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  1. TehStu

    Tiny Text in Games

    The subtitles are hard coded on the Marie Kondo tidying up series on Netflix. I get it, people probably don't leave in captions, so if the subtitles weren't embedded name people probably wouldn't know to enable them. Be nice if the video stream could toggle a device's captions on, so you could have them in the desired format. I could barely read the ones on this Netflix series at times, poor contrast and small font. A bit off topic, but similar to games tapping into console APIs for rendering captions, I guess.
  2. But there's nothing unique about Star Wars, it's just content which can be used in any number of game types/mechanics. I suppose it would help to have context of those game types pre-2004. For instance, did other flight sim-esque games like X-xing/TIE-Fighter perform similarly? It is interesting, but this isn't how this license should have been used. Actually, pre EA deal, the most fun I've had recently in Star Wars was coop with my wife in Lego the complete saga. And it's ironic that they gave a single developer, presumably with deep pockets, to ensure consistency when, arguably, the recent films lacked it. It should go back to people doing whatever, let smaller teams take on a variety of projects.
  3. So EA have "met expectations". There's a ringing endorsement for Kennedy and co.
  4. TehStu

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Yeah, I'm just fine on an OG XB1. I'm torn... I've quashed my desire for an X, because I don't get enough gaming time to justify the expense, but I'd really like a UHD drive. However, if I get an S, I'd keep my Forza 6 edition OG upstairs. And I'll probably cave and get the Next Xbox on launch, and suddenly I'm swimming in Xboxes. I should be hyper sensible and just wait, not like we can't watch the Blu Ray discs until we have a UHD to use.
  5. TehStu

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Drivatar dupes getting fixed? Finally! You have to wonder if it was a monster bug, it's too game breaking to otherwise leave in the game (unless people seldom play championships).
  6. I'm slightly impressed the porn episode aired on Fox. Think I'd disagree though, that was another proper mystery-of-the-week TNG episode. Also, that episode really made me wish TV content was HDR. Some great shots right next to the star.
  7. TehStu

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Disappointing to hear I'm not a true fan, given I like everything.
  8. TehStu

    Be a thread starter!

    Because changes to the forum structure are now more difficult than modifying the US Constitution. I like all these new threads. Not sure if these discussions would have otherwise been buried in other threads, but still.
  9. TehStu

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    The EU novel trilogy, by AC Crispin, did exactly that. I haven't seen Solo yet (don't read too much into it, I barely get to see films these days, only just watched Infinity War) so don't know exactly the timeframe over which it occurs, but the books cover him from orphan kid through ANH.
  10. Are there published metrics for volume of sales versus game age? Would be particularly interested in those selling things potentially well past their sell by date, like Steam and GoG. Basically, are they actually subsidized by recent games, with older titles merely a minor curio, or are they significant? Trying to put some numbers to the hand waving of only playing games within a certain timeframe of a generation, on the whole (obviously, the numbers will always trickle on, never quite reaching zero). Not sure where big sales of mini consoles come into it, either. You're probably right that most people only play a generations games within that gen, trailing off considerably after it ends, so most will be fine in a digital only future. Thought it would be interesting to put numbers to it, though.
  11. Zippy Zap. Pikaaa *Bzzzzzt* ... *dramatic angle*... chuuuuuuu *thunder clap* *other Pokemon passes out* That never gets old
  12. Then, once used, there's a 7 day timer, seemingly down to the minute, after which you can activate it again by first transferring a Pokemon from Go to Let's Go. Yeah, I figured it would take about a month at the rate I'm going. I'd recommend using a pineapp every first throw at least, even if it looks difficult. You never know, like.
  13. TehStu

    Nintendo Switch

    I actually found them a little odd, once the muscle memory kicked in, because the sticks aren't symmetrical on the pad. Not quite sure why it threw me, but it did!
  14. TehStu

    Pokemon Go

    Mine was 80 something.
  15. TehStu

    A new console contender appears...

    "creator of crowd funding" What?

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