only got the final boss left so I'm not keen to use either now. It's all guns guns guns, for which I'm about 5.7. I guess if you replay it on harder difficulty, this all comes into its own? Maybe that's the point. I did manage to get driving up to 4.7, which is nice. I just wish I could figure out how to drive up walls, because a fair few stunt rings are up high. Plus, I want that one on the side of the tower, which I assume also triggers that jump off a 3000 foot building in a car achievement. Fair point on draw distance. I love to get up high at night, where they're easier to spot, but their visibility doesn't match the game's impressive draw distance.
  5. TehStu

    Xbox One Console Thread (s4Kiro)

    Is it supposed to be actual paste? It's been a decade since I was up to my eyeballs in Arctic Silver, but I thought thermal paste did this naturally? I mean, perhaps they've put too much on, because under clamping pressure it's always going to fan out.
  6. TehStu

    XBOX gamepass and Xbox app coming to switch?

    Someone will have to explain to me how cross platform purchases can happen without an account linking multiple identities (eg, your Epic account for Fortnite).
  7. TehStu

    XBOX gamepass and Xbox app coming to switch?

    So, this is happening for iOS and Android Switch isn't a stretch. Again, that universal online account system people were asking for, in some old thread, may come from Redmond.
  8. Wonder if the hardware folks they're telling to move off laptop and tablet teams will go on to this?
  9. I actually need to buy another copy of Minecraft, I need the Java version so my daughter can do some Python scripting. Slightly annoying that the Win 10 Carson doesn't allow that, although there's a Scratch-like interface for the Minecraft Education version. That isn't available for home purchase, though. Silly. Anyway, it's got great depth, try it I built Sears Tower the other day, modeled on my Lego architecture version of it.
  10. TehStu


    Absolutely, just read all 500+ Fairy Tail chapters and it's silly how much less filler there is. First time I've read an epic story rather than watching it (eg, I've seen all of Naruto and Shippuden).
  11. Done. Thanks for pinging me, reminded me I'm hopelessly behind on this, still early S2. Edit - just read the post above. Look, sir, The Expanse is in a league of its own. But yeah, Orville is excellent
  12. TehStu

    Crackdown 3

    I've fallen off that bit so many times it's not funny, but I'm going to cheat like that. It's not on the map, I'm guessing I've just not walked closely enough to it. It's weird, I've only got 3 towers and her in the Tera Nova tower left. I think I need to do it more methodically, checking only one area at a time in a sort of sweep.
  13. TehStu

    Crackdown 3

    Appreciate that sort of tidbit, ta. Wasn't really a game complaint, I'm sure a lot of that is on the underlying systems. I can't believe I can't find this last moonshine. I bet she's got it in her bloody office, atop the central tower.
  14. Do they patent pads, then? Would have thought it had been pretty established as prior art or whatever the patent parlance is. Or would it be part of some wider patent?

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