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  1. We should change the whole ecosystem because of what that dev says.
  2. I'm going to feel a lot more confident when I pickup Witcher 3 with the next gen patch, thanks to my katana here. At least, I hope the mechanics are borrowed.
  3. Also, the $70 might be a bit easier to stomach if EVERYTHING wasn't getting more expensive, profoundly so, while CEOs lol on quarterly investor calls of record profits. Just generally, not having a go at game companies here.
  4. Yeah, I completed the game and very rarely used soap. Just for stubborn rust patches on awkwardly shaped metal, mostly. You're swimming in money towards the end so don't fret about having a bottle of each type.
  5. Except milk, which is heavily subsidized. Sorry to pounce but it's kinda topical since milk ends up in those consumer index calculations. You're right that if someone will pay for it then that's the price of course, loss leaders aside.
  6. Huh, I've not noticed that issue and I'm OLED in RT mode. No "getting used to it", per se. Kinda weird how motion affects us all differently, I cannot for the life of me watch my kids play Minecraft but have no issues when it's me with the controller.
  7. $70 for a game? $20 for the eventual GOTY edition in the sales, more like.
  8. I did one yesterday where I really wasn't paying attention to the ask and, honestly, wanted some heads to roll. So I charge in and do the deed and the fixer had a moan that the job wasn't done on the quiet. Not sure if I got less XP. If I happen upon you and you have a bounty, you're going to die, unfortunately. I don't make the street rules.
  9. I wonder if they treat it like cheap advertiser. If you're of a mind to do it, 1) you've spent a fair bit of cash on Gold points and 2) maybe you tend to praise GP among peers more, leading to folks signing up and paying monthly. I had 3 full years, and just put in another 3. Reasonably expecting it to not work next time, plus cost more to boot.
  10. Having said that though, given there is so much detail, it's unfortunate what you can't interact with. I appreciate it balloons scope, and it took crunch enough to make this game, but I feel like I should be able to mess with people, cars, traffic lights, etc. I suppose that would mean there probably ought to be missions that revolve around traffic patterns or whatever, and maybe there aren't, but there's a bit of "uncanny valley" going on. As daft as that sounds for how things work vs how they look. Does that make sense?
  11. "We would like some of that sweet, sweet extra Sony money" Anyway, at $120/year ($9.99 a month) I make that Game Pass being worth it if you would otherwise buy 1.7 Xbox exclusives a year.
  12. Oh I didn't even know that was a thing! I've gone back to my katana for busting random perps. Quick hacking is too easy. I wanna see heads roll.
  13. I was wandering around after doing a gig last night. Going down some side streets and alleys that were literally pointless in terms of story or mechanics in general, and only really served just to be there. I wandered through these for ages until I popped out by the river and recognized where I was! Went back in and made my way up to the main road level and was presented with this: (Series X in RT mode) This game is just utterly astonishing. My word, I hope they do something modern based on UE5 in future, and not just Witcher games.
  14. Yup. I'm level 26 I think and street cred 50. I've spent about 50 hours mostly exploring and doing side quests. I've had an absolute blast, and finally feel like I know what I'm doing now I'm chipping away at the act 2 stuff. I know that seems absurd and you've every right to just do the main quest straight away. This is my normal way of playing these sandboxes, though. Kinda zerg through the main story when I've exhausted exploring.
  15. Argh! Didn't know that. Is there a level cap? Edit - wait, is that why you can buy apartments? So there's one closer for the sleep bonus?
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