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  1. TehStu

    Xbox Game Pass

    Think I found it, posts back in July. Ta!
  2. TehStu

    Xbox Game Pass

    Any GP recommendations for local multilayer games I can play with the kids? Sadly, the janky framerate and split screen bouncing all over the place is causing Lego Undercover to make me motion sick. We're at 72%, I don't think I can stomach it much more So yeah, anything a 6 and 9 year old can play with me.
  3. After joining the official Discord, I realized we are actually under NDA, so I stopped bumping this. But the closed alpha finishes tomorrow, with the servers being shut down. It sounds like another round of testing is due at some point, possibly wider than this one. Thoughts - - If you like EVE, you'll very obviously like this. All the same basic principles apply, just being fleshed out for smaller screen/touch input. - Rough around the edges, but only to the level you'd expect for an early build. But stress testing like this is obviously crucial, so glad they're getting ahead of it. - It's really smooth. There was an event last night and I was whizzing back and forth lowsec trying to hunt them down, with 100+ in a system and it didn't break a sweat. Remember when Jita would crap itself with that many people in local? - The mechanics of real time skill training weirdly feel cynical F2P, and yet they obviously predate that by over a decade. I have no idea what the monetization will be, this game hardly lends itself to adverts. Maybe they'll rely on some people paying to get skill points to immediately apply to skill training? Not hugely different to free desktop EVE then.
  4. Remaking The Princess Bride is peak Hollywood Has No Ideas and Studios Are Desperate For Safe, Nostalgic Money Spinners.
  5. Set target for $100 Xbox credit, you'll thank yourself come "holiday 2020".
  6. This was great a great episode, by the way. When I'm done with AC Origins, I fancy a play through of BASS for a change of pace.
  7. TehStu

    Pokemon Go

    Oh lordy, there's a new type of stone for evolving gen 5. I still have several gen 4 sat waiting for Sinnoh stones to evolve.
  8. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4027275/microsoft-account-rewards-regions-and-languages Looks like it should work, may be worth pinging their chat support?
  9. When it was first freely released, it was a direct download from a website. IIRC, long time ago.
  10. Although, GOG do help make them work on modern Windows. It's less faff than a SCUMM emulator, or whatever I last used. IOS exclusive? Great, literally don't be playing this.
  11. It never occurred to me to do this. I've got ultimate through 2022, have 32k points I was just going to blow on 3 months ultimate, and just keep doing that. But I should save the lot and slice a chunk of change off a Scarlett. Thanks!
  12. Vetinari is probably my favorite character, all told. I love Vimes, but Vetinari is pretty much there throughout. I thought Charles Dance did a good job of Vetinari's deadpan ruthlessness, walking that thin line between quietly intimidating and being "nice" (as it serves Anhk-Morpork, and his overseeing it). If anyone hasn't already done so, immediately book a week off work and read all the Watch books back to back.
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