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  1. Bugger. However, that's plenty-o-time for my glacial book reading pace.
  2. It looks like they've actually got him in the back of a two seater F-18 in some of those shots. I hope that's true, it all looked real enough that the F-14 at the end looked well janky. Kenny Loggins/10, can't wait.
  3. TehStu


    I know this seems crass, amidst the tragedy, but as a typical, traditional Japanese company, apparently they didn't have much in the way of backups. This may actually close them. Awful edit
  4. TehStu

    Pokemon Go

    Has anyone come up with a good naming convention for the new system? I prefer the immediacy of the stars and graph, but also like to name stuff. Or perhaps I should only star 3 star mons and keep it approximate like that.
  5. I probably should try that, I assume the learning thing also helps Win 10 these days.
  6. TehStu

    Pokemon Go

    This was desperately needed, since Let's Go launched really. And the apps which read your screen will probably go away at some point, because security.
  7. Finally started this and am just finishing up the first part of the map. Honestly, the whole environment blows me away. I think as an OG Xbox owner I'm the lowest common denominator, but still, it looks incredible. Still something not quite right about people, but probably some uncanny valley. Bearing in mind I joined AC at Black Flag, so my first foray into real history, I'm loving the setting, too. Mechanics just seem to be a good evolution of Syndicate, which just nailed it, for me. Late to the party but still super excited/10.
  8. Like the bolt ons for Amazon or Roku, where HBO or whatever just blends into the usual line up? What's weird is that there IS an SSO for purchased films, which seems to have risen dominant from the ashes of Ultraviolet, and that's Movies Anywhere. Run by Disney, of course. With Hulu in tow, I'd be surprised if they didn't have a stab at owning TV streaming.
  9. Any sign of a blu ray release? My lad was asking, and I'm well up for a second viewing.
  10. Thanks. Nintendo Switch Ultra Lite: Fuck People's Accessibility Needs, Amirite(tm).
  11. Make the screen sufficiently small and you have to have UI variations like phone/tablet. Then you introduce a potential for lack of optimization on one or the other (unless Nintendo get to mandate it, do the platform holders still do per game checking for certain things?) Maybe they'll keep churning out F2P mobile games for folks finding 7" tablet form factor not portable enough.
  12. 2 million installs and $100,000 within 72 hours of launch. Nintendo IP + F2P mechanics = it_prints_money.gif
  13. Likely options for the visibility of objects built by others, and it's Microsoft so it'll be somehow family friendly.
  14. TehStu

    Xbox Game Pass

    I think Lego probably needs a complete engine overhaul, it felt great last gen but it's struggling a bit now. I'm still playing Undercover though, we're up to 70%.
  15. https://www.vg247.com/2019/07/10/nintendo-is-working-on-a-way-to-transfer-games-between-switch-devices/
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