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  1. Castlevania: Dracula X (SNES) I bloody did it! Didn't expect to, and this isn't a seasonal Castlevania-fest I'm doing, but having picked up the Advance Collection recently and racing through the first two GBA games I decided to save the best for last and get the blackest of sheep out of the way. And I really, really enjoyed it. I don't love Super Castlevania IV like everyone else, haven't played Rondo, and am a fairly recent convert to the old-style 'Vanias anyway but given how much this gets shat on I went in with low expectations which maybe helped. There are frustrating bits, cheap bits, and with one exception (stage 5!) the music is not especially memorable but it's a solid 16-bit platformer that mainly suffers the reputation it does due to the name on it imo. Currently debating between trying Castlevania IV again (I've completed it twice before), and Curse of the Moon 2 which I dropped a while back (just not as good as the first). I really want to play Symphony of the Night for what would be the first time since XBLA launch but not until I finish Metroid Dread. Symphony deserves my undivided attention. 2021 to date:
  2. I used some gold points, sure, but I think I've just set a new global record low price for Gleylancer* * (Gleylancer is out on Switch!)
  3. I'm not entirely sure what a hot take is, but is it something like this - Dracula X is better than Super Castlevania IV? Man, I'm really enjoying it, unfairness be damned. On Stage 6 which is full of all the worst enemies in the game (bats, crows, Medusa heads, spear dudes) and it's still fun somehow. Haven't figured the boss yet. It's been a stressful week at work so there may be a masochistic element to enjoying turning to the Switch every so often to try again. Either way didn't expect this at all, it was meant to be a filler prior to a replay of Aria of Sorrow or Symphony of the Night. Otherwise I have discovered Catrap on the OG GameBoy, a system I never owned and know nothing about. I don't know what possessed me to buy this on 3DS eShop years ago, probably a recommendation from here, but this is apparently the first time I've played it and it's a wonderfully relaxed sokoban-esque puzzler which allows you to take back any move without limitation. In 1990! Superb for ten minutes here and there. I need to investigate the GB more, I'm already idly browsing for renovated ones with nice screens...
  4. OLED Switch, headphones, dark room, holy fuck. Even as I bought this I thought I'd regret it (I like Tetris but do I need another one after Tetris 99 and Puyo Puyo Tetris?) but I totally don't. It's like a spiritual experience. And I'm dreadful at it This might be the version that inspires me to learn how to actually play it beyond "keep an I Tetromino and stack the rest with a single block channel to pop it into later". I only have two people on my friends list with this - and one of them is Bradigor who's far too good for me - so if anyone is pitching a bit more at my level please add me!
  5. Is there a (Super?) Nintendo variant of anything as neat and comprehensive as http://hol.abime.net or https://segaretro.org for Amiga and Sega content? Well curated pages with scans/reviews/overview etc. I love those resources but have only found MobyGames to turn to for Nintendo which seems odd.
  6. Like this total belter I got to this morning. Woof! Summed up wonderfully by the top comment - “Sonic the Hedgehog, Dracula Zone”
  7. Only one copy of the game though ()
  8. The Castlevania Advance Collection has started me on a bit of a tear - finished Curse of the Moon and Harmony of Dissonance for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed both. I've played Aria of Sorrow to completion a couple of years ago and I know Dracula X has a reputation for being a bit shit so I've started the latter first. It's... not that bad so far. I'm at Stage 3 and I've seen weak and frustrating bits but also some lovely suff and glorious tunes. I'm determined not to save-scum it so hopefully I don't get pissed off and bin it at some point.
  9. No - can’t imagine what happened! I’m quite excited to see what I get now. I want to look out to see the DPD dude lugging a box of tat bigger than him.
  10. Aye, I was exactly the same. I still have another cancelled preorder showing as “processing” which has been there for months so it’s not the tightest of ships in The Hut Group.
  11. Eh, did anyone else’s Nintendo Store dispatch confirmation include 5x poster/keyring/sticker sheet or was someone just relieved the day was over when they sent mine?! Shat myself thinking they’d charged me for five at first then.
  12. You beautiful man. It was so cumbersome otherwise that I've played most of the game at maximum hearts and simply never used the basic sub-weapons. I'm at 9 hours with Harmony now and after spending around 7 of that with one(!) spellbook it's given me a few more very quickly - very bittersweet as the variety it opens up is great fun but almost seems a waste at this stage. Edit - I say that and accidentally finish it with a disappointing ending and feel a wee bit deflated. But just a wee bit. I doubt I have the patience to go for a better one, that's not my style. But overall Harmony is up there with the "of Sorrow" pair for handheld 'Vanias for me and I really didn't see that coming.
  13. Yeah, the translations are distractingly "good". I wonder how many people have done as I had in the past and booted Harmony of Dissonance for two minutes in an emulator and went "Eugh" and played a prettier alternative. Five hours in and really enjoying it. The difficulty might go too far the other way following the few spikes I hit in CotM and I miss the cards system, but there's a very neat twist early on I didn't see coming and the weirdly Animal Crossing-esque gimmick is intriguing - I have no idea what's happening with that yet. Fun/10. Gratuitous bonus screenshot
  14. Sweet, because I can’t stop myself grabbing it in any case. Incidentally Hammer’s Shop theme from Aria was my phone alarm for years
  15. Is there a use for all this gold I’m accumulating in Harmony of Dissonance?
  16. I was delighted upon remapping my controls at the start to discover the dashes! And in both directions too. I’ve played about an hour and aside from the garish protagonist sprite (I assume for the benefit of OG GBA owner’s eyes) it’s very positive so far. Combat is so much more fun than in the previous title. I thought I would miss the cards but the magic aspect is interesting and there’s a hundred-hand slap sub-weapon ffs. I see potential.
  17. Excellent, thanks @Cyhwuhx
  18. Just finished CotM and really enjoyed it overall, although I feel a bit dirty I had to Google around for good cards to boost me at the end. I didn’t save-scum it though so that’s something. Can anyone say where Harmony sits difficulty-wise? I have completed Aria before so that one must be a doddle.
  19. Of the GBAVanias I had only previously played Aria, which I loved, and was feeling the same about CotM until I got to the boss fight I'm on now (in the Observation Tower). Getting beasted I'm still enjoying it I mean, but this seems like a bit of a spike. Or I'm missing something. Time to shuffle my cards.
  20. I get confused with all the Star Wars games on Switch but is the KOTOR that was announced in the Direct that RPG from the original Xbox? I think it is but I’m too surprised and interested to accept it - always wanted to play it and very nearly picked it up on the XB1 but knew I’d never play it there.
  21. Yeah, I’m in for Broken Sword for a fiver. Speaking of shadow things though I’m annoyed by sitting out Cyber Shadow since launch waiting on a sale and it’s only 10% I know I’m pathetically cheap but with so much to play and it launching on GamePass I can’t bring myself to pay full whack.
  22. Yasawas


    No, but you can get it for about £4 quite easily. I just grabbed some credit here https://www.seagm.com It’s surprisingly alright. It’s more Ketsui than the DS thing in any case, and that cost me a lot more than four quid!
  23. Yasawas


    I've been playing that Ketsui mobile port on Switch a lot this week, thought I was a player then just fired it up on RetroPie and played the proper game for the first time in about 10 years. Nearly 1CC'd the first stage
  24. I see the NGPC Metal Slug games are out in a double pack now, was that announced? I saw them earlier and got all excited thinking it was that Metal Slug Tactics game at first but they’re well worth getting if you don’t have them. Cut down from the arcade ones naturally but with the welcome advantage of being made to be a fun and fulfilling product first rather than a coin-muncher.
  25. Yasawas


    Re: G Darius HD chat. I was just going through my Switch screenshots and reminded myself it has the best loading screen.
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