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  1. TehStu

    Xbox Series X

    Well, yeah. If you only want live, not having the 12 month option makes it more expensive, right? 4x3 month and 12x1 month are a bit more expensive. It shafts people who can't afford the $60 up front. I guess we'll have to see what payment options pan out. Before I had 3 years of GPU for $1, I only paid for Live, in 12 month increments. The "I can't keep up" bit - I'm just pointing out a fact.
  2. Maybe the console is selling to people who haven't had a Nintendo before. Or haven't had one in ages. My only Nintendo was a GameCube - had monkey ball, rogue squadron and Luigi mansion. I've spent a fortune on the Switch.
  3. Yeah, I'm not super into the villagers aspect. I just rubber stamped requests the kids made.
  4. So I imagined the 5 NPCs thing, we do indeed have 10. I'm getting old, apparently.
  5. Wait, what? Holy crap, I thought I hit the limit at 10. I have 5 plots to build!
  6. Which includes any people players, so we've only got 5 NPCs, plus whomever camps here for a day.
  7. Just wanted to say how amazing this game is. The whole family, 5 of us, without exaggeration, have played it non stop since release. We were north of 350 hours without including my teenager (she doesn't have a linked nintendo account so it doesn't track playtime) a few weeks back. I bet it's beyond 500 between us all, now. We've had my daughter's high school graduation in it. Did a big thing for mother's day. My nephew, whom I haven't seen in person for 5 years, just got it and is visiting us every weekend, so I can spoil him via in-game mail. Etc. It's such a laid back, unifying, mental experience. I'm glad it's sold a bajillion copies, I hope they keep updating it for ages.
  8. Yeah, that. This seems extraordinary. You can't review all websites, but they don't ban browsers. These aren't even Apple games they'd be reviewing. Do they review all books? All video content? It's so monumentally stupid that I assumed it was the money issue. And of course, this is right on the back of deeper integration between Microsoft and Samsung phones, which will draw attention to the lack of iOS. Silly. Maybe they're hoping this is a fad, give themselves time to spin up their own. The Games Streaming Service Jobs Wanted You To Have, but our thinking was too advanced for the tech of the time(tm).
  9. https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/08/06/google-stadia-and-microsoft-xcloud-wont-come-to-ios-due-to-app-store-rules/ It's what Jobs would have wanted.
  10. Last night, I watched a 20 minute video of a guy taking off from, I think, Edwards AFB in a 747. Not sure if it was VR, but it was all done by looking about the cockpit and interacting with the controls. Like, toggling buttons for fuel pumps and other guff. It took forever for him to taxi to the specific runway that the ATC told him to use. Apart from looking astonishing, it was the sound. The up and down whining of the engines. When he finally gave it the beans, my brain was expecting to be pushed back into my seat (my pillow, was sat in bed) as we took off. Brilliant/10. I should blow these 100k Bing points on a PC off the Microsoft store.
  11. TehStu

    Xbox Series X

    But the 12 month option to pay is? In which we conclude it's to make "just" Gold less of a value proposition, as you're paying in 1 or 3 month increments.
  12. TehStu

    Pokemon Go

    I've been playing since March 2017 and today got my gold metal for catching dragon types. That's the last one I needed, took a comical amount of time compared to the others.
  13. Ah, OK. I went back to rewatch the E3 reveal and it's not mentioned, but it must have been said on stage because that's the impression I got, plus there are comments to that effect toward the start of the thread. But then, the official page does only say PC right now.
  14. Wait, what? I thought this was coming to the XB1. Interest cancelled until the XSX version, then
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